Cosmic Professional Gladiator - v7 Chapter 32 The first high-dimensional power to master

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Xu Jingming, the first high-dimensional power mastered in Chapter 32 of Chapter 7, Volume 7, of the Cosmos Professional Players body, nodded, walked out of the study, and came to the terrace.

Standing in front of the balcony railing, looking at the lights of this planet of life, and vaguely seeing some aircraft in the distance, Xu Jingming was very happy, and he could feel the transformation of his spiritual power.

"The star at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty is really magical. As the visualization becomes more and more detailed and closer to the real star at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, the spiritual power can be transformed." Xu Jingming praised ten

This is one of the three strongest inheritances of the human race. I don’t know how many outstanding evolutionaries in history have stepped into the legend of the universe and even become high-dimensional beings.

Of course, there are only three human high-dimensional beings alive today. 'High-dimensional!"

Xu Jingming had a strong hunch that he would be successful this time.

Go beyond the time and space of the universe, get rid of them!" Xu Jingming's transformed spiritual power instantly mobilized the even more vast power of the Yuanchu battle suit. The No. 9 Yuanchu battle suit was the treasure of the Yuanchu Research Institute, and the energy it contained was incredible. Even after years of study, knowledge has greatly improved, spiritual power has transformed, and only a small part can be mobilized. "Boom!"

Xu Jingming felt that the power he mobilized was much greater than in the past. If it was said that before, he was like a bird flying high, but now he seems to be a Dapeng soaring into the sky!"

The many time-space layers that were originally bound were very strong, but when the power skyrocketed, the restraint became very weak. Pushing and pulling rotten! In an instant, he was completely freed from the bondage! Xu Jingming disappeared out of thin air on the terrace. "I, Xu Jingming, looked around, shocked.

In his field of vision, the time and space of the universe has shrunk a lot in an instant, and Xu Jingming's eyes can observe the surrounding area of ​​more than ten light-years!

"I can see the absolute spherical starry sky with a diameter of 12.8 light-years at a glance." Xu Jingming was shocked. From his perspective, the range of 12.8 light-years in diameter was greatly reduced.

Zoom out like a diorama, within your field of vision. The front, back, left and right of this model, inside and outside, can be seen clearly by myself.

Everything within this 12.8 light-year range, even the flow of light, Xu Jingming could see clearly. The flow of light becomes very slow. The stars, planets and celestial bodies felt as fragile as toys. Xiao Jiu, this is the high-dimensional perspective" Xu Jingming asked.

To be precise, it is the viewing perspective of the source life in the high-dimensional space. If the owner becomes a high-dimensional life, the viewing experience will be even more different. "Xiao Jiu responded. Xu Jingming understood.

Although he has entered a high-dimensional space, his eyes are still the eyes of the original life. I really don't know how high-dimensional beings will feel when they watch it.

Master, you have indeed entered the high-dimensional space now, but you cannot see any other substances and creatures in the high-dimensional space. "Xiao Jiu said, "The diameter you see now is 12.8 light-years, which is a relatively accurate range for you to walk in high dimensions. If you're escaping further... not very accurate. "

Xu Jingming nodded slightly, overlooking the absolutely spherical cosmic space with a diameter of 12.8 light-years. He had the feeling that he could come anywhere within the range if he wanted to. "Wow."

As soon as Xu Jingming came, he appeared on the mountain peak of a barren planet. "High-dimensional walking." Xu Jingming nodded slightly.

Swish swish swish swish, Xu Jingming was walking in high dimensions, his figure appeared everywhere, every time he crossed several light years. Even in a stellar core with violent energy that is not suitable for teleportation, even in a cosmic energy storm that is not suitable for teleportation... Xu Jingming can easily walk and appear.

"The energy fluctuations in the space-time of this universe, the chaos of space-time, will not affect the master's high-dimensional walking." Xiao Jiu said, "Unless the source life has a high-dimensional spiritual power, they cannot see the high-dimensional space. "Looking at the 12th floor, the power of the mind reaches a higher dimension. "Xu Jingming nodded.

"Yes, if a source life's spiritual power reaches the high-dimensional threshold, he can spy on the high-dimensional space. Only then can he discover the master and attack the master who has entered the high-dimensional space." Xiao Jiu said, "Of course, it must be Only high-dimensional power means can threaten the master. Xu Jingming nodded.

The source life of the spiritual power that does not reach the high-dimensional threshold cannot hurt the master. "Xiao Jiu said. Wow.

Xu Jingming is already very proficient, and a single thought has already left the cosmic time and space, and entered a high-dimensional space state. In the high-dimensional space, he is blind and deaf, but it does not affect his entry here.

"What a wonderful feeling." Xu Jingming overlooked the absolute spherical space like a model. The billions of human beings on that living planet are even more insignificant, even smaller than ants.

"It's really weak, I feel like a single thought can be erased." Xu Jingming had this thought, and there was indifference in his eyes. But his face changed.

In an instant, he returned to the planet of life and returned to his study.

What's going on?" Xu Jingming sat at the desk with an ugly face, "Why did I just think that it is normal to wipe out billions of human beings?"

He grew up weak and cared about ordinary people.

But just now in the high-dimensional space, the feeling of being aloof, I felt that 12.8 light-years had a feeling of erasing it at will. He also knew that it was an illusion. His personal strength can't do it. But that kind of attitude is very abnormal!

"Master, your light concept has reached the 10th floor, and it resonates with the stars at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, and the natural mind will get closer and closer to high-dimensional life." Xiaojiu has experienced many masters and is very experienced, "Just keep Self-control is enough.”

"Cultivating the idea of ​​star-viewing in the early Yuan Dynasty will have some sequelae. Xu Jingming murmured, "I didn't feel it before, and I'm only starting to feel it now. "The higher the master's mind, the stronger the feeling. That's when you need more self-control. "Xiao Jiu said.

Xu Jingming nodded: "I know, there is a record in the inheritance that in the process of visualizing the stars in the early Yuan Dynasty, the higher the realm, the more you need to control yourself. If you can't control will be assimilated by the stars in the early Yuan Dynasty and fall into the ultimate self-destruction. . It is impossible to become a high-dimensional life.

"It's very difficult to become a high-dimensional life." Xiao Jiu said, "Every birth of the supreme realm has experienced countless crises. The master has reduced a lot of dangers along the path of the dean." Xu Jingming nodded.

He only had 10 levels of thinking, and it was the first time that he resonated with the stars at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, and his influence was not great. The further back you go, the bigger the impact.

This is already the best way for the human race to improve spiritual strength! There are relatively few sequelae. "Xiao Jiu, when I performed high-dimensional walking just now, I felt the source of the power of the Yuanchu battle suit." Xu Jingming said that he was able to walk in high-dimensionality because of the high-dimensional power contained in the Yuanchu battle suit. Otherwise, it would be a cosmic legend to display high-dimensional power purely on its own.

"That's the source material. Xiao Jiu explained, "It's the source of the power of the numbered Yuanchu battle suit', high-dimensional walking is just the easiest high-dimensional means for Xiao Jiu to use. The master will accumulate more knowledge in the future and will also use other means. ""Will the source quality be consumed by high-dimensional walking?" Xu Jingming asked. "Yes. "

Xiaojiu said, "Any power is not endless! To burst out enough power, it must be consumed. Just like the prison family fuses some high-dimensional space things to display high-dimensional power, it also consumes high-dimensional things. , and even its own backlash is great.

Even in the supreme realm with an eternal lifespan, they consume a huge amount of energy all the time, and at the same time need to replenish energy to form a balance. "Xiao Jiu said," Even if the war clothes in the early Yuan Dynasty are not used there, there will be slow consumption. When used, the consumption is larger. Using high-dimensional means... consumes more. "Xu Jingming nodded.

"When the master doesn't need me anymore, I will return to the Yuanchu Research Institute, and I will be supplemented by the source quality." Xiao Jiu said, "The master also saw that the research institute has a lot of battle clothes! Quality, the source material is the energy that the dean obtained from the high-dimensional space, and it is very precious." No wonder. "Xu Jingming knew it. There, he saw several numbered battle suits at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, and hundreds of black hole-like battle suits, but none of them were issued. Now I understand.

It is a terrifying battle suit. On the contrary, the dean didn't care about those ordinary battle clothes at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, and could be used by generations of life.

Xiao Jiu, with my current strength, I should be able to go to the forefront of the war with the prisoners. "Xu Jingming said that over the years, he has applied to go to the forefront many times, but he has not been allowed.

"After the transformation of the master's spiritual power, the power of the battle suit can be better used, and the time-space and light-type tricks can generally reach the tenth-order peak salty power. Coupled with high-dimensional walking," Xiao Jiu said, "The master's strength is already close to the universe. Some kings of higher civilizations". ’

Approaching the king," Xu Jingming said with a smile, "It's still a long way off. Being able to act as the king of the advanced civilization of the universe is itself a tenth-order peak source life, and has successfully mastered high-dimensional weapons. The deterrent is much stronger than mine.

"But master, you can hide, the No. 9 early Yuan battle uniform is the most escaped among the numbered Yuan early battle uniforms." Xiao Jiu said, "It is very important to survive. Xu Jingming has self-knowledge.

In terms of destructive power, he is not as good as the kings of the advanced civilizations of the universe, nor as well as Mr. Jian, Mr. Yang and others. They can't fight against the top monarchs of the prison clan, but ordinary tenth-order monarchs can still suppress them. "Xu Jingming secretly said, and immediately sent a letter through the virtual world network to apply for going to the front line. ... Research Institute headquarters at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty.

The fat vice president Chi Meng looked at the battle report on the light curtain, and frowned: "The battle situation in the Tianmang universe is getting worse and worse! Among the three universes that border the prison clan, the Tianmang universe is owned by us. At the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, the Research Institute was responsible for leading the guards, but the recent performance has been really average. '8 can't do anything.

Secretary-General Hei Tian was on the side, "The prisoners are crazy and regard death as an honor. UU read and the original life of our human beings are relatively more concerned about their own lives. After all, resurrection needs to consume credit, a lot of The ninth-order source life does not have enough credit. If you die, you will die. Vice President Chimeng nodded.

The fighting attitudes of the two sides are different. The prisoners will retreat and escape unless they encounter death. Otherwise, they are not afraid of death. Human-derived life cherishes life even more. After all, behind each of them, there is civilization and group power. How can they easily die?

"The situation has gotten worse recently, and it has something to do with the last right monarch of the prison clan." Secretary-General Heitian said, "The leader of the prison clan in the Tianmang universe has been replaced by the last right monarch in recent years! The last right monarch can become the tenth prison clan. One of the great monarchs, there is no doubt about his strength. The high-dimensional power he masters is called "Nightmare World", which is the invasion of the illusory world of high-dimensional... It is difficult to resist.

Our top experts in the Tianmang universe are not enough. ' said the secretary-general of Krishna.

"You can't dispatch cosmic legends. Cosmic legends are mainly used to deter the Void Protoss." Vice President Chi Meng said, and suddenly he saw a letter. "Xu Jingming's strength has broken through"

Vice President Chi Meng was surprised, "Mastering high-dimensional walking can greatly shock the prisoners. High-dimensional walking."

Secretary-General Hei Tian was a little surprised, "Those tenth-order source lifeforms, some study high-dimensional weapons, some buy high-dimensional space things, and some exchange for the rare treasures of the universe... They can master high-dimensional power, and there are very few. Little. Xu Jingming will be able to walk in high dimensions so soon'

How can those people be compared with Xu Jingming. "Deputy Head Chimeng smiled and said, "After all, his talent is no less than mine, let him go to the front line and let his shadow completely cover the prison family."

Vice President Chi Meng signed his name with a smile and issued the transfer order.

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