Cosmic Professional Gladiator - v7 Chapter 33 credit

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virtual world network personal space,

"Agreed." Xu Jingming looked at the newly received adjustment, and couldn't help showing joy, followed by the latest application for a cold note to visit the personal space. "Vice Dean Chimeng wants to see me" Xu Jingming stretched out a little, and at the same time got up and greeted a chubby figure with a small name who came out of nothingness. In the same way, his eyes narrowed into horse lines, "Vice President Chi Meng Xing" Xu Jingming saluted slightly, "You're welcome, sit down~"

Vice President Chimeng praised Xianbubu and sat down on the sofa. Xu Jingming also sat down opposite and helped to pour Xiaori fruit wine. "Have you received the adjustment~" Vice President Chimeng said~ "Yes" Xu Jingming nodded,

"Before the fierce straight did not let you go to the front line, because there is the most intense conflict, the prison clan masters the high-dimensional power of the monarch, there are several who have been in the ticket for a long time, you may encounter happiness in the past" Deputy Chi Meng The dean said, "Now your strength has improved a lot, and you can go to the protection of the No. 9 early Yuan Dynasty War Creation. You can be resurrected if you die, but the No. 9 Yuan Early Yuan War Creation has been lost... Although the aliens can't use it, but this one Number-level Yuan early war dad, loss

The price will eventually cry a lot" "I understand" Xu Jingming nodded and cried

"When I go to the front line this time, I must seize the opportunity and accumulate credit.

"The vice president of Chi Meng praised. "Our research institute at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty opened the credit exchange for a small time. After II2 years, there will be some small cosmic treasures, high-dimensional items, technological weapons, etc. to be exchanged. The more good things you need, the better the credit. For the next only have II2 left. Year preparation time, "I understand," Xu Jingming is also looking forward to it"

Like the space-time star sand, it is one of the small cosmic treasures that will be released when the space-time island is open for exchange.

"Especially at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, every little strand is very precious, and it will be ranked according to the merit, and the one with the highest credit will be given priority to redeem the ticket," said Vice President Chi Meng. The rule of thumb, the one with the highest credit has priority → You should be very clear about the importance of the star flame at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty," Xu Jingming nodded, the star flame at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty...

It is the flame of the Yuanchu Star in the high-dimensional space! Even if the Dean can't really touch the Yuanchu Star, the Yuanchu Star has converged, and the flames will escape very far in different stages of the outbreak, such as the Dean and the others. Chance to catch tickets

Every little flame of the primordial star is a precious treasure for the evolutionary who cultivates the primordial phi pulse.

Just by watching it for a long time, you can have a deeper understanding of the stars at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty. You can visualize more real and greedy thoughts and hope to reach a higher realm. You can use various powers such as light and flames. As for smaller high-dimensional weapons + civilization-level intelligent robots , These are very common, but the price is very expensive if you have one thing in common! 'Emperors all need credit in exchange" There are only a few items, brother Xu Cosmos Coins to exchange tickets about credit exchange tickets

In fact, the items of the other fourteen top powers are relatively small, and the exchange of the three strongest powers is the most eye-catching. After all, there are three supreme realms behind them that provide smaller precious items, but the three strongest powers are not mentioned. There are a huge number of ninth-order source life, tenth-order source life is on average around 10,000, and the precious items taken out each time are too few, almost all of them are small grabs and air conditioners

When it is very good, you have to pay a lot of money. Please help the person who has the highest credit to exchange the ticket.

In addition to the three most powerful forces, the official Cosmic Human Alliance will also regularly open credit exchanges. But it mainly focuses on high-dimensional things in science and technology, and cosmic treasures are even rarer~ "According to current information, there are six prison monarchs who master high-dimensional power, and the strongest sand It's called the Moyou monarch." Vice President Chimeng reminded, "He is also the top ten monarchs of the prison family."

Xu Jingming nodded, "I know that there are more than 10,000 prison clan monarchs. Those who can be ranked in the top ten are either cosmic legends, or the high-dimensional power they master is extraordinarily powerful."

Like the monarch Wu Krypton who once attacked him, he lost consciousness in an instant. Although he also mastered some kind of high-dimensional power, he failed to enter the top ten among the tens of thousands of monarchs in the prison clan. ," said Vice President Chimeng, "the high-dimensional power 'Dream Demon World' mastered can not only penetrate the spirit, but also cover a large area → We have seven tenth-order powerhouses who master high-dimensional power in the Tianmang universe. , But in a head-to-head confrontation, no small can resist the Moyou monarch. According to the battle of the princes, the O spirit power of the Moyou monarch has reached a high dimension," Xu Jingming's pupils shrunk~

"Let's go", he can spy on high dimensions, but the speed at which the dream world penetrates high-dimensional space is definitely slower than in normal universe time and space, and the vice president of Chimeng, who is chasing after you, said, "But you remember , when you meet him, just run away and cry."

"Understood, I'm still very happy with him now." Xu Jingming also knew that his only high-dimensional power was to move and escape, and naturally he couldn't hurt the other party.

"What you are best at is targeting the lords with a large number of prison clan," said Vice President Chi Meng, "The better the interception, the more fearful the ninth-order lords of the prison clan will be. Willing to do it, your interception efficiency. You are more happy than a hundred tenth-order source life, and the limit distance of your time and space travel is less than written."

Xu Jingming said, "My power of the four spirits has just broken through to the level of conception. Now, with the help of Zhan Dad, the limit of time and space travel distance is 1.08 billion light years."

Time and space travel is still traveling in the normal universe time and space "the distance is very far.

After all, Xu Jingming has a preliminary grasp of high-dimensional walking. The distance is relatively short, but the conditions for time-space shuttle are very harsh. For example, the aftermath of the fierce battle affects time and space. , it is inferior in terms of traveling and life-saving. "I080 million light-years?" Vice President Chi Meng said, "Haha. Come on, the Tianmang universe is about three minutes away, and you can arrive in a short time. ticket" Xu Jingming nodded

"With your interception ability, the deterrent power to the ninth-rank lords of the prison clan will be terrifying," said Vice President Chi Meng. ﹑” “I will try my best,” Xu Jingming is not soft on the prison clan. He has seen two planets where life is extinct, and he will not help to completely wipe out the entire prison clan → Chimeng Vice-Yuanyuan Chang said, "Wait a moment, the Yuanchu Research Institute will send you a small piece of detailed information, which is the information of some of the elites in the Sky Python Cosmos Prison Clan. Knowing yourself and your enemies, at least you won't be easily caught in a trap~"

"There is another one in the Tianmang cosmos, besides you, there are female tenth-order powerhouses who hold high-dimensional power. I will arrange seven of them to meet you," said Vice President Chimeng, "In the future, eight of you will meet with you. People also cooperate with each other. You each have your own strengths and master different high-dimensional powers... If you cooperate, you can achieve the effect of two greater than 9 on both sides." "I am good at running for my life, and I can take other guardians to action," Xu Jingming understood, "Anyway, the eight of you discussed with each other, how to cooperate, and Vice President Chi Meng got up. "The time and place of the meeting will be notified to you soon." Xu Jingming nodded and cried.

"If you have to kill some prisoners' origin life, you will be able to frighten some of their arrogance, and you can indirectly save tens of thousands of life planets." Vice President Chi Meng encouraged, and then disappearing into nothingness may be high. Life-dimensional life has not cared much about the countless planetary life in the huge territory of the human race in the universe. As long as they ensure the overall stability of the race, they will ignore the rest.

In their eternal lifespan, they may be able to study some or two things, and the short lifespan of planetary life will pass away very well~ But Xu Jingming, Vice President Chimeng, these are not yet 'high-dimensional' source life, they are still very concerned about . Virtual World Internet Cafe

In a small virtual world, there are only five people in the whole world. On a small floating island, the five of them are sitting at the table, drinking wine and chatting about tea.

Among them, the villain was wearing a pale golden robe, with golden beard and hair, an old face, and two pairs of golden wings. The golden-winged old man instructed to look at his companions: "We old guys are too young and young, my life expectancy There are only about 300 years left, and even if I can step into the legend of the universe, I have no time to let my life form evolve to a higher dimension~”

"Yeah," the other little middle-aged boy's eyes were deep, as if there were endless time and space hidden, "I can't help but watch myself getting old. Although I'm better, I still have 8,000 years of life expectancy, but it's also hopeless~"

"At that time, our five alliances wanted to reach the highest level, but at that time they were all thriving." A beautiful silver-haired woman praised, "We originally called the Five Kings Club', which was a meeting of five kings." But now what other tenth-order source beings say, we say that we are the Five Elders Association, and the five old guys are happy." The old man in Jia Song's black robe said softly, "The five of us, the youngest are all over 85,000 years old, indeed It's all old guys." In the long life of the tenth-order source beings, because of the strength and the distance, there will naturally be a small circle of votes.

These Five Elders Association are five genius tenth-order source life who were crowned kings at a young age long ago. They allied with each other and vowed to reach the highest level, but now they have no life left, and the hope is already slim "talking about the sea" issue. ," said the beautiful silver-haired woman. "The development of the cosmic space attached to the Nine Lords, brother Wen, are you still going to continue? "I can't live long, sell my ownership." The golden-winged old man Weijieguo

"In exchange for what? Currency? Galaxy territory? Or something else?" The other four looked at him

"After 35 years, the Eternal Learning Tower will open the credit exchange. After II2 years, the Research Institute at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty will open the credit exchange for the time-space island. It will be 500 years later. I can't wait~" said the golden-winged old man, "I need The credit of the Eternal Learning Tower, or the credit of the Research Institute at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty."

The exchange of the Eternal Learning Tower is limited to the members of the Eternal Learning Tower ~ Yuanchu Research Institute is also a sample.

"50 million credits," the golden-winged old man looked at his four friends.

Not happy with the price. "

Among the four friends, the Eternal Learning Tower. One, the small space-time island of the Yuanchu Research Institute, of course, the golden-winged old man himself is also the Yuanchu Research Institute.

"Ali and I will split half," the black-robed old man said _ The beautiful woman nodded "good fruit" "dismount, let's discuss..."

The five of them briefly discussed whether they could communicate with each other, and set a large number of benefit distributions" until the end of the five elders meeting~

"Other Companions" T left, the golden-winged old man sat alone. "Life is getting shorter and shorter. If you can step into the legend of the universe before you die, you will experience the taste of the legend of the universe and let the spiritual imprint of Lu Ji remain empty.

Pseudo-World Net, let countless human beings know that such a small universe has appeared

Legend of the Universe, that's pretty good too. UU reading www.uukanshu. com" The golden-winged old man is looking forward to it "but it's too difficult, without relying on external objects, relying on one's own accumulation of knowledge to comprehend the high-dimensional power"

"The cosmic space-time and high-dimensional space in which we live is the essential difference

The old man shook his head

The difficulty of relying on foreign objects is small, so the difficulty of mastering high-dimensional power purely by himself is at least that Xiaobai suddenly received a small letter "um"

The old man looked at the contents of the letter, revealing the price of Shasi. "Red Mongolian Vice

Dean, let me organize a small gathering. Gathering with Wu Ming’s junior brother and mother? I didn’t expect that in the Tianmang universe, in addition to the seven of us, there is another young boy who is interested in mastering high-dimensional power.”

"Junior Brother Wu Ming, he is only a hundred years old. He is too young. Tenth-order source life has a life span of 100,000 years. His future is the real infinite possibility." The old man sighed.

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