Catastrophe - Chapter 1332 entrust

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Professor Yan said that Su Fei's surgery would take three hours.

But after half an hour, he appeared in the office.

Ning Zhe and Ren Jiao saw Professor Yan entering the door, and stood up at the same time: "Professor, how is Su Fei's experiment going?"

Professor Yan did not answer the two questions, but went straight to the depths of the office. After opening the safe, he took out a bottle of expensive red wine and poured a glass of it himself.

As a scientist, Professor Yan usually needs to keep his mind sober and in the best state at all times, and he will not try anything addictive easily.

Seeing Professor Yan's actions, Ren Jiao's face was full of anxiety: "Professor, how is Su Fei's situation?"

Professor Yan drank the wine in the glass and shook his head at the two of them: "Su Feiren is in the operating room, you should go see him for the last time."

Hearing Professor Yan's response, Ning Zhe's heart shrank abruptly: "Did the experiment... fail?"

"No, the experiment has not been started at all." Professor Yan shook his head: "In order to improve the success rate of the operation, we injected a large amount of high protein and adrenaline into Su Fei to restore his consciousness, thereby improving the success rate of the experiment. But after Su Fei woke up, he refused the experiment.

His current sobriety is maintained by burning his life. It is optimistically estimated that he can last for about ten minutes. He made a request to see the two of you and say goodbye. "

Hearing Professor Yan's words, Ning Zhe quickly ran to the operating room, hurriedly put on the sterile gown, pushed the door and walked into the operating room.

Su Fei was lying naked on the operating table, the skin all over his body had rotted away, and his whole body was dazed, as if he had been bitten by some wild beast. Believe he is still alive.

Su Fei was lying on the operating table and saw Ning Zhe and Ren Jiao appear, and showed a smile. The white teeth contrasted sharply with the festering skin on his face.

When Ning Zhe saw Su Fei reduced to such a state, he struggled to clench his fists, restraining his emotions: "Su Fei, I have to talk to you."

"If you want to persuade me to accept this experiment, then forget it." Su Fei lay on the operating bed and said in a hoarse voice: "You know me well, I'm never afraid of death, if this step is bound to come, I would rather face him calmly than be willing to become a monster and end my life in humiliation."

Ning Zhe asked back, "But if you accept the experiment, you still have the possibility to live, right?"

"I have nothing to lose in my life. If I have to choose, I hope I can keep a decent part in the end!"

Su Fei looked at the two people in front of her calmly: "I know I don't have much time, and it's a matter of my life and death. I want to make my own decisions and call you here because I have more important things to entrust to you."

When Ning Zhe heard Su Fei's words, he suddenly felt a little sore in his nose.

At this moment, Su Fei was lying on the hospital bed with an infusion tube tied to his arm, just like when the two first met.

It's just that the person lying on the hospital bed was Ning Zhe.

When the two met for the first time, Su Fei saved Ning Zhe's life.

Now Su Fei has decided to give up genetic modification, which means that this is the last time the two will meet, but in the end, Ning Zhe watched him die.

"I have always believed that real politics is bright and illuminates the path of people's lives. It not only has the vision of an ideal country, but also has the tendency of realism and liberalism, as well as the practice of democracy, freedom, equality and justice. I am committed to To create such a world, but unfortunately, I can no longer fight for it, and I can't see that day coming."

Su Fei was lying on the hospital bed, and said in a flat tone: "I used to be a pursuer of fame and fortune. At that time, I only wanted to climb up and be an exquisite egoist.

And Pei's betrayal is like a rainstorm, washing away the paint on the wall, exposing the ugliness and filth in the future, and also washing away my pursuit and belief, so I want to tear down that wall , I want to turn into a bigger rain to wash away all the figurines and lies of the chaebol.

As a result, no one thought that the walls were too dirty, but they felt that we were overwhelmed by this rain, and even saw our jokes.

In this society, few people pay attention to how much effort others put in to succeed. Those who are inferior are more willing to watch successful people fall to the altar.

There are not many people in this world who give charcoal in the snow, but there are definitely not many people who fall into trouble!

They know very well that they don't gain much by stinking other people, but these people in the quagmire don't think about climbing up, they just feel that if more people fell, they would appear less dirty .

The former revolutionary army was always fighting alone, no one sent carbon for us, and we didn't even know we were in the snow, but now our efforts have finally paid off. When we broke through Qiongling, a large number of refugees appeared for us. Provide support.

These refugees know that what they are doing is mortal, but they still come forward. It is not so much that they are helping the revolutionary army. I think they are helping themselves. They do not want to let the fire of hope of the revolutionary army die out. .

All of this marks the awakening of the refugee groups, and also marks that our revolutionary cause has made great progress. Although our revolutionary army has been, from a certain point of view, we have also achieved Huge progress.

Having been in the revolutionary cause for so long, I have already looked down on death. Compared to leaving this world, I regret that I cannot witness the development of the revolutionary army, nor can I see the day when the chaebols are overthrown. "

"Where there is a will, things will come true. In fact, I always think you are quite stupid. How can you fight against such a powerful chaebol? But I can understand your approach now. You want to pass on your courage to everyone, a Su Fei may not be scary, but if everyone in the revolutionary army is like you, they can attract more people like you, which is quite scary."

Ning Zhe took a deep breath: "Today's revolutionary army has formed such a chain effect. I believe that through this battle, more and more people will be awakened. Under this inextinguishable spirit, the revolutionary army's The ideal will be achieved one day.”

"I have the same opinion as you on this point. Although the chaebols are very powerful now, injustice and oppression will never be the rules for ruling the world. The chaebols will be overthrown one day. Let's not discuss the future. Only now."

Su Fei turned his attention to Ning Zhe: "Azhe, I want to meet you to entrust the revolutionary army to you."

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