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Li Miaomiao said helplessly: "Didn't you let me observe your daughter before?"

"Is there a result?" Xu Jingming asked.

"I talked to her half a year ago, but she didn't admit it at all." Li Miaomiao said, "I then carefully observed her daily schedule and some of her performance when she was with me. I was more than 90% sure that she should In love, it's just the object of her love.... Not in the blood rain world, it should be in other virtual worlds.

"Who is the man? Have you seen it?" Xu Jingming asked.


Li Miaomiao shook her head, "I think.... We have a formal chat with her, she should be able to say.

Xu Jingming thought for a while, then nodded and said, "Then have a good chat with my daughter today.

The family gathered at dinner that night.

"Well, delicious.

Xu Lixing was so excited that he looked at the housekeeper Xiao Wu', "Aunt Xiao Wu, your craftsmanship is getting better and better.

"Thank you for your compliment." Xiao Wu smiled, her intelligent operation core has been updated, and her intelligence has become much higher.

"Mom and dad, why are you eating so slowly? Xu Lixing was almost finished and noticed that his parents hadn't eaten much.

"Li Xing, we have something to talk to you about." Li Miaomiao said.

Xu Jingming also looked at his daughter.

"So formal?" Xu Lixing looked at his parents and smiled, "Is there anything important?

"Recently, fell in love?" Xu Jingming asked with a smile.

Xu Lixing was startled.

"Talk is to talk, no talk is no talk." Xu Jingming looked at his daughter, "My mother and I just got to know each other.

Xu Lixing pondered for a while, then nodded: "Well, it counts as "it is?" Li Miaomiao wondered, "What is it?"

"We get along very well in the virtual world, but now it's just getting along." Xu Lixing explained with a smile, "Xingxingxing

Life is very long. Ordinary star life has a lifespan of three thousand years, and the eighth-order life can reach 10,000 years. I'm only under 30 now, and I'm not in a hurry to get married! I think I can get along more in the virtual world. "

Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao looked at each other. The daughter's mentality is really not in a hurry.

Very good too!

"My dad and I were all about getting married when we got along, but you're not in a hurry." Li Miaomiao smiled.

"The times are different." Xu Lixing said, "Many citizens of the universe never get married and want children?

There are various technological methods. "It's better not to be blind. "Xu Jingming nodded, "But I think...even if you know each other in the virtual world, if you really get along with each other for a long time, you will still have real feelings. Can understand the situation in reality. "

"Because the virtual world can create a lot of illusions. Even the appearance can be fake." Xu Jingming said, "If you invest too much in your emotions, and then understand the real situation and get hit, it may hurt a lot."

After all, this is the first time the daughter falls in love, or avoid

She put in too much emotion. Talking for half a year is naturally different from talking about ten years.

When Xu Lixing heard this, he thought thoughtfully: "Well, I see."


There are countless civilizations in the universe, and there are countless kinds of people. " Xu Jingming said, "Some people even deliberately create various illusions in the virtual world, just to deceive people. Some people deliberately play with other people's feelings and manipulate other people's minds in order to practice humanities subjects. In short, there are all kinds of scum!

Of course, there are also many good people in the universe.

"Don't trust everything in the virtual world too easily. Xu Jingming reminded, "because in reality, it may be the exact opposite.

"Dad, don't worry, these Blue Star civilizations have long been popular." Xu Lixing smiled, "Our generation has been exposed to the virtual world since childhood.

Xu Lixing also had some thoughts in his heart.

Parents are right, understand the reality of the other party, and then decide whether to continue.

She was also worried in her heart, worried that the difference between the real situation and the virtual world was too great.

This is also the most worrying situation for many lovers in the virtual world network.

Virtual world network, personal space. "I lost again today." Xu Jingming watched the replay video of the battle. He lost more and won less. He was used to losing in cross-cosmos battles.

"Looking at the battle replay, my movement is dominant, and the magic of marksmanship is not inferior to the opponent's. The only problem...the power is weak. My tricks, the opponent can easily resist. The opponent's tricks, I do not. It is very difficult to resist." Xu Jingming frowned and watched, "Do you want to be powerful? The physical strength is already the limit, so you have to find a way to leverage more cosmic power."

"In terms of leveraging the power of the universe, there are many people who are stronger than me in the battle of the peak of the universe." Xu Jingming waved and selected nine of the battle replays.

It is a video of fighting with different nine masters.

"The nine of them are powerful enough to move the universe." Xu Jingming looked at it, and suddenly a light flashed in his mind.

Be quick.

A book appeared in front of him. There are books on "Lights", and some supporting materials are also required. The database of the Yuanchu Research Institute has a large amount of precious content, all of which are free to read. Of course, Xu Jingming can't copy, record, or spread it. This is for his personal reading only.

Xu Jingming's brain was running extremely fast, opening book after book.

"Here, here, and here, there are records." Xu Jingming looked at it, "The evolution of the star's light at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, a ray of light, can evolve into endless light.

The star at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty is a great celestial body in the high-dimensional space, with all kinds of incredible characteristics. "The Star Conjecture at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty", ranked among the three strongest inheritance ranks of the human race in the universe, is only the dean's conjecture.

The first star through the Yuan Dynasty has not been thoroughly studied.

The light of the early Yuan star has a characteristic.

The light in the innermost layer seems to be very weak.

However, when the inner layer of light propagates, it seems to have experienced the folding of time and space.

"According to the guesses in this book, the light of the stars at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty naturally assimilates other energies and turns into light. One, it can be assimilated into a hundred, and a hundred assimilation into... It grows stronger and stronger, until it reaches the limitless light.

Xu Jingming looked at the theories of the books, the light in his mind became clearer, and his understanding became more profound.

In fact, when he was in the mysterious place, Xu Jingming had a certain understanding of the endless light, but at that time, his understanding was very rough and superficial. But now, there has been a qualitative change.

"Maybe, I can try."

After all, Xu Jingming was standing on the shoulders of the dean. He had studied and comprehended "Lights" for many years, and had accumulated a lot. Now that he has a new understanding, he immediately began to practice.


The surrounding scene changes and turns into a starry sky scene.

Xu Jingming stood in the starry sky, his whole body energized and turned into a light man. The rays of light circulated on the surface of the body, and Xu Jingming used his majestic body energy to leverage the power of the universe in the outside world according to his new understanding.

Countless cosmic forces around him were attracted and poured into Xu Jingming's body. Xu Jingming's surface became more and more dazzling, and even when his thoughts moved, these energies turned into a robe. Cloaked in robes, his own strength is getting bigger and bigger, and the power that can be leveraged continues to increase.

"Indeed, my own power is one, and I can directly leverage the power of three! After the power of three is fully controlled, I can use this as the foundation to master the power of nine. After that, continue to improve, twenty-seven, eighty-one, two hundred Forty-three, seven hundred and twenty-nine, two thousand -- one hundred and eighty-seven. In theory, it can be improved infinitely.

"Although my ascension mode is not as fast as the star at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, the star at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty is vast. But I have been saying, "The only thing that limits improvement is my spiritual power?" Xu Jingming felt it, wearing a gorgeous robe of light, The sweeping forces began to spill out into the surroundings,

My spiritual power can no longer perfectly control these powers, and it is even more impossible to continue to expand. It must be perfectly controlled in order to continue to pry. Once the spillover starts, this model cannot work.

"I seem to have touched the essence of the endless light of "Light"." Xu Jingming's heart was burning.

Light articles, including multiple branches. The speed pulse can reach the speed of light! This pulse also leads to the highest realm.

The energy of the endless light pulse can theoretically expand to infinity, and it also leads to the highest realm. Only now did Xu Jingming realize the simple part, and he felt that the power of the mind limited him. More restrictions will be discovered later.

To really have infinite energy', it's too hard, too hard.

Xu Jingming continued to try, perfecting the model of the ray robe, hoping to master more energy, and stopped excitedly after a long experiment.

"Try it - try the idea, I feel that my understanding of Yuanchu Xing is not the same." Xu Jingming immediately went offline.

In reality, practice indoors.

Xu Jingming sat cross-legged, contemplating the stars at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty.

After many years of practice, Xu Jingming has pushed "Lights of Viewing Ideas" to the seventh level, and it is precisely because of this that his spiritual power can grow to the current state.

The light of the star at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, the rapid expansion pattern, according to my current understanding, "one changes to three, three changes to nine, nine changes to twenty-seven, and so on", it is more stable. "

Xu Jingming visualized the stars at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty. Because of his deeper understanding, he knew part of the principles of evolution, and the countless rays of light he visualized were more realistic.

True and clearer.

Countless rays of light, visualized, are huge and vast.

Layers of light, as if spreading from the deepest part of time and space, each layer is expanding, expanding rapidly, to infinity! Shine on everything!

It is the greatest celestial body known to mankind in the universe! The most incredible celestial body.


When he visualized it, Xu Jingming only felt that his whole body was hot and his mind was hot.

The imagined star at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty was burning Xu Jingming's body, and UU reading was burning Xu Jingming's consciousness, changing him and affecting him.

"Have I reached the eighth level of the "Light Chapter Viewing Ideas"?" Xu Jingming was extremely pleasantly surprised, although compared with the powerful source of life, his visionary achievements were not worth mentioning.

But after all, he is a star life, and it is rare to be able to reach the eighth level of thinking.

Moreover, with the seventh-level view, it is hoped that the spiritual power will reach the threshold of the source life gate.

On the eighth floor, the spiritual power can be improved even more.

"The view of the eighth floor can greatly strengthen my spiritual power." Xu Jingming thought, "Today is the first

In the second visualization, the eighth level, the improvement is the most obvious, perhaps, I have exceeded 10,000 points at this moment?"

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