Battle of the Two Cities: Begins with the Mage - Chapter 459 Controversy within the tribe

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After Irelia left, the forest returned to its former calm again.

Birds sing cheerfully, flowers scramble to bloom, full of natural breath...

Not far away, in the Tubutai tribe.

"We should respond to the Equilibrium Sect. If Swain dares to come, we will dare to slaughter him together."

In the central tree house, Moribei, wearing a samurai uniform, shouted loudly.

Opposite him, a Golmud with a striking leopard print on his face snorted coldly:

"Zai? Is it just your weak sword?"

"Is my knife not good? I'm not like someone, I don't even have the courage to shine a paw."

Sen Ping slapped the knife on the table and slapped it back directly.

He has long disliked these vastayas. They are a bunch of bastards, and they are not worthy of being equal to their Ionians.

"Are you going to try my claws with your broken knife?"

There was danger in Golmud's eyes, and sharp claws protruded from the raised leopard claws.

"Don't try to say that the Horde is brought into a state of death. I personally went to the battlefield a few years ago, and you have no idea how terrible Noxus is!"

"Oh, everyone is human, not all of them have one head, two hands and two legs. They can still be different." Sen Ping said disdainfully.

Although he didn't go to the battlefield like Golmud, he didn't think Noxus was strong.

Mainly, he didn't think Golmud was strong at all.

Private fights are forbidden in the tribe. Although he has never fought Golmud, he is confident that he will cut off the opponent's leopard claws with one knife.

How can the body of a beast be compared to a sharp weapon forged by a human?

In his opinion, the root of Golmud's fear of Noxus is actually the fear of their human beings.


The old human sitting in the first place suddenly made a sound.

Seeing Sen Ping shut up and sit up straight, the old man coughed a few times, then shook his head and said:

"We can't take the enemy lightly. They occupy most of Navoli and Baloo provinces. Noxus is much stronger than us..."

"It's not that the provinces are not united, and that these vastayas don't know what An's heart is..." Senping muttered.

"Senping, what do you mean?" Golmud had a fierce look in his eyes.

Not only him, but even several of the vastayas sitting next to him stood up and stared at Sen Ping.

"The vastayas over there all voted for Noxus!" Sen Ping shouted with a stubborn neck.

"You!!! We are not them!"

Hearing Sen Ping's words, although the Vastayas sitting beside Golmud all glared at Sen Ping, their ferocity was less.

"All right!"

The old man sitting at the top interrupted the argument on both sides again, pressing his hands down:

"The Vastaya, the Ionians, are all part of our Tubutae. Have you forgotten the oath your ancestors made?"

The people on both sides looked at each other and finally moved away a little unhappy.

When the old man saw this scene, he sighed slightly.

He knew that the contradiction was suppressed again, but it was only suppressed...

After promoting the Vastaya as Ionian orthodoxy from the Noxian side, he knew that disputes between the two sides were inevitable.

In the past, relying on ancestral teachings, the Ionians were the patriarchs and the Vastayas were the elders. This tradition has continued to this day.

But from hundreds of years ago...

In order to expand the Ionian's right to speak, the one-term patriarch borrowed the fault of a conflict between the Vastayas and the Equilibrium sect and made the Ionians become elders...

There was a rift between the vastayas and the Ionians.

In particular, the fuse balance sect that time was extremely disgusted by the vastaya people.

The old man knew in his heart that even if Golmud had fought against Noxus before.

But the other party must be more inclined towards Noxus now. After all, the Noxus Empire has truly recognized the status of the Vastaya people.

"For the visit of Swain of Noxus..."

The old man turned the topic back to the beginning, paused and continued:

"If they don't come, we don't have to do anything. If he does come, Golmud and I will meet him in person."

"Patriarch, no!"

The old man's words fell, and Senping was the first to express his disapproval.

As the strongest warrior in the tribe, he said eagerly:

"We should go to war with Swain directly!"

"Ignorance..." Golmud sneered, "If you want to get involved, don't involve us."

"You are cowards!" Senping shouted.

"I hope that when thousands of compatriots are implicated and die by you, they will not blame you before they die." Golmud sneered.

Hearing this sentence, Senping's excited expression immediately solidified on his face.

Even the waving hand was stuck in place.

"I...I didn't mean that..."

He opened his mouth and defended himself with a pale face.

Obviously, he understood the subtext of the patriarch and Golmud.

If Swain really came, if he and others shot him...

No matter whether the beheading is successful or not, no matter what happens to Ionia in the end, their tribe must be buried together.

Although Sen Ping didn't think their tribe would lose, he couldn't bear the responsibility of killing countless comrades because of his stupid actions.

His hands fell weakly, and he slowly sat back to his seat.

"Golmud, you should have no opinion, right?" The old patriarch looked at Golmud.

"I have no problem, as long as Noxus doesn't mind that I have been on the battlefield." Golmud replied quickly.

"That's good."

The old patriarch nodded earnestly and turned his head towards Senping:

"Once Swain comes to us, I need you to restrain yourself."

"I'll try my best..." Sen Ping said with a guilty conscience.

He understood what the old man, but he could only show that he did his best.

Even he couldn't help wanting to fight with Swain, but he might not be able to control the rest.

"Just do your best. If he's not here to make trouble, he won't mind it. If he's really here to make trouble, it's a big deal." The old man said lightly.

The old man opened his eyes slightly, showing for the first time the majesty that belongs to the patriarch of the big tribe.


The elders in the audience responded in succession, putting an end to this conversation.


A few days later, the Lane Harbor Council Hall.

"One piece of information will make the Kuzan area full of grass and trees. This is the power of Noxus..."

Yone laughed self-deprecatingly after reading the information Swain asked him to read.

Just the news from Swain caused a sense of chaos in the Kuzan region, a pressure that only Noxus had.

"Your Excellency, the great commander, are you still planning to go? They expressed their intention to bury you." Yone asked.

From the Kuzan area, Irelia was walking around frequently, the spirit of nature was ready to go, and the Balance Sect was sitting firmly on the mountain.

He didn't think Swain would die there, but the situation was already clear...

This time Swain's visit to the Tubutai tribe is likely to result in a full-scale war.

The corners of Swain's mouth were slightly raised, and his voice was calm:

"Why not go, if they really dare to come, I will admire them."

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