Daily Life at Conan Undercover Distillery - Chapter 93 Are you all right?

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The cold wind blows in his ears.

The front foot has just been painstakingly given anesthesia and injured, and the back foot has to carry the person to the hospital.

His retribution came rather quickly.

The cool wind in the autumn night was wrapped in the biting air-conditioning. Jiang Yizhi drove the car to the maximum speed, opened the left side window, and stared at the dark night. Who is it?

...it seems that no one is there.

According to the current situation of Jin Jiu's physical injuries, he really needs someone to take care of him. The explosion time he set should have just given Jin Jiu room to escape, but the reality is definitely not optimistic.

It's just that he didn't expect that the message from Jinjiu was sent to Chijiang Zhi.

In such a dangerous situation, in such a bad situation that it is easy to lose one's life, the person who Jinjiu is willing to inform must be someone who is more assured.

The fact that he can find Chi Jiangzhi shows that the series of brilliant achievements in the anime that kill his own people are not mixed with water, and he really does not pass the test in terms of knowing people.

The human resources director of a transnational criminal group can't even understand people. How does the boss of the winery arrange his positions?

Can the weaknesses of subordinates be fully and maximized?

A mandatory overtime order can quench all enthusiasm for acting.

After receiving this news, Jiang Yizhi didn't even have much interest in continuing to practice Tai Chi with Chijiang Yesan. After he had discussed cooperation with the other party, he immediately rushed to the next destination.

This time, it's still Akie Ori's body.

The system has a certain storage space. He put the whiteboard human body back into the space. In the case of losing brain activity, the body still maintains basic blood circulation and oxygen supply, and then was thrown into a two-meter high nutrition warehouse.

Along with the depreciated, dark green windbreaker, it was also recycled.

According to Chijiangzhi's time line that he has no tasks and no complicated troubles today, he should be at home all day, so Jiang Yizhi only put on a piece of outerwear over the home clothes that he had prepared in advance, and set off.

And the car he is driving now... is a luxury car that is currently rented at a nearby car dealership.

The message Gin sent him was concise and to the point: bring a medical kit, avoid members of the organization, drive, and arrive within fifteen minutes.

In the distance, thick smoke filled the air, and under the black sky, there were traces of the explosion everywhere, but there was a dead silence around the laboratory.

Jiang Yizhi stopped the car, did not turn off the engine, and got out.

It seems that many colleagues from the organization have been urgently transferred. Many of them are faces he has never seen before, and the defense is as solid as a city wall. What's interesting is that there was such a big explosion, and not even a single media came.

As if nothing happened.

This is the complete opposite of the liveliness of Inoue Ita.

Jiang Yizhi found Jinjiu in a blind spot of vision. The other party was leaning against the wall and still maintaining a standing posture. He was wrapped in a black coat. From a distance, he couldn't even see any serious problems. Smells severe blood.

The end of the crossbow.

But at this time, with the resistance of gin, the effect of the anesthetic should be resolved, and some aggression will be restored instead.

Jiang Yizhi was carrying the medicine box. The moment he appeared, he was positioned by Qin Jiu's gaze. A moderate amount of shock and confusion appeared on his face: "Teacher?"

All right.

Confirmed to be Akae Ori.

This kind of stupid expression will only appear on his face.

Jin Jiu looked away: "help me to the car."


This is his third run today.

The hot air in the car was not turned off. I just opened the window to observe where the gin was going in the dim environment. After people picked it up, it was naturally unnecessary.

As soon as the car door was opened, the gin felt the warm temperature.

When he was renting a car, Jiang Yizhi bought an extra blanket by the way. Holding the gin, he quickly and silently knocked out a few colleagues on duty around him, while stuffing the fluffy gin into the back seat: "You need Can I help?"

Everything in the medicine box was complete, and Gin's face was excessively pale due to excessive blood loss. He glanced at it roughly, and after a sleepy pause for a second, he said, "No, you are only responsible for driving."

In order to prevent the necrosis of cells near the location of the bullet, he has done basic treatment to the wound... Fortunately, the bullets that were shot are not in tricky locations, but because of limited conditions, the cloth strips used to bandage carry a lot of bacteria, plus The aftermath of the previous explosion also needs to deal with the problem of secondary damage.

He didn't have any extra energy to waste on explaining the origin of the wound to Chi Jiangzhi.

Jiang Yizhi was silent for a moment.


I am sorry for you.

Come back.

However, in this case, he didn't say much, and sat quietly in the driver's seat: "Shall I take you to the hospital?"

no answer.

It's the default.

The organization laboratory is not too far from the specialized hospital~www.novelbuddy.com~ It is only about 20 minutes away by car, and half of the time can be saved in the state of accelerating driving.

After half an hour.

After successfully handing over the gin to the doctors specialized in the organization, Jiang Yizhi stood at the door of the ward, lowered his head and held his mobile phone, lazily browsing the emails in Chijiangzhi's mailbox.

Ireland: Vodkaisinacoma.

Ireland: Is Gingood?

Vodka is still alive.

Jiang Yizhi smiled unexpectedly and replied: Maybe you can use Japanese?

Ireland: Of course.

Ireland: It seems that the gin is doing well so far. My father congratulates him.

Jiang Yizhi rubbed his temples.

He could easily read the yin and yang in it.

Pisk, the teacher of Irish whiskey, as a conservative old man, does not have a very harmonious relationship with gin. In the past two years, Pisk gradually faded out of the leadership of the organization as he got older, and his spokesperson and successor, Ireland, became active.

... He still remembered that Pisk was the member of the organization who discovered Ai Haibara's true identity.

The father in Irish Whiskey's words should be Pisk.

These two masters and apprentices are actually quite interesting. Their brains are naturally suitable for detectives to catch rape. Pisk discovered Haibara Ai, followed by Irish Whiskey, and Kudo Shinichi was thoroughly investigated.

If it hadn't been for Gin to successfully shoot down the Tokyo Tower and kill both bottles of wine, it is estimated that Edogawa Conan's identity would have been exposed long ago.

...From this point of view, gin is equivalent to Belmode.

They are all relatives.

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