Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - v10 Chapter 115 Task (1)

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Zhao Hai and Hong Feicheng looked around in the Tibetan Sutra Pavilion. Zhao Hai finally chose a few sets of martial arts exercises. His exercises now have the tactic of moving the mountain under the top, which is already a very good set of exercises. Now, there is no need for him to choose anything else. Inner disciples below the third floor of the Cangjing Pavilion really don't have a practice method that suits him, so he simply chose not to choose a practice method, but a martial art practice.

Zhao Hai doesn't have many martial arts now. Of course, this means that he has not learned many martial arts from the Fire Phoenix Sect. Zhao Hai is going to choose a few this time. He has wielded five martial arts, one is the inch boxing. This inch boxing is a boxing technique that mainly focuses on exerting power. In terms of short-range force, the inch box has an unimaginable advantage. When he exerts force at a short distance, The strength that will make you fight will increase several times at a time, which is a very powerful physical martial skill.

In addition to the inch punch, there is also a technique called quicksand footwork. This footwork is very strange. When you use this footwork against the enemy, your enemy will slowly sink into quicksand. , that is to say, he can not only help you and avoid your enemy's attack, but also create a force field that makes your enemy sink into the sand, so that you will naturally take advantage of the enemy. Now, it can be said to be a set of footwork that combines both offense and defense, but this footwork is only suitable for physical training, and ordinary monks cannot practice it, so here in the Fire Phoenix Sect, those who practice this footwork Not many people.

The third type of exercise, Zhao Hai chose 36 cubits of mud and sand. This exercise sounds strange, what is 36 cubits of mud and sand, but this exercise is a very domineering exercise. This exercise is a very strange set of martial arts. His requirement is that when the cultivator uses this exercise, the body should be soft, but not completely soft. It should be like sand, and the sand looks very It is soft, but if you put this kind of sand in a pocket and use this pocket to hit someone, it will be very powerful, and if you get it wrong, it will cause internal injuries. This elbow technique is a technique for exerting force. It's like hitting someone with mud. If you are hit, it will definitely be an internal injury, and the lethality is amazing. This elbow technique requires a lot of strength and skill. If it's not physical training, it will be difficult Cultivation, even if it is physical cultivation, if the power of the law you comprehend is not the law of strength, it is difficult to practice this elbow method.

In addition to these three exercises, Zhao Hai also found two other weapons and techniques, one is the rock shield attack, which is a rare exercise that uses a shield as a weapon. The shield he uses is a The round shield is not very big, it can be used for defense and can be used to attack.

The last method, Zhao Hai chose a method called the Seven Hammers of Stone Crusher. This is a method that uses a short-handled hammer as a weapon. It can be used with a single hammer or with a double hammer, and its power is also great. of. The exercises that Zhao Hai has learned actually have two characteristics. First, they are all of the earth attribute. The five exercises he chose are all of the earth attribute, and most of them are based on power-generating skills. Method, two, all of them are physical training exercises, because Zhao Hai is a physical practitioner now, so of course he has to find martial arts exercises for physical training.

After choosing the exercises and copying them, Zhao Hai found Hong Feicheng. The two separated when they chose the exercises. In the world of comprehension, no one wants to let others know their secrets, especially Xiu. I don't want people to know what exercises you practice, because if your enemy knows what you are practicing, then he can deal with you in a targeted manner, then you are in danger, so Zhao Hai They separated from Hong Feicheng when they chose the exercises. They would not let the other party know what exercises they chose. This is also a rule in the cultivation world. Although it is not stated clearly, everyone will respect it. If you don’t respect such rules, you will be disliked by everyone, and if you don’t make it right, you will offend people. Therefore, in the realm of self-cultivation, there are often some unwritten rules that everyone should respect even more, because they are very It is clear that if you don't respect those rules, others will treat you in unruly ways. If you do, the consequences will be disastrous, so no one is willing to break these rules.

Zhao Hai went to Hong Feicheng at this time, not to know what exercises Hong Feicheng learned, but to tell Hong Feicheng that he was leaving, and he had to rush back to Huofeng as soon as possible. On the island, the strong wind was waiting for him.

Hong Feicheng was also copying the exercises, Zhao Hai didn't approach him, and waited until he finished copying the exercises, and then Zhao Hai walked over. When Hong Feicheng saw Zhao Hai coming, he also pointed at Zhao Hai with a smile. Nodding, Zhao Hai nodded to Hong Feicheng, and then said: "Senior Brother Hong, I have already selected the exercises, I must go back to Huofeng Island immediately, Senior Brother still has tasks for me, This time, I specially asked me to come back to get these things, and now that the things are finished, I have to go back immediately." What Zhao Hai said was the truth, Gale Feng really told him to return to Huofeng Island after receiving the things. , has a mission to give him, so he has to go back.

Hong Feicheng immediately said: "Okay, Senior Brother has a mission, of course you have to go back immediately, go, after I choose the exercises, I will go to practice." Hong Feicheng is still very concerned about Zhao Hai. Envy, Zhao Hai has now started to do things for the wind, and he has not done anything for the wind until now, but this is normal, just like Luo Hua, he is also an inner disciple, but he also He didn't do anything for Gale. Only when someone like Zhao Hai and Hong Feicheng went to register, he could help out. When Gale received the disciple, it didn't mean that he had to be kept in check all the time. Doing things for himself, he is just laying out, arranging his own people everywhere, so that when there is a need, they also have someone available. This is the reason why the high-ranking people like Gale need to close the door, and they can really help them. In fact, there are not many people who do things, only their confidants can do this.

Zhao Hai smiled at Hong Feicheng and said, "Okay, then I'll leave now. Senior Brother Hong, don't worry. After I meet Senior Brother, I will tell Senior Brother that you have become an inner disciple." Hong Feicheng After answering, the two of them said goodbye. Hong Feicheng hadn't chosen the exercises yet, so he didn't want to leave the Sutra Pavilion yet. Zhao Hai went directly to the teleportation array, and then went directly to Huofeng. island.

After arriving at Huofeng Island, Zhao Hai went directly to Gale Feng's mansion. This time, when he went to Gale Feng's mansion, he no longer needed anyone to inform him, and he could enter directly. This was also Zhao Hai's privilege. Such a privilege, Only a few people have it, including Wu Feng. Although Zhao Hai has not reached the level of Wu Feng, he can freely enter Gale Feng's mansion, which shows that Zhao Hai is already a confidant of Gale Feng. , The two guards in front of the Gale Wind Mansion, of course, will not stop Zhao Hai, but they will salute Zhao Hai instead.

Zhao Hai quickly arrived outside Lie Feng's study, and then he opened his mouth and said, "Senior Brother, Lin Ze asks to see you." Although he can enter Lie Feng's house freely, he can't freely enter Li Feng's study, let alone him , even Wu Feng can't freely enter Gale's study, after all, where is Gale's division, even if you are in the confidant Gale, you can't freely enter his study, the study is a very private place, Some secrets may be placed in the study, and it is definitely not enough to enter at will.

Gale's voice came, "Come in." Zhao Hai responded, then pushed the door and walked in. After entering, Zhao Hai saluted Gale, and Gale waved his hand, and then said solemnly, "Come back so soon. Is it? How is it? Got everything?"

Zhao Hai hurriedly said: "Yes, eldest brother, everything is finished. By the way, eldest brother, I also met senior brother Hong Feicheng there. He has also become a master of law, and he has also registered with the inner sect. He asked me to report to the senior brother on behalf of me." Of course, Zhao Hai had to deal with Hong Feicheng's affairs first, knowing that inner disciples and outer disciples have different weights here in Gale, and Hong Feicheng has become a Inner disciple, then his position in Lie Feng's heart is of course different, so this matter must be known to Lie Feng.

Lie Feng was stunned when he heard what Zhao Hai said, and then he couldn't help but laugh and said: "Okay, this is really good news, come on, you can sit too." Lie Feng said casually, and then let Zhao Hai sat down, Zhao Hai responded and sat down directly.

After Zhao Hai sat down, Gale said to Zhao Hai: "Lin Ze, you participated in the whole process of the shadow beast attacking us this time, and you should also know what the situation is now, the reason why those shadow beasts have the ability to come Part of the reason for attacking us was directed by those in the shadow world, and part of the reason was because there were too many shadow beasts, which gave them the ability to attack us, and if their number was not enough, they would not have the ability to attack us. We are here, so I thought about sending someone to enter the Jiehai. Our Fire Phoenix Sect also has its own island in the Jiehai. I plan to send someone over to manage the island. It is to better deal with and monitor those shadow beasts, and the second is to gather a group of loose cultivators for our use. We can give them some support, and even give them some exercises, as well as divine beast eggs, so that they can be used by us. , so that we have an unknown power in our hands, and at the same time we can use this power to control the number of shadow beasts, I plan to let you manage that island, what do you think?" , Gale looked at Zhao Hai with fixed eyes, waiting for Zhao Hai's reply.

Zhao Hai immediately stood up, clasped his fists at Gale Feng and said, "Yes, Senior Brother, I am willing to manage that island. I used to be a loose cultivator, and I will be more familiar with how to manage a loose cultivator, so please Don't worry, Senior Brother, I will definitely help Senior Brother and manage the island, please rest assured."

Lie Feng was very satisfied with Zhao Hai's performance, he nodded and said: "Okay, great, what are your requirements, you can tell me directly, as long as I can do it, I will help you do it, Go ahead." Lie Feng is very clear that managing an island is not an easy task, let alone dealing with loose cultivators, that's why he asked Zhao Hai like this. After all, if you want to control a force, it is impossible not to pay.

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