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It was originally a huge stitched monster, but when compared with these two overlords in the sea, it looks much smaller.

The height of hundreds of thousands of feet is enough to surpass most buildings of previous human beings, and it is taller than many low mountains.

However, in today's Immortal Cultivation World, it is nothing.

Jiang Li's Nine Nether Escape Technique really has thousands of hands, and the height is more than three times its height. If the specific size is concerned, then a cube is added.

But in the world of immortality, body shape is not everything.

Jiang Li himself is the best one.

The same goes for the current stitched monsters.

This guy was caught in the trap of Haiyuan Jungle at first and was trapped for a while.

But it didn't last long, and he quickly broke free with his own strength.

Although this monster's brain is not very good, its resistance to that kind of dream-like power is much stronger than that of the Lord of the Sea Palace.

Jiang Li had reason to suspect that the eight eyes were used for more than just observation.

Now the three-way melee, even if it is in a maritime environment where it is relatively unfamiliar, it has not fallen into a disadvantage.

On the contrary, in the constant fighting, he slowly discovered the hidden abilities of several stitched limbs, and became more and more powerful.

This monster doesn't need to use any spells at all, and he doesn't need to understand the rules of heaven and earth. With a simple wave of his hands and feet, he can mobilize the power of heaven and earth and exert staggering power.

It made Jiang Li want to dismantle it as a material to further strengthen his body.

He has one more chance to transform God into Earth Immortal.

The battle between the three monsters lasted casually for half a month.

The kelp in the Haiyuan Jungle was torn off countless times during the fight.

The Qingtai Island turtle and the suture monster also suffered some injuries and bleed a lot of blood.

However, for the three monsters with metamorphosis, this damage did not touch the root at all.

It can only be counted, it is a bit of consumption, and it can be easily recovered after a period of rest.

However, after fighting for half a month, he couldn't help his opponent. Even in the eyes of humans, he was a monster who was bloodthirsty and cruel, and he didn't want to fight any more.

The first to retreat was the Qingtai Island Turtle.

The island on the back of this big turtle was tossed in a mess during the battle.

It was light on the back, which made the island turtle's mood not very good.

Now that there is no temptation of food, the big turtle has no reason to continue fighting.

After tearing off a few pieces of kelp as snacks, the Qingtai Island Turtle turned his head and left. It planned to find a beautiful island to carry on its back, and then continue to drift to sleep.

With its strength and mouth, if you really want to leave, Heiyuan Kelp can't leave it behind.

Submerged and sneaked away, stitched monsters will not go into the water to pursue.

After the old enemy left, the kelp overlord also gave up and continued to fight.

It's been known many times, it's not prey to catch, and there's no point in continuing.

Soon all the kelp retracted to the bottom of the sea, and only one stitched monster was left, roaring alone on the sea.

In fact, the battles of monsters of this level are often like this, and it is difficult to really distinguish the winner.

Although conflicts occur from time to time, it is like this almost every time.

Because it is very difficult for them to defeat each other, and if they continue to drag on, they will only waste their strength, and the gains will outweigh the losses.

The melee came to an end as expected, and the stitched monster didn't die, not even injured.

Because the limbs that spliced ​​his body are not as strong as Chiyou's muscles, but since they can be preserved from ancient times to the present, it means that their original owner must have cultivated his body to an extremely powerful level.

Even standing there motionless, trying to kill it is also a big problem.

The melee is over, but now is the most critical time.

Sanshenzhu and Jiang Li wanted to determine whether this monster would return to the land in the Eastern Region of Cangyun Continent.

Hiding above the sky, the four people who were secretly watching the bottom all raised their spirits and stared at the monster.

In the past half month, Jiang Li stayed in the misty cloud fairy, and it wasn't that he didn't do anything.

It took some time to condense the blood of the fairy in the mirror collected before into a beast blood tattoo.

With his current cultivation base and the cultivation of the animal blood catalog, he can already do this without the need for a medicinal bath.

This newly acquired tattoo, unsurprisingly, has limited blessings on him in terms of attributes.

Because that kind of spirit is not the type that is good at fighting.

The weakest kind of mirror fairy, it may even be possible to eliminate it just by pouring a bath of boy urine on the mirror.

The only powerful thing they have is that kind of innate ability that can be called magical power.

Jiang Li used up almost all of his blood essence at one time, and finally got a talent called [Mirror Image Immortal Turn].

Like Ghost Lantern, Cocoon Breaker, Aura Siphon, and Dream Weaving, this is an extremely powerful racial talent.

Moreover, this talent falls into Jiang Li's hands, and the effect will only be a hundred times stronger than those weak spirits!

The most basic thing, if he changes his face in the future, he doesn't need to use the inferior and simple means of changing shape book.

Right now, Jiang Lidu can completely imitate any one of the Three Gods Pillars to obtain their appearance and strength.

With the endless spiritual energy in his body, as long as these three are willing to cooperate without resistance, it can take some time to do it.

But on the one hand, it's obviously impossible for the three to agree to such a thing.

Moreover, they were the same as Jiang Li from beginning to end, covering their faces by means of means, maintaining a mysterious appearance, and did not reveal their true appearance.

Even more let him have no chance.

On the other hand, although this "Mirror Image Immortal Zhuan" is powerful, it also has its flaws.

Although as long as your own energy can be supported and there is a suitable target, you can pass the simulation in a short time and become as powerful as the target.

But the problem is that after a full simulation, he can only use the power and ability of the target.

And if the target is not dragged into the mirror space to be swallowed, then this kind of simulation is temporary, and it can only last for a few hours before slowly returning to its original state.

It is too meaningless to use for the weak, and it is easy to overturn when bullying the strong.

There are more limitations than Jiang Li imagined.

These two restrictions, the latter problem, can be easily solved by Jiang Li who has the status panel in just five seconds.

As for the former problem, of course, there is no hesitation for the immortal in the mirror, whose body is weak. Just imitating an object is an epic buff for them.

But for Jiang Li, there are not many guys in this world who can make him stronger through imitation.

After having the Qi Hai Zi Mansion, Jiang Li, who can maintain the strongest explosive state, has been able to steadily overwhelm the twelve superior Sishens.

Although he has not yet reached the level of the Three Gods Pillar, the unfamiliar power may not be easy to use due to his years of accumulation.

So this matter, he can only do research in the future.

The key now is the monster below.

After the two overlords left, the angry stitched monster was furious for several hours.

The suture monster, which also showed the strength of the overlord level, was not attacked again on the sea.

In this black sea, after wandering for a while, the tumbling hungry stomach finally let the monster escape from the inexplicable melee just now.

It's hungry again.

Where should I go to find something to eat?

For so many years, the only thing that can keep him full is the Dragon Vein and Earth Spirit.

Since that piece of food was snatched away, it has not eaten enough until now.

So the suture monster still wants to find the dragon veins again, and continues to hug and eat and sleep, and sleep and eat.

Its ideas are simple and pure, and just as dangerous.

Eight eyes widened and began to shine amazingly.

After the battle with the two sea overlords. Its various abilities have become much more powerful and proficient.

The eight eyes turned around and found Jiang Li and others in the sky, and also locked the direction of the Eastern Region.

Then the wind and thunder spread its wings and flew back.

Obviously, the plan of the Sishen Temple failed, and the vast black sea could not let it get lost.

The four on the cloud sighed in unison.

Because, the next thing to do, even for them, is extremely dangerous.

But if they don't do it, they can't stop the monster. Once the dragon vein body is destroyed, the entire Eastern Region will decline.

The question now is, who should be the bait to lead the suture monster to Heniuzhou.

Since the journey is all by sea, the most suitable person for this matter should be the Lord of the Sea Palace.

But the dragon transformation that Jiang Li showed just now gave them one more choice.

The Lord of the Sea Palace was silent and did not speak, and it seemed that he did not want to go.

Because of these three, they fought a lifetime of battles with a pasta troll.

If this person goes to the other party's nest alone, the treatment he will receive can be imagined.

After all, the opposite is a whole continent, and they can still do it through the endless sea defense invasion.

But when they went to Heniuzhou, even if they now had the power of chaos in the Asura world as a secret weapon, they would not be able to get the slightest benefit.

Once they are attacked by a group, they may not be able to come back.

Moreover, they also need to guard against the covetousness of the other four regions of Cangyun Continent, and it is impossible to leave too far.

Then, it's time to consider another question.

What should they use to impress this ghost town master?

"I want the mortals of the Eastern Region to be under my rule."

The monster's speed was too fast, so they didn't have much time to hesitate.

Jiang Li didn't bother, just thought for a moment, then kicked out his request.

The things that Sanshenzhu can take out now are of extremely limited use to Jiang Li.

And what can make Jiang Li tempted, in the hands of these three people, it must be the bottom of the box, and it is not easy to give up.

That's not too much, and the one who can quickly improve Jiang Li's strength is at the bottom of the Immortal Cultivation Realm, like an ant, but there are countless mortals.

They have different meanings to the descendants of the emperor.

If you can get the power and blessing of all mortals in the Eastern Region.

That Jiang Li holds the Human Sovereign Halberd, and the power that he can exert will be a hundred times more than he is now!

At that time, the power of the emperor's halberd even surpassed that of the heavenly magic weapon!

If he encounters the Palace of the City God again, he can break it with a single halberd!

And this kind of blessing can bring more than just the power of the Emperor's Halberd.

He could feel that that kind of blessing has even more significance for his road to the emperor.

Hearing Jiang Li's conditions, Sanshenzhu frowned.

Want all mortals?

They have just defeated the Xianqin Dynasty, but don't they want to face a new Dynasty?

And those mortals are the foundation of the entire immortal world.

Without the spiritual root seeds that are born every year from those mortals, it is impossible for any power to prosper for a long time.

But before they thought about it, Jiang Li continued to speak.

"As for the seeds of cultivation that are born every year, everything is business as usual."

"The original arrangement of the Sishen Temple can also be maintained. If you want to harvest the incense, I will not stop it."

"Fengducheng will not interfere too much in the internal affairs of mortals, nor will it carry out massacres, and will not preach and brainwash them. This is the temple for supervision."

"All I want is dominion over the mortal kingdom, and their ghosts after they die."

After Jiang Li explained it, the three pillars were still a little hesitant.

They can roughly guess that the request made by this person is most likely related to the title of "Heirs of the Emperor".

If it was normal, they would definitely not agree to this request, which is likely to have far-reaching consequences.

But the matter is urgent, and the Fengdu City Lord has shown sincerity. At this juncture, where can we think more.

If one shot and two scattered, who should do the drudgery of being a bait?

"Okay! The Temple of Si will cooperate with Fengdu City to accept the kingdom of mortals."

"But in the Eastern Region, not all mortal kingdoms are under our jurisdiction."

"There are many countries with remote locations. We can provide the location. In the next thing, Fengducheng will take care of itself."

The powerful monk who moved mountains and reclaimed the sea really did not think much of the mortal kingdom.

They haven't even counted how many countries there are in the Eastern Region.

Even under their rule, apart from the routine immortality test, they may not have contact with the royal family for decades.

But because of this, it is not difficult to transfer the rule of these mortal national clothes.

As long as there are enough manpower and a nod from the Temple of Secretary, it can be done.

Fengdu City has enough ghost soldiers and little demons.

Man Jianghong has already tried this set in the mortal kingdom under Jiang Li's rule, and has rich experience.

Monsters and ghosts are not easy to use, Jiang Li can also pull out a large number of usable people from the city of death.

Let the deceased enter the dream world, and then use the dream to project it onto his point demon wood soldier.

Although the quality is limited, the quantity can be described as as much as you want.

No one who died in vain would refuse this opportunity to return to Yangshi to take a look.

"that's enough!"

After reaching the deal, Jiang Li took the earth spirit bead of the sealer's dragon vein power, and then jumped out of the misty cloud.

actually. There is also a reward here.

That is, after solving the danger of the stitched monster, this big spiritual bead and the power of the dragon veins in it, UU Reading will also be his thing.

"Ugly big! Look here!"

The breath of the dragon vein body is well hidden, and there is no big monster with a specific location yet, and it is not flying at full speed.

Jiang Li, who stepped on the black whirlwind, quickly narrowed the distance.

A rotating light wheel, the latter came first to catch up with it.

Cut the unparalleled eight-point light wheel and land on the stitching point of the two wings of the wind and thunder.

Immediately, the flesh at the seam was cut open, and the beast was stained with blood.

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