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, the fastest update of the magician of the Clow card! Forget the lunch conversation with the Queen herself looking at the Statue of Liberty,

A concert, a massive seizure, a pursuit in the urban area of ​​the day, and the investigation after finding the breaking point came to an end after reaching a cooperation with Lingqi.

Find out all the truth behind the overnight plunge in the stock price, return to Huaqi Building,

The moment he stepped into the command headquarters-like office floor,

A rush of looming tension hits me!

"Stop it! Stop it! The instant share price of Golden Iris is $6,679! It is confirmed that the decline has stopped!"

In front of the big screen full of stock market information, staring closely at the real-time stock price, a senior executive of the group announced loudly and excitedly!

"Sir! The news of the slump has spread on the Internet. Several media reported what happened last night. The Wall Street Journal also published relevant information just now."

"Public opinion is moving against us!"

Turning his eyes left and right, he quickly browsed the news. The employee sitting in front of the computer raised his head and quickly reported to his boss.

"Three companies that have raised Golden Iris sent a contact, asking us to explain the situation, otherwise they will sell the stocks they hold to stop the loss!"

Holding the document, the sales elite who rushed in quickly conveyed the contact with the outside world, hung up the phone, and the backbone of the business who kept contacting also got up and reported it.

"Just now, the two banks publicly stated that they may temporarily freeze the loans for the latest property of Golden Iris, considering the shrinking of the pledged stocks!"

And since last night, almost no eyesight, a group of senior management issued high-level decisions to everyone,

"Transfer funds! Use other fund institutions under our name to acquire all the golden iris stocks in the market!"

"2 hours to close, whatever"

"Allow me to avoid secondary fuses!"

The stock price of Golden Iris plummeted overnight, bringing about turmoil in all aspects that far exceeded expectations, making everyone present at the moment busy with their lives without distraction.

And not only in the Huaqi Building at the moment,

Throughout New York and all walks of life, as the information and public opinion fermented, all the people who learned the news were equally nervous.

Opening slump! Directly trigger the stock market circuit breaker! The Dow Jones fell more than 1,000 points!

Having experienced the subprime mortgage crisis, the bankruptcy tragedy of losing a job and a house overnight, the power of the word "finance" is clear.

I don't know how many people feel that they are in the premonition of a turbulent storm!

"Monitored abnormal fluctuations! There are abnormal sell-off transactions!"

With an exclamation, when the senior executive of the group heard the sound and looked at the big screen again, everyone present trembled to see,

As the clock hand reaches 2 pm, the originally stagnant share price of Golden Iris fell again!

And at this moment, the figure of the young man stepped into this office area, and greeted him as soon as he saw him.

"Sorry, Mr. Executive, the situation is worse than we thought. According to the latest estimates, if the current trend continues"

He took a deep breath, and frowned with a very dignified and difficult voice:

"Not in three to five days, the Golden Iris stock may completely collapse in the morning the day after tomorrow!"

When he heard his words, he glanced at him, Fang Ran's voice was awe-inspiring as he kept walking.

"I've figured out the reasons for the drop, prepared a meeting report, and told me what's going on here in reality."

At the same time that the president of Huaqi found out everything in just a few hours,

In the black market of New York, Rowling, Yunyin, Yingnat and other adjutants have arrived, and at the other end of the city, Pedro prepared everything in the wind on the roof,

The official figure hidden in the crowd quietly sneaked into the brokerage company that was still in business;

When all parties started to act one after another, and when the noise was brewing and disputes gradually started,

The whole of New York ushered in darkness and darkness!

Night lights on the East Side of Upper Manhattan.

Different from Midtown full of business districts and office buildings, and from the history of Wall Street in the lower city,

Since its birth, Upper Manhattan has been a purely wealthy area. Compared with the upstart West Side, the oldoney with the most family heritage are located there.

This is the dc area on this piece!

At this time, in the Upper East Side, even the streets were spotlessly clean and tidy,

A black building full of modern luxury, on the top floor of this luxury residence that is famous throughout Manhattan, there is a property that can be called the top property in New York.

It is directly built on the roof with the specifications of the villa, and it is obviously unoccupied all the year round, but it is neither sold nor rented to the outside world.

It once became a mysterious legend in the mouths of all real estate agents.

At this moment, in this 'legend', or should be said that the Queen's exclusive palace in New York,

"Just at noon today, in Manhattan, four securities companies, Chuangyi, Yingying, Orpheus, and Robin, were charged with several illegal financial transactions."

"It has been temporarily closed, and the Securities Regulatory Commission has intervened in this investigation"

After an afternoon's work meeting, I sat back on the pure white sofa and watched similar reports on a wall-sized TV.

"Sounds serious."

Fang Ran heard Veronica's lazy chuckle leaning on the backrest beside him,

Instead of complaining about her identity as the culprit, Fang Ran just reluctantly admitted with a slow breath:


From the original forecast of about three to five days, it became the deadline of the morning the day after tomorrow.

From the meeting in the afternoon, I learned that the situation is even more critical than I imagined!

Open the real network, flip through various social media, and look at the military media that try their best to oppose the badmouth, confuse the public and try to stabilize the market sentiment,

Fang Ran knew that it was the secret effort of Huaqi Bank.

As the morning passed, various issues from public opinion, enterprises, market trends, news media, and the official government came together one after another.

In addition, the future consortium will not be idle and secretly fanning, all of which require leaders to make decisions.

Recalling the noisy scene in the office area in the afternoon like emergency rescue and flood control,

If it wasn't for Adeline sitting on the scene, I don't know how the situation would deteriorate.

"So how about the afternoon meeting,"

Sitting in the luxurious and spacious living room, looking out the large floor-to-ceiling windows of Central Park, putting down the opera glasses in hand,

Veronica's silver-gray eyes looked mysteriously at the young man beside her:

"Are the stock prices still falling?"

Even in this situation, I have no interest in the meeting. Thinking of her saying that the assistant will not disturb the CEO's work and so on, if I am not afraid of being fired, I will come here to enjoy the leisure time of beauty treatment first.

After listening to the reports of the senior officials of Huaqi in the conference room for an afternoon, I turned off the TV and answered:

"Although it has eased from last night, the downward trend has not changed."

Speaking of this, Fang Ran lowered his eyes slightly,

Sure enough, shutting down a few brokerages is not enough to solve the problem. Without completely destroying the key parts, the association can always find other alternatives.

There are only two nights left before the 650 billion 'avalanche',

You must act now!

So first of all

— Black market action tonight!

Ever since he found out the truth, he has been tracking the whereabouts of the key participant. The Palace of Never Night has made a plan several weeks ago.

Lock down the black market tonight and capture Troyin Britst!

Thinking of this 'cooperation', I checked the time, and then Fang Ran thought that it was almost time to set off ahead of schedule,

He felt a soft touch on his side.

"Speaking of which, it's been a long time since I was as busy as I am today,"

Lightly leaning on Ran's shoulders, leaning half of his body on him, turning off the TV that was the only source of sound, the silence made the atmosphere of being alone at night suddenly rise,

Veronica raised her eyes and looked at Fang Ran, chuckling the most direct ambiguous waywardness:

"I'm tired, can you take me back to the room?"

Solitude, touch, silver-grey silk dressing gown, no match for the smooth and slippery skin to reveal perfect legs, as if the inquiry ringing in the ear is like an invitation, the reverie is infinite,

I originally wanted to say that you didn't do anything during the day, but I couldn't speak when I felt this scene with all my senses.

Fang Ran felt that she tried her best to look away from Veronica, closed her eyes and frowned helplessly and emphasized:

"Isn't your room upstairs?"

"Is this really good,"

And watching him chuckle, Veronica blinked the next page in her eyes! Current 1 page/Total 2 pages

A mysterious smile, deliberately extending the temptation in the tone at the end of the sentence:

"My plan tonight, but let you sleep with me?"

"Sorry, I have something to do tonight."

He kept repeating in his heart not to be tricked by her again, Fang Ran raised the tone word by word.

"Hehehe, what a ruthless man."

At this, she laughed softly like a bell, Veronica left a smile and got up and went upstairs,

Watching her figure walk into the door of the master bedroom, UU read www. also got up from the sofa with a sigh of relief.

Inspect the house and leave a mark on the activation of the [Turn Card] in the living room, to rule out the possibility that she will not be able to come back due to danger during her absence,

And after doing all such precautions, just opened the door and headed out to tonight's destination,

Go to the largest participant trading venue in North America,

— New York Black Market!

Watching the number of floors drop in the luxurious elevator, confirming that all the details of tonight's actions in my mind are correct, and then when I came to the underground parking lot,

Fang Ran suddenly realized that his first step had been an accident.

In this exclusive parking lot for the super rich, it was like a king driving in a crowd of sky-high luxury cars.

The dark executive was completely gone.

There is only a line of beautiful English just written with lipstick on the side,

-'See you on the black market later'-

After recognizing the vague sense of dignity in the line of letters, she was clearly thinking that this time she must not be allowed to follow her, but she was accidentally tricked by her.

When I suddenly wanted to understand the intention of Veronica's words just now, and the existence of the hidden room passage,

"The Running Man"

Fang Ran gritted his teeth slightly and rushed out of the ground with his ability activated!

As his figure flew up, the royal court moved, and the movement of the association party was quietly carried out in the dark. When all parties were ready,

New York officially opens this night!

And watching all of these through the screen, watching everything unfolding in this city at this moment, in the core of the unknown base,

"Yes, yes, that's it! That's it!


The low laughter of Hermès gradually filled with a high rise,

Then in this scene, the footsteps of metal heels sounded behind him, causing him to laugh in surprise after turning back:

"It turned out to be you, Your Excellency"

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