Dawn of the Grey Tower - Chapter 114 Golden Dragon Sisters

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The red dragon reluctantly swallowed the dragon's breath. For him, the flames he produced could not harm him. Migo waved his wings, instead of looking at the place where the golden dragons fell, he flew to Cheese first.

Out of the consideration of the battle that may still happen in the future, he did not land. In the fight between giant dragons, flying and human standing are the same. Push it down, and a dragon can prevent its kind from re-ascension countless times.

"You seem to be doing well." Migo spoke first, sending a somewhat joyful greeting in human language. Migo doesn't know much magic, and changing the language is an important spell handed to him by Cheese himself for communication.

"Each to each other. I have many things to ask you, but first we have to deal with the issues at hand."

Migo is from the north. Although it is not certain that he has been staying in Valley City before, he will know better than Cheese what happened after the mage set off. This is what the cheese is eager to know, and it must be patient for a while. If they didn't want to be followed by two angry golden dragons on the way back, they had to solve this problem here.

"Simple, you won't dare to chase after you are convinced."

It is impossible for Migo to be chased all the way if there is no fire in his heart. Red dragons are the most violent race among dragons, and once anger rises, it has nothing to do with who is right and who is wrong.

It will make people abandon the concept of right and wrong, and attribute some negative emotions to the object of anger. Otherwise, Migo wouldn't immediately want to take a mouthful of dragon's breath to teach the two golden dragons a lesson. He didn't think about how things would end after this.

"You know that's not the optimal solution. What's going on?" Cheese tilted his head. If the other party is an unreasonable creature, the gray robe will indeed agree with Migo's approach. Fists can't really solve the problem, but there are The problem will disappear naturally as long as it is put on hold for a while.

But golden dragons are not suitable for this kind of practice. He knows, and Migo also knows, that the so-called subduing golden dragons is a very, very difficult thing. Unless the red dragons have the consciousness to kill each other, it is absolutely difficult for the same kind of fights to emerge. surrender. What's more, the opponent is still two dragons.

"Who knows. I just flew normally, and those two rushed up like crazy and chased after them. Maybe they have some kind of disease." Migo's answer perfectly staggered all the useful information, but this may be Facts from his point of view.

There is no unprovoked hostility, it can only be that the person being hated is unaware of how he or she has made the other person feel uncomfortable or lost. It's just that this kind of hatred is sometimes one-sided. It starts from one angle and cannot be understood by others.

"Anyway, try to apologize first. I'll try my best to ask questions, and you don't interrupt until then." There are not many people in the sky who dare to speak with a dragon in this tone, so that they will not be caught off guard after speaking. There are even fewer people who slap the dragon into a pulp.

Cheese not only dared to say, Migo would follow his orders reluctantly. This is a tacit understanding that has been cultivated between one person and one dragon long ago. When the gray robe is present, thinking can be entrusted to him, not because the human side is smarter, but because he is more pragmatic.

While they were talking, the forest in front of them collapsed, and two golden figures came to the open space one after the other. A small fall will not even leave scratches on the creatures wrapped in the dragon scales, only the embarrassment when it lands will deeply hurt the golden dragon's proud heart.

This is also the reason why Cheese chose to chat with Migo in place instead of going to pretend to care about each other. It is the best respect at this time not to look at that appearance. Otherwise, whether it is pity or ridicule, it will only further stimulate Jin Long to become angry.

"Please don't continue to fight, I am a friend of this red dragon." Cheese yelled this sentence again with magic power, which was less powerful than when he stopped Migo before, but loud enough to prevent the dragon from ignoring him This gray figure.

"You don't have to speak so loudly, we can hear you." The larger golden dragon spoke slowly, responding in human language. He, no, her voice sounded a little helpless, as if she had realized something.

"If this is the case, things will be much easier to solve." Cheese heard that the other party could communicate, and his expression relaxed a little. Only then did he notice that the two golden dragons should both be female, and judging from their size, they were probably sisters.

Perhaps only this kind of kinship can allow the dragons with a strong sense of territory to coexist harmoniously. Young dragons often share territories with their siblings, which helps them survive the more dangerous years before independence.

"No, UU Reading www.uukanshu.com won't be easy to solve. That reckless red dragon offended us, and even now it's posing as if it's going to fight. Is it not worth paying attention to in your human culture? Sunshine?"

Although Jin Longzhong's elder sister's voice was calm, her tone was rather harsh, and the oppressive feeling brought about by her slightly stretched forward neck intensified this feeling. The cheese worked hard to keep himself from stepping back, standing still and looking directly at the other party.

"The impact of the problem is like a ball of thread, the more it rolls, the bigger it is. I have no intention of exacerbating its existence, so I hope that an apology can be used as the first step to solve the problem. No matter what Migo has done, please accept me and him sorry."

Cheese bowed slightly, then stretched out his hand and pressed down on the red dragon. Naturally, a slight spell could not force Migo down, but it was enough to tell him what to do now. The young red dragon reluctantly fell to the ground, staring at the two golden dragons coldly.

"Is he apologizing like that?" The younger Jinlong screamed, the voice was so vivid that Cheese couldn't help showing the humanized imagination of jumping feet.

"Why? Do you think it's not enough?" Migo asked unceremoniously. Cheese rolled his eyes helplessly.

"Migo, Migo, Migo, Migo!" The continuous shouting of the name was not because of stuttering, but actually referred to other words, words that were inconvenient to say in front of others, and words that contained accusations.

The red dragon snorted coldly and turned his head away. On the other hand, the young Jinlong's next words were also stopped by her sister. It seemed that the other party was willing to resolve their differences without violence.

"It seems that you can communicate with us on his behalf?" For the first time, Jinlong's eyes fell on Cheese, and the pair of golden child holes felt beautiful and terrifying.

"I suppose so. Someone has to try to talk, doesn't it? As a mortal, I have no intention of witnessing a battle between dragons."

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