Douluo: Start Invincible From Capturing the Goddess - Chapter 1218 God sneak attack! You think I'm exhausted?

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  Chapter 1218 God's Sneak Attack! You think I'm exhausted?

   "Buzz buzz!"

  All the artifacts and the power of the gods are collected into the gossip alchemy furnace.

  The real fire of Samadhi is burning.

   It was like cooking oil in a raging fire, there was a sound of explosion, and the force of Dao Principles collided with each other.

   Difficult to blend together.

   There were countless screams and threats.

   "Heir of the Great Xia, if you dare to refine our divine sense, you are courting death."

   "Our main body was born, and you will surely die."

   "Luo Yu, you have to think clearly!"

  The gods and gods made threatening voices, but they were quite aggressive.

  Because of the suppression of the law of heaven and earth, they are destined to be unable to get out of their own territory to take revenge on Luo Yu in the short term.

   And the Sons of God felt that their spirits were rapidly dissipating.

   issued a begging cry.

   "God Son Luo Yu, spare me!"

   "We are also obeying the orders of the gods. We have no choice but to attack Daxia!"

   "Son of God, let us go."

  The spirits of the weak **** sons have long since dissipated. Only the powerful and top **** sons like them can persist until now, but life and death will disappear soon.

  The gods just lost their divine sense.

   And they were really going to die, so they begged for mercy desperately, wanting to live.

  But how could Luo Yu give them a chance, coldly said:


   "Give it to you a long time ago, who among you cherishes it?"

   "Go with peace of mind."

   "The people of the world will witness your demise."

  As soon as this remark came out, the murderer killed his heart, and the **** son of Zeus and other spirits who were about to disappear made curses.

   And the gods began to threaten.

   "When we recover, you and Daxia will surely fall into real fear and destruction."

   "Your complacency won't last long."

  Luo Yu smiled: "Before everyone recovers, I will come to greet you one by one."

   The flame in the gossip furnace burned more violently.

  The screams gradually weakened.

   Seeing that the powers of various Taoisms could not be integrated, Luo Yu poked out his palm, and the golden power belonging to Wanhua Dao Yinjue flew out, along the furnace wall, submerged into it, and neutralized all the powers of Taoisms.

  In an instant, all the forces of the Dao Principles that were opposing each other began to fuse together.

   A rudimentary form of a elixir gradually appeared, colorful, and the void was shaking with it.

  The people of the world saw this scene.

   It was worse than killing them.

  My own **** son was beaten and cried for his father and mother, and the invited **** was also hacked alive, so he could only speak harshly.

   Now it is still being refined into a pill to enhance the opponent's strength?

   This is already representing Daxia, and they slapped all the faces of all the people in the world with crackling noises.

  The people of Great Xia are extremely proud, extremely proud.

  People who are close to Luo Yu are full of admiration, because they all know that Luo Yu is only nineteen years old this year.

   It has just been more than a year since the ancient heroic spirit awakened.

  The strength has been raised to such a point that no one in the world can rival the gods without their bodies.

  How terrible.

   Just as the pill was about to take shape, a sudden change occurred.

  A black-robed figure quietly appeared behind Luo Yu, aiming at the back of his head, stabbed fiercely with a sword, directly piercing Luo Yu's head, and the bronze sword violently stirred.

   directly smashed Luo Yu's head.

  The people of the world were shocked, and the people of Daxia were desperate. They did not expect such a sudden change.

   "Quack quack."

   "The final winner is our Gao Tianyuan after all."

  Satisfied laughter came from inside the black robe, and the other party took off the cloak covering his head.

   revealed an old and majestic face.

  When the others didn't know each other, Gao Tianyuan's little Bagas got excited.

   "My God!"

   "It's Amaterasu."

   "God Amaterasu was born, and directly killed Daxia's son, hahaha."

   "It's so exciting."

   Extreme anger rose in the hearts of the people of Daxia.



   "It's shameless for a majestic **** to attack from behind."

   "Damn it."

   "Why do gods appear in the world, and what is going on."

   Countless white filaments gushed out from the ten fingertips of God Amaterasu, and bound Luo Yu's headless body.

   A series of seal seals were printed on Luo Yu's body like money.

  After a series of operations, he laughed loudly: "I didn't expect that, the mantis catches the cicada, and the oriole is behind."

   "After all, I, Gao Tianyuan, am even better!"



   Just when the people of Daxia fell to the bottom of their mood and scolded the enemy for being despicable, Luo Yu's voice suddenly came out of the void.

   Amaterasu, who was laughing triumphantly, froze his old face and froze.

   Turning his neck stiffly, he turned to the direction of the sound, and saw an intact Luo Yu walking out.

  Holding the Celestial God Ax in his hand.

  The face is full of jokes and sarcasm, as if watching a clown.

   "Old man, what are you laughing at?"

  Luo Yu's words were full of irony, Amaterasu looked at Luo Yu in front of him.

   Then he turned his head to look again.

   Luo Yu, who was headshot by him and restrained his body, turned into a light and shadow and slowly dissipated.

  The world audience instantly went into an uproar.

  No one noticed that Luo Yu unexpectedly arranged a phantom clone there without anyone noticing.

   Not only did they deceive them, but even the sneak attacking gods were also confused.

   "Damn it!"

   God Amaterasu's face flushed red, and the aura of divine power all over his body became agitated.

   Amazing momentum.

  Everyone discovered that it was not only the gods of the major forces descending to the divine sense with the help of the son of God.

   On Gao Tianyuan's side, even the gods were dispatched directly.


  In the gossip alchemy furnace, the rudimentary elixir vibrated, as if it lacked nourishment and could not be fully formed.

  Luo Yu stared at Amaterasu coldly: "The old dog will never die, so today I will use you as a sacrifice to the alchemy furnace."

   Amaterasu said: "Do you think I'm not sure that I will appear!"

   "Now my avatar is at its peak state, and you have swung two axes in a row."

   "I don't believe you still have the strength to swing the third axe."

   Before he finished speaking, he saw Luo Yu lift up the axe, and struck right at her head.

   The ax light pierced the sky.

  The power is vast.

   God Amaterasu's pupils contracted. is this possible! !

   Quickly dodged to dodge, but was still a beat slower, and Qi Gen chopped off his arm.

   God Amaterasu covered his arms and exclaimed:

   "Why do you still have strength?"

  Luo Yu said: "Of course I saved my strength to attack you. You don't think that you are disguised so that others can't see it."

   God Amaterasu looked ugly.

  He really didn't expect that Luo Yu had noticed him from the very beginning, let alone that Luo Yu still had the strength to make a move at this time.

  The most incredible thing is that Luo Yu's strength has improved so quickly.

  The last time he dealt with Luo Yu, he was not so strong.

"Holy area!"

   God Amaterasu opened his own Sun God Domain, and the radiance shone all around, dazzling the light.

   "One way to open the sky!"

  Luo Yu slashed out with an ax as if Pangu split the sky and the earth.

  The sky is falling apart.

  The entire domain of the gods was forcibly split, and there was no such despair and helplessness when facing the avatar of Amaterasu.

  The domain of God was split open with an axe, and the world was shocked.

  (end of this chapter)

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