Cultivation Online - Chapter 1117 Moon Splitting Sword Art

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After performing the Moon Splitting Sword Art flawlessly in front of everyone there, Yuan stopped and patiently waited for their response.

"Y-You can't be serious… Did he really comprehend the technique from the Nameless Stone Warrior…?"

"I comprehended about 30 percent of the technique, and from my understanding, his earlier movements matched the technique perfectly, not to mention how flawlessly and fluidly they flowed afterward."

Although nobody there could confirm whether Yuan had truly performed the real technique from the Nameless Stone Warrior, nobody there doubted him, as his performance was just that perfect and convincing.

"Moon Splitting Sword Art." Yuan spoke in a calm voice that sounded as clear as thunder.

"That is the name of the technique left behind by this Nameless Stone Warrior. It is a Divine-rank technique."

Countless eyes widened with shock after learning about the technique's rank. Forget about Divine-rank techniques, even Heaven-rank techniques are still considered very valuable in the Third Heaven, so only top sects and families like the Seven Legacy Families would have Divine-rank techniques, yet Yuan was willing to teach everyone there such a valuable technique as compensation? It was almost too good to be true.

'This must be what they call a blessing in disguise…' Those that had their enlightenment interrupted by Tian Yanyu and nearly became crippled no longer blamed Tian Yanyu. In fact, they even praised her for giving them this opportunity.

Yuan's voice resounded again a moment later, "I will display this technique two more times for a total of three times. Whether you can learn it or not is entirely up to you. If you have any problem with my friend's mistake just now after I share this technique, I will have other ways of dealing with it. Do I make myself clear?"

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Although Yuan's voice sounded calm and gentle, it was actually filled with hidden killing intent.

"This bastard… Now that I look at him closely, he's a peak Spirit King! Is his young appearance just a disguise, or is he truly that talented?"

"Makes sense, considering that he'd managed to comprehend this Nameless Stone Warrior when nobody else could for over 1,000 years."

Yuan started executing the Moon Splitting Sword Art for the second time a few moments later. When that happened, all of the cultivators there sealed their mouths, cleared their mind, widened their eyes, and even refused to blink to make sure they didn't miss a single detail.

Once he finished performing the Moon Splitting Sword Art, Yuan proceeded to stand there for half an hour without moving a muscle, allowing the cultivators there to do their thing.

"Are you sure you should be doing this, Young Master?" Feng Yuxiang asked him while they waited.

"What's the problem?"

"Well… First of all, you're giving away a high-grade Divine-rank technique for free… Even worse, most if not all of them are not qualified to even learn this technique. What if the Legacy Tomb decides to punish you?" Feng Yuxiang expressed her worries.

Yuan smiled, "What's wrong with sharing something that is mine to begin with? It's just a Divine-rank technique. Also, I truly feel guilty for what happened to them today, not to mention the disciples that I nearly killed by accident. And as I'd already said, even if I show them this technique, it's not like all of them are capable of actually learning it."

Once 30 minutes had passed, Yuan lifted his sword into the air again and began performing the technique for the third and final time.

The area became even more silent as the cultivators there tried their best to burn the sword technique into their memories.

At the end, Yuan said to them, "Now, if you still have any problems with my friend, raise your hand."


Nobody there dared to move a single muscle.

"Good. Then I hope you'll all gain something from this sword technique."

Even though everyone there has memorized the technique movements, they were still required to actually understand and perform the technique by themselves. This could take months, even years, but only time will tell.

However, there was a method that could bypass this, and that is to have someone who already fully comprehends the technique to transfer their knowledge and understanding to another person, allowing them to essentially skip the majority of the process.

"Give me your forehead." Yuan said to Tian Yanyu after returning to her side.

Tian Yanyu didn't question him and leaned forward.

Yuan poked her head, transferring the entire Moon Splitting Sword Art manual as well as his understanding for the technique into her head.

"T-This is…"

Tian Yanyu was shocked by what Yuan had just done.

"I-I don't know what else to say besides thank you…" She muttered in a low voice.

Yuan smiled, "Go ahead and try it."

Tian Yanyu nodded and immediately retrieved her sword. She closed her eyes and began moving her body a moment later, performing the Moon Splitting Sword Art with seemingly no effort.

When the others saw what had happened, they immediately became envious of Tian Yanyu, who was receiving all of the special treatment.

'This lucky bitch gets to skip the most tedious part all because she has a powerful sugar daddy!'

'Damn it! Why don't I have a handsome young man spoon feeding me techniques as well?! Although I'm not as pretty as her, I am not that far behind!'

Yuan noticed Tian Suyin staring at him and smiled, "If you'd like, I can perform technique transfer for you as well."

Tian Suyin swallowed nervously. Although she was an immensely prideful individual, she couldn't pass up such an opportunity, as this would save her years of effort.

"I-If you don't mind…" She nodded with a somewhat rosy face.

After receiving the technique from Yuan through technique transfer, Tian Suyin entered a trance-like state as she was filled with awe after learning the complexity and prowess of the sword technique, which is now her strongest technique.

Tian Yanyu couldn't help but chuckle after seeing her mother in such a state.

Meanwhile, the others could only swallow their envy and try their best to understand the technique by themselves.

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