Dark Savages Come To the United States - Chapter 987 Repairs and new blacksmithing abilities

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"Okay, let's stop here. I think there must be something for you to come to this place that is not very friendly to angels."

Vorusk looked up at Diesh.

Volusk was willing to give his friendly attitude towards this angel with whom he had a good relationship.

"I want to ask you about some things, but I'm a little embarrassed to go to Bulkessel." Diesh smiled.

He had nothing to do with Bourkessel.

"Then talk about it, if it's not too much, maybe I can help you solve it."

Volusk understood what Diesh was thinking, and simply agreed.

Although the angel of Diesh is somewhat idealistic, he is still measured when he does things. At least he will not ask the barbarians to immediately destroy the burning hell.

"Well, I want to know what you guys think of Leoric, you know I'm not a big fan of that guy."

Diesh asked.

"This question... Although my opinion does not reflect Bourkeseau's attitude, I assure you of one thing.

Burkessel also doesn't want Leoric to exist in his current form, even though I don't know when exactly he intends to fix it.

But someone said that Bourkesso is an impatient, and this time should not be too long. "

Vorusk said.

Diesh just nodded when he heard the words.

He asked the question just to be aware of it, and urging a barbarian to do something was not an easy task.

Although barbarians rarely procrastinate, they do not like others to dictate their own affairs.

"Then the second question, if I intend to establish contact with the human beings in this world, um, or give them a way to train Templars and Paladins. Will you directly attack the angels?"

Diesh asked.

While both Templars and Paladins needed some Nephalem blood, this sort of thing wasn't too difficult to solve.

It's just the existing Nephalem's attitude that is the most important part. If the Nephalems don't agree, Diesh plans to give up this idea.

Templars and Paladins were also one of humanity's umbrellas when they were not corrupted.

At least in the face of demons, they all have enough combat power to kill demons.

"If it's me, I have no opinion. But I suggest you ask Bourkessel and Li Min.

Bourkesso is on the holy mountain, and as for Li Min, you have to find her trace yourself.

As for Yin Na, Vera and Nazbo's opinions, it's not too important. "

Vorusk gave his answer.

The same is true. If both Bourkesso and Li Min agree with Diesh's idea, then the other Nephalems will persuade them.

If it is the other way around, the problem is that there is no possibility of success.

"I just want to catch up with you. I know there is no value in asking you these two questions."

Diesh smiled.

Candor is his greatest strength and the greatest reason for those who hate him.

Although this guy is a good guy, he is not the kind of "person" that humans are used to seeing.

He has never felt that there is anything good about being a human being, and naturally he will not learn much about the way humans get along.

Therefore, most of the Nephalem who have a good relationship with him are the direct character of Volusk.

"Fuck off, take your Duoli to find Bourkesso, and tell him I owe him a big favor."

Vorusk said.

"I haven't told you about it yet."

Diesh looked surprised.

"Although I'm not a good blacksmith, as a good warrior I can see that your weapons need tinkering.

It seems that Leoric didn't feel very well when you gave Leoric at the time. "

Vorusk gave a schadenfreude smile.

He doesn't like Leoric, and although he has a certain degree of respect for Leoric, it doesn't conflict with his disliking him.

"Of course it won't feel better. The existence of immortality and immortality is activated by my slash to activate the part of death. It's a bit unimaginable for me."

Diesh smiled happily.

It seemed that Vorusk's words made him feel like he was being complimented.

"As for what you owe Bourkessel, I will ask him if he can let me pay it back myself," Diesh said.

"It's not clear what I owe him for a long time. You should thank me for my help." Vorusk waved his hand.

"So see you next time? By the way, please be careful with Martha Yiner, I'm sure he may have been eyeing you long ago."

After Diesh finished speaking, he left here and went to find Burkesso.

"Massa Yiner is eyeing me? Impossible, the power of death is only his tool. He is not the kind of guy who cares about whether the tool is complete. As long as he can be used to complete the plan, it is enough."

Vorusk muttered to himself.

"But the poor tool almost killed him, and a complete death might kill him completely."

The voice of the first ancestor came out again!

"Can't you give me time to prepare before you speak?" Vorusk said, squinting.

Although the first generation ancestors at this time could not see his eyes.

"What are you going to ask me to give you a hint? A ding or something else?"

The first generation ancestor said angrily.

"Forget it, what do you like. The big deal is that I will sit on the throne without saying a word as before. Anyway, they should be almost used to me like this."

Vorusk pointed to the outside of the Temple of the Elders with his chin.

"I'm afraid you won't be able to do this. It's been placed in the Elder's Temple like a puppet for so many years. Can you go back to that time?"

The first ancestor said with bad intentions.

"It's just loneliness, I'm used to it," Vorusk said.

This time the first-generation ancestor didn't say anything.

Loneliness is one of life's mortal enemies.

The first-generation ancestor was also deeply touched by this point. After losing most of his brothers and sisters and his lover, he had had enough of loneliness.

It's just that he can only try to get used to loneliness, but he has never been able to get used to only being alone.

"Vorusk, you're used to the loneliness of a hammer."

Talic's voice came from outside the door of the Elder's Temple.

He didn't go, just stayed outside. Just as Hilabor will not leave until Rasma leaves, Tariq will not leave until Diesh leaves.

"The Ronin from Douluo"

It's just that after Diesh left, he was about to come in and say hello to Vorusk when he was attracted by the conversation between Vorusk and the first ancestor.

"Fuck you!"

Vorusk couldn't help but scolded Tariq who walked in carelessly and arrogantly.

"I warn you, just because I can't beat you doesn't mean other people can't beat you. Believe it or not, I'll call Bulkesuo to come and beat you?"

Talek said in a bad tone.

"That's all you can do! If you have the ability, come up and fight me one-on-one!"

Vorusk slapped the armrest of his throne angrily!

"One-on-one? Why?" Tariq said with deep malice.

He knew that this fight would be impossible, at most it was just a few quarrels.

This guy, Volusk, doesn't have the right to do anything casually now, although the work of sorting out the energy of the holy mountain has fallen to the first ancestors.

But Volusk, as that insurance, cannot do anything casually.

If he just scolds, Tariq doesn't think he will lose.

"I'm probably the only person in the world other than Martha Yinl who might let you meet Maddock."

Vorusk grinned.

This time it was Talic's turn to be silent.

He knew that this kind of thing was unlikely, but he couldn't help but believe the other party.

"You and I both know that Maddock completely detonated his soul and won a brilliant ending for his career."

Although Tariq said dejected words, there was inevitably some hope in his tone.

Even if what Vorusk said was not to bring Maddock back, but to allow him to see Maddock one more time.

"But you can still see the phantom he fought in the secret realm, right? Let's say, there is a picture of him in my secret realm, do you want to see it?"

Vorusk said.

Then Tariq's face turned the color of pig liver in an instant!

"Why don't I go to my secret realm if I want to see his phantom!?"

Talic roared with deep anger, but still had some expectations.

He felt more and more that the Volusk in front of him might really have the ability to let him meet Maddock.

Without that, Volusk wouldn't make such a bad joke.

"But I left a little bit of his consciousness, which he gave me at the time.

It is said that I will show it to you when the time is right, but of course it is only to the extent that I can meet and talk.

It will then dissipate. "

Vorusk did not continue to sell off.

"So the consciousness he left you should not know what happened after that."

Tarek said very quietly.

"Yes, that consciousness can only know what happened before he did this, but don't forget, he is a battle prophet, and he may have already known his end."

Vorusk said.

It's just that what he said was pure speculation.

If Maddock had left his will after he came to this world, then what Vorusk said might still hold true.

Because at this time the fate of this world has been gradually connected with the angel of fate Inaris.

But the previous Maddock, at most, only saw the original possible fate.

"I will bring Korrick to visit you in the future, I just hope that it is not the end of our wildness in your secret realm."

Tariq still gave in.

"You can do it at any time. After all, this is what I promised him. Now you guys are almost calmed down, especially after the initiator has been repaired."

Vorusk's remarks also pointed to the first ancestors.

It's just that this time the first-generation ancestor didn't say anything.

He had no plans to say anything about being beaten up.

You can't come out now and talk about how you felt in your body and what you felt in your heart when you were beaten?

Diesh found Bourkessel at this time, who was heating the furnace in the blacksmith's shop in Lasuk.

"Angel Diesh, I remember your legend."

As soon as Diesh walked into the blacksmith's workshop in Lasuk, he heard Bourkesso's figure.

Even though Bourkesso didn't turn to look at him, he still knew who he was.

"Although I guess you nephalem probably remember the legendary equipment better than our names, but you didn't even look at it."

Diesh said in surprise.

"I just noticed that you are carrying a large bag of angel feathers. I have a good relationship with Prius. He said that you are the only guy who will collect those lower-level angel feathers who died in battle."

Bulkesso forced a few pieces of charcoal into the stove, and sighed.

"Charcoal seems to be a little less interesting than natural gas," Bourkeseau said.

At the blacksmith shop in New York, although charcoal and coal were also added to his furnace, natural gas was really easy to use.

"So when will you be able to supply natural gas to the Holy Mountain of Harrogath from some S.H.I.E.L.D. guy?" Rasuk said on the side.

Bourkesso hesitated for a moment, he still knew that this kind of engineering was not easy to do.

How to supply natural gas to a high enough mountain? Repairing a pipeline like this just to allow a few blacksmiths to heat up the fire faster?

This is kind of boring anyway.

"Diesh, leave your disconnection to me, it won't take much time just to repair it."

Bourkessel turned around and held out his hand to Diesh.

He still decided to pretend he didn't hear Rasuk's question, which is really difficult to answer.

"Well, I owe you a favor." Diesh said while taking Duanli from his waist and handing it to Bourkesso.

He didn't use Volusk's face, he was an angel, or the kind of angel that was noble by human standards.

At this time, he can't do things that ask friends to mention that they pay for themselves.

"No need, it's not a big deal. It's just repairing the weapon."

Burkeseau glanced at Diesh.

Although Bourkesso didn't have much affection for Diesh, he didn't have any dislikes either.

As for what Diesh had done to Leoric before, he knew it, but he didn't care much.

Leoric's ability to recover is beyond imagination, and it was Diesh who was defeated and killed at the time.

If he was concerned about this matter, Bourkesso himself felt a little awkward.

As for the maintenance of weapons, Bourkesso has done a lot.

This time, I personally got the most original Legendary Severance, which can be regarded as a kind of harvest.

At least Bulkessel was able to incorporate the power of breaking away from this legend when he forged his own weapons.

This is already very rewarding.

In particular, Severance itself is a legend that is very close to the authority of the death rule. The strange effect of making the enemy die without a whole body may be very helpful to the weapons that Bulkesuo prepared for him.

In this way, it is impossible to say who owes whom.

Bulkasso grabbed the gold coins from the backpack and threw them directly into the utensils on the stove.

These gold coins contain unique power. Although they are dropped from demons, there are still some traces of vitality in them.

When repairing equipment, blacksmiths need a lot of money. In fact, it is not entirely a labor expenditure, but also a material consumption.

"If you can, can you help me make a hole in the top of the break and set a flawless royal emerald by the way?"

Diesh asked.

"Okay, just give me one of those angel feathers you brought, I just happen to be a gift."

Burkeseau said.

This is an additional condition, and it is not too much to ask for a little reward in exchange for a top-level emerald.

"If you need it, I will give it to you."

Diesh nodded.

He respects Bulkesuo, after all, the powerful demons killed by Bulkesuo have surpassed many excellent angels.

Out of respect for this record, Diesh was also willing to give Bourkesso a feather.

Those angels who died in battle should also be happy to see it.

"I was sloppy, those angels who died in battle are heroes." Bulkesso pondered for a while before saying.

Use the last legacy of these heroes as a reward, UU reading www. uukanshu.com is somewhat disrespectful.

"You are a very good angel. If you were not an angel, you might have many Nephalem friends."

Burkeseau couldn't help but say one more sentence.

It's an innocuous temptation, and if Diesh was willing to try as a human, Bulkesso would treat him like a best friend.

"I like the feeling of being an angel. Although it may be good for me to experience everything about human beings, I still like being an angel."

Diesh undoubtedly rejected Burkeseau.

He likes the high heaven, and also likes the years as an angel.

"Ding dong!"

With a somewhat violent hammer sound, Bourkesso used the forging hammer to overturn the vessel containing the gold coin solution, and the golden metal liquid directly covered the broken part.

It is said that this flame is not so hot, but Bourkesso used his anger to melt the gold coin in an instant.


Bulkesso's forging hammer smashed on the break, and sparks splattered under the hammer!

The molten metal seemed to be cut off and absorbed, and there was nothing left.

"Take it, a gift from a Nephalem to a noble angel. When you kill demons, not only will they die without a whole body and become torn apart, but the corpse will be completely burned by the rage of the barbarians."

Burkesso handed Duo Li solemnly to Diesh.

This is the latest bit that Bourkessel has mastered in blacksmithing.

In order to forge the most powerful legend for himself, he has been thinking about how to add power to the legend for a long time.

This is still the inspiration and direction obtained from Kanai's Box, and Bourkeseau said that this inspiration and direction have been completely realized.

Diesh will love it, because it doesn't change the essence of his legend, it just enhances it a bit.

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