Douluo See You For a Long Time - v2 Chapter 153 Split

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When the power of heaven in this world begins to be used, these top powerhouses can indeed feel their own power to a certain extent. Their power of law was originally tightly sealed by the power of heaven, and now it can finally be used to a certain extent, but the situation they are facing has not improved at all.

At the beginning, their power of law could not be mobilized, and they were facing relatively weak enemies, who could not cause any real damage to them.

But now, although their power of law can be used, there are tens of thousands of powerful people who can also use the power of law. Those system guards whose bodies are pale green and seem to be data streams, each of them has the same power as theirs. Unrivaled strength.

Even if they can really mobilize all the power of their laws, it will be difficult to get any advantage if they go all out to deal with this kind of system guard.

The only good news is that the real power of the law they can mobilize is higher than these system guards.

These system guards can only mobilize the authority in the system, and what they mobilize is the authority of the outside world, which is naturally higher than them. But higher authority does not mean stronger, because the coverage of the opposite authority is greater.

And within the coverage area of ​​the opponent, as long as these strong outsiders do not have the power of the relevant laws, they will be completely unable to suppress, or even be crushed by the opponent.

The power at the rule level can directly crush the power below the rule level. Even if the power of these system guards is the lowest level of rule power, any power at the rule level can suppress them, but in the final analysis, it is one level higher than ordinary power. Levels can directly ignore the power of all ordinary levels.

Therefore, those strong men who regained their law power soon found that they could completely suppress these system guards in the direction they were good at, but they were completely crushed by these system guards in the areas they were not good at.

The power given to them by the Dao of Heaven is comprehensive and has no dead ends. They have all kinds of law power as long as they can be imagined. In contrast, the abilities exchanged by these powerful people from the system must be what they need most. , and it is to continuously strengthen the ability that you are best at.

The resources needed to make up for one's weaknesses are obviously much greater than the resources needed to strengthen one's own strengths. The vast majority of people are strengthening their strengths. The shortcomings can be equipped with equipment To make up for things like teammates, if it doesn't work, you can go to the system to exchange some pets. These things exchanged from the system are absolutely 100% loyal.

There is no need to worry that he, like other teammates, may betray and so on. Under such circumstances, the strength of their weaknesses will never reach the rule level. A pet that can use the power of rules is such a precious thing. It is conceivable that with so many points, it is better to make up for one's own weaknesses.

Chengying looked down at the scene below from the sky of this world, and shook his head: "I'm still trying to fight head-on, it's really so unteachable, I've already given you a chance, and I plan to fight the whole world head-on Come to fight, then I will absorb any casualties, and the power of the law can’t blame me.”

Chengying gave these people a chance. If they make good use of their power of law, they can turn defeat into victory in this desperate situation, but the way they use their power of law is obviously completely wrong, and they don't understand this. The real principle of the world.

"If you can use the power of law to explore the underlying structure of this world instead of attacking these system guards with your power of law, you should have been able to break the world long ago.

In the final analysis, this is just a false world built with powerful computing power. If you really want to fight the guards in this world, there is no chance of winning at all. It seems that the situation in front of him is not desperate enough. Not enough to let you see that the path you have chosen is absolutely wrong. "

Chengying changed the underlying code in the background, and then saw the ground suddenly shake violently, and a yellow pillar piercing the sky rose into the sky from under the ground.

The huge black and yellow pillars connect the sky and the ground, like a work supporting the sky, and this is the legendary Buzhou Mountain that supports the sky.

It is impossible for this innate spirit treasure to appear in Chengying's hands, but in this false world, sparrow food can be manufactured.

The power of this innate spirit treasure is comparable to the top ten innate spirit treasures, and it can even be regarded as one of the strongest ones there. With Buzhou Mountain, it is almost above most of the powerhouses here , after all, although they are different in strength, the strongest has not reached it. The degree of the high-level holy position.

Faced with an opponent of this strength, they also gradually felt hopeless. Hundreds of system guards were enough to make their scalps tingle, and now there are weapons that can crush them. This Bu Zhoushan is completely absent. Under their control, they will emit terrifying power, and these system guards will take turns to use them to develop various powerful functions of Bu Zhoushan.

The power that can be exerted has far exceeded the limit of this level, and these strong men trapped in the formation now have no resistance at all.

Chengying saw that these guys didn't know how to repent, so he snapped his fingers again, and modified the background data again. After the modification, there was another innate treasure in the background data, which was the Four Swords of Zhuxian. It is also one of the top ten innate spirit treasures, and it has the strongest attack power among them. As soon as these four swords appeared, they magnified one by one, turning into four pillars supporting the sky, standing on the four poles of the world.

Immediately afterwards, just like the imitation, it released countless sword weapons, but it was countless times stronger than the sword energy released by the imitation.

The power displayed this time is quite different from the previous attack. The previous Buzhou Mountain was more good at defense. And the innate spirit treasure in front of him is the best at attacking among the top ten innate spirit treasures, and its attack power can be said to be unparalleled in the world.

The Zhuxian Sword Formation is also among the top ten formations on the Great Desolate Continent.

One can imagine the power that can be exerted after the sword array is successfully arranged. Immediately after the sword formation, there were other formations, such as the Blood Sea Formation in the Underworld, the Prehistoric Beast Formation, and the Thirty-Three Heavenly Net Formation.

All kinds of powerful formations were arranged, and a brand new innate spirit treasure appeared, and Hetu Luoshu appeared in the sky. In addition, the Donghuang Bell also appeared in the sky.

Chengying almost created all the innate spirit treasures that he had an impression of. And at this moment, this small world has become a purgatory. The general world has been smashed into pieces, and everything has been refined into chaos. Earth, fire, feng shui will all begin to re-evolve.

It's as if the universe is about to go back to zero and reboot.

Such power finally made the strong present realize that none of this could be resisted by them, and they had to use his non-frontal combat methods to fight.

"Impossible, we can't continue to use this method anymore. The power of law is not what we use now. Think about it carefully, if this world is an illusory world different from the outside world, our power of law depends on What could interfere with the laws of physics here?"

Someone finally realized that something was wrong, but at this time there had already been a large number of casualties, and in reality, their sluggish bodies also suffered damage along with them, especially the damage at the level of law, and the damage at the physical level can be repaired quickly. But the damage caused at the level of law almost wiped out their Dao.

"Our power of law can't affect the rules in this small world at all. The rules in reality and the rules in this world simply operate with different logic.

It's just that we think we can use the power of law to control the rules, so the power of law has such an effect. Here, the power of law is actually a kind of omnipotent power, similar to the wishing machine.

Although I don't know if this conjecture is right, I just have to try it out, I have to give up my own laws that I have known before, and transform the power into a type that is most suitable for use here. "The king of Zhongzhou was the first to react among all the people.

But he didn't have time to tell others about his discovery. Under the siege of various powerful formations, he is already in danger.

The sky and the earth are collapsing everywhere between heaven and earth. The Earth Fire Feng Shui is spreading from all directions, and the whole world is about to restart. Once the world restarts, everything here will probably disappear in smoke.

Even if their power of law can suppress the power of this world in the aspects they are good at, they cannot survive this kind of change that is almost like a restart of the world.

"Let's get started. I don't have any powers I'm good at now, but I have a little understanding of every power of law. Just a little bit is enough. It doesn't need to be so strong!" Zhongzhou King began to talk to himself like self-hypnosis .

It's like the whole county, the authority of this world is the lowest, but everything under the authority level of the county will be absolutely suppressed, and what he needs now is to let all parties of his own Every side gets a little bit of authority, and as long as they get a little bit, they can cover the authority of this world.

But he didn't know whether his power of law could be used in this way. Everything before was just his guess. Maybe the power of laws in this world is not like the power of the wishing machine at all, but actually corresponds to the laws of the real world. Only by mastering the power of the relevant laws can one Able to use a similar force.

Chengying checked the abnormal data in the backstage, and soon paid attention to King Zhongzhou, and the expression on his face became interesting.

"It's really interesting that I can use such primitive and simple methods to destroy my formation.

Didn't change my underlying logic, but modify my own logic, so that at least I can be guaranteed to be undefeated in my field? But if I end up in person, I also have mastered the power of the law. If you spread all your strengths equally, then every kind of strength is also common, and for me, the effect is negligible.

In that case, how should you respond? Chengying suddenly became interested, and then personally controlled an avatar to appear in the formation.

"You did a good job, but this is not enough." At the time of his appearance, the King of Central Continent had gradually seen various aspects of his law power. In fact, the total amount of his own law power It's not too much either. When he relied on the method of self-hypnosis to spread the power of law to all aspects, his own power of law had also been reduced to the lowest level.

It can be said that it has no strengths of its own at all, almost only a little stronger than the system guards in this world, but as long as it is a little bit stronger, it is absolutely strong for the system guards in this world.

The power of the formation that could make him miserable before, and the system guards that could drive him to nowhere, at this time finally can no longer cause him any harm at all.

The rest of the powerhouses trapped in this small world were surprised to see that all the terrifying attacks of the King of China seemed to be completely ineffective when they fell on him, UU reading www. generally cannot produce the slightest damage.

Regardless of whether it was a purely physical attack, an energy attack, or an attack of the power of law, when it fell on him, it couldn't affect him in the slightest, and he couldn't even make him move. He seemed to have transcended After leaving this world, he regards this world as a dream, and everything in the dream cannot cause real harm to the owner of the dream.

Someone saw all of this, and seemed to have produced a kind of fame, as if everything in front of him was a dream, and then shouted "broken" to the oncoming attack!

Then his end is conceivable, this is not a simple dream world, but a real small world, everything that happens here will also be fed back to reality.

And it is obviously impossible for him to completely get rid of all that happened in front of him by relying on his pure spiritual strength. He just tried it, and he was attacked by a powerful attack, and his whole body was almost dead. , and his body on the outside exploded violently, and the power of law in his body rushed around, as if it had been stirred into a pot of porridge.

Even if he finally finds the right way to leave alive, he will definitely suffer a serious injury, his own strength will drop significantly, and he may even fall to their extraordinary level, and he will spend no amount of points in the future to recover.

【To be continued】

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