Dr. Green Dragon - Chapter 1131 sacred object

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  Chapter 1131 Holy Object


  The Cult of the Dragon Witch colludes with demons!

  Brown Ze, the white-robed mystic mage, furrowed his brows again.

  In the territory of Inbutu, there are the Spur Mountains and the Earth Mountains, as well as the original forest and the gray forest. Naturally, it is impossible for such an environment to be entrenched without giant dragons.

  Where there are giant dragons haunting, there are often signs of activities of the Dragon Witch Cult.

   For a long time, the Dragon Witch Cult has been another major threat to Imbutu besides demons.

  However, if in the past, the Dragon Witch Cult and the demons colluded, it would not be a big deal.

  Because of the threat of demons in Butu, it is more because the demon sacs born by demons are all over the ground, so no one can prevent where the demons are born and when they will come out.

  But because of the dispersion, there is often no connection between demons and demons.

  This means that even if the Dragon Witch Cult and the demons collude, it doesn't really matter, how to get rid of it, or how to get rid of it.

   But this time, it was different.

  El Taba's escape, the demons have cohesion.

  If the evil forces headed by El Taba colluded with the Dragon Witch Cult...

   This is probably the possibility of triggering the "battle of demons" again!

   "Basilba's sea trade is prosperous, not only because it has close trade with Aglalon, but also with Enser on the other side of the ocean, and Sambia and Cormyr on the other side of Longhu Lake."

   "However, Enser has already been caught in the war, and the Dragon Witch Cult over there is also the main force participating in the war. It is unlikely that the Dragon Witch Cult in Basilba City came from there."

   "Samby Adam is the most likely target!"

   "Furthermore, since this branch of the Dragon Witch Cult is active in Loreba, if nothing else happens, their lair will most likely be in the gray forest!"

  Archmage Ba Enze quickly made a series of speculations based on the meaning of the paladin's words.

  Although he has been guarding the castle of the conjurer for a long time, it is impossible for him to have no contact with the outside world.

   After all, mages are eating resources!

  His research and creation are precisely because he has a lot of resources, which come through the sea trade in the city of Basil.

  So, Ba Enze is no stranger to the situation in Baluba City.

  Maritime city, north of the gray forest, and then to the northwest, is the Gutu mountain range, which is not far from the magician's castle.

  Ban Enze's first guess was the gray forest.

   In this regard, the red-robed bishop Braderick and the paladin Graham also agree.

There have always been rumors of green dragon activities in the gray forest. The reason why it never poses a threat to Luo Leba is that besides Luo Leba's own strong city defense, there are also red copper dragons in the gray forest. This is a great restraint. The green dragon is gone.

  But precisely because of this restraint, when the Dragon Witch Cult came here...

   "The lady also has this suspicion."

   "The secret envoy she sent also has this purpose."

   "We are waiting for her further orders!"

   Paladin Graham nodded in a deep voice.


  Bishop Bradrick also sighed: "In the north, Damara and Vasa are in chaos.

  East, Queen Simbu is suspected to be missing.

   Without her deterrence, the war between Tuo Lei and Leatherman is about to break out again.

  Not to mention Enser on the other side of the sea, there have been constant wars these years.

   As for Longhu, it was heard that Sambia and Cormyr were also in constant war.

   Now it has spread to our side again..."

  He is the senior bishop of the Church of the God of Suffering in Imbutu, but he knows that the original church has already mobilized elite armed forces to support Damara.

  Unexpectedly, this sudden incident forced all the church's support to be temporarily suspended.

  From Bradrick's personal point of view, this action of the Cult of the Dragon Witch probably has the time and strength to delay and weaken the church to support Damara.

   After all, judging from what the church has learned in Damara, the Cult of the Dragon Witch has also been involved in the cold land.

  From this perspective, the church’s support to Damara should not only be slow, but even necessary, as fast as it can be.

  But... Al Taba's escape, this has too much impact!

  Now Imbutu can't bear another "battle of demons"!

In particular, if Altaba cannot be resolved quickly, the third "demon war" that may break out will probably be even more powerful than the previous two initiated by the lord of the Barlow flame demon !

  No matter how many personal thoughts Bradrick has, at this time, he must stand on Imbutu's standpoint to consider and respond.

   Therefore, cooperate with Queen Sambrier to eradicate the most important threat in the country as quickly as possible. It is him and the church's most important task at present!

   If not, how could he be more than one step ahead of the other two churches? Not only did he take the initiative to cooperate with Queen Sambrier, but he also invited the "Bible of Suffering" and came to the Castle of the Conjurer in person!

   "The storm is coming!"

   "No matter what, let's prepare everything first, and then adapt to the situation!"

   "Currently, at least Al Taba cannot be allowed to return here!"

  While walking in the forefront to lead the way, Master Baenze spoke in a deep voice.

  Actually, Bradrick and Graham probably didn't understand the situation below the maze.

   That is to say, he has been guarding here for a long time, and it is from the royal family that he knows the real inside story.

  Preventing the return of Altaba is even more important than sealing the "Crown of Enduru Shadow"!

  In the communication between the three of them, it was dark and deep, and in front of the labyrinth-like tunnel, a faint white light suddenly appeared.

   Following that, in the perception of Bradrick and Graham, the divine energy fluctuations of the "God of Suffering" and "God of Bravery" that they believed in respectively also appeared in front.

At the same time, the voice of Master Baenze sounded from one side: "The outer barrier has arrived. If you continue to go down, you may encounter demons. However, with the inner seal barrier, truly powerful demons cannot enter this barrier." side."

   This outer barrier is naturally not the destination of Bishop Bradrick.

  Using the "Bible of Suffering", he was ordered by the queen to strengthen the inner seal barrier, so as to completely cut off the return of Altaba.

  Subsequently, together with Graham, all of them nodded slightly, expressing their understanding.

  The same as the great mage Barnze, they each performed the defensive shield.

   And Graham drew his giant epee.

  Although according to the words of Master Baenze, truly powerful demons cannot enter the front barrier.

  However, a devil is a devil, stepping here, no one will dare to be negligent or careless!

  The three of them then walked into the front, the sacred barrier that fused the three sacred powers.


   And that is at this time.

   "Not a simple elite army!"

   "This team looks like an ace!"

   "And this emblem, this should be the ace guard directly controlled by the Inbutu royal family!"


  Conjurer Castle, the interior of the first layer of the surface.

  After wandering around for a while and observing, Isaac finally arrived, and he already had the vicinity of the enchantment he had perceived.

  The enchantment is actually very simple, it is the repulsion of evil forces and the aversion effect on demons, which is not at all abrupt in the conjurer's castle that Yinbutu has already mastered.

  However, the enchantment is certainly simple, but when Isaac observed the figures inside through the enchantment, his thoughts were a little turbulent.

  It is much stronger than what he had previously sensed.

  Even in his opinion, an army is already visible, and it is an ace army comparable to Efraska's "Blade Warrior".

   Moreover, besides this army, there is also a group of spellcasters inside the barrier, which should be the royal mystics guarding here.


  Looking at the troops and mages who were not on alert and had already started to rest, Isaac felt another move in his heart.

  The army is of course the royal army, not to mention the mystics, high-level spellcasters can see a few, but...

   "The leaders are not here!"

Although he only observed with a single glance, he could tell that although there were quite a few high-level professionals present, it was impossible for any of them to be qualified to lead this ace army, and moreover, to be the leader of these mystic masters. .

   "It's time for a discussion!"

   Such a king sent an army here, naturally it is impossible to have no purpose, and its leader will have a separate discussion with the leader of the mystic mage, there is no problem at all.

   This is just right!

  Although Isaac also wanted to observe the level of the leader of the mystic in advance, it is also a good thing that this person is not there. He has to perform some actions, which is why someone will notice the abnormality.

  His purpose is only in the ruins left by Nalfio's magic binder, only in the legendary "Shadow Crown".

  If you can succeed without leaving any traces, there is no need to fight Yinbutu directly.

Although there is no particularly prominent information about strong people in Imbutu today, it is also the most important belief area of ​​the Church of the Three Gods anyway. Whether to use the holy artifact or coordinate forces from other dioceses is also troublesome.

  After observing for a while, Isaac stepped back a little.

  His transformation form is not ordinary. In the current form of Barlow's flame demon, as long as he approaches the barrier, he can feel the strong repulsion from the magic vibration of the barrier.

   This is a disgusting effect for demons.

  And let him be affected...

   It can be seen that the caster level of this enchantment is already able to penetrate his spell resistance!

   This is not easy!

  Although Isaac can use his own willpower to forcibly overcome this disgust and repulsion and break in directly, this will naturally cause some unnecessary magical waves, and then it will alarm some people.

   Not necessary for now!

   Backing away a little, under the cover of the protection card "Legendary Hide", Barlow's flame demon form was released silently, manifesting into the human form of the previous level, and Isaac walked into this hall again.

  Following that, the magic vibration from the enchantment could no longer affect him in the slightest.

  The figure directly walked into the barrier.

  However, they never stayed here much.

  Whether it is the mystic mage or the royal guard, although they are resting and chatting with each other, but such a large audience, naturally they will not talk about those secret information.

  Isaac only listened for a while, and then went directly to the other side of the enchantment and walked into a corridor.

Compared with the bright environment inside the barrier, the corridor here suddenly returned to the gloomy and dark that the conjurer's castle should have, and the evil aura that was blocked by the barrier formed a path, like fog General black smoke.

As a result, although there are oil lamps in the corridor, the light cannot spread at all, and with the cold wind coming from nowhere, countless black shadows are shaking. If in this darkness, It is like the shadow of countless demons lurking.

  Walking through the shadows silently, Isaac's eyes became brighter and brighter.

   "The breath of the abyss is obviously stronger!"

   "Under the inevitable seal, such a degree of abyssal breath can still spread..."

   "What exactly did the Nalfio magic binders do?"

   "This should be the root cause of why Elbata is bound to the material world?"

  With a flash of thought, suddenly, Isaac's figure, which has always remained invisible, swelled up again as the emerald light of the wrist bracelet flashed.

   One step at a time, it changed into a Barlow Balrog in the blink of an eye.



   "It's the real breath of the abyss!"

   "Not yet a breach, a portal."

   "Below, this really is the layer of the abyss!??"

  Baro’s flame demon form is sensitive to the breath of the abyss, and Isaac even has a sense that the abyss layer under the ground seems to be calling for his demonic power, and his instinct is to gather there!

  However, with his willpower, such a call naturally cannot affect him.


   "This call has been weakened!"

   "Assuming that the Church of the Three Gods has a seal underground, otherwise, this call originates from the real abyss level, and it is definitely more than that!"

  Balow Balrog's keen sense of the abyss, although there are multiple connections in the corridor, Isaac is directly locked to one of the rooms.

  Looking again, just outside this portal, a raven hiding in the dark environment took a look, and the figure silently turned into a cloud of gas, and penetrated directly through the crack of the stone gate.

   This room is obviously just a place of connection.

  The outside is connected to the corridor, and the inside is a dark passage.

   There is another mystic in the room.

  Under the light of magic, the mystic was frowning slightly, flipping through a volume of magic books.

  Isaac's arrival, this person is completely unaware.

  Looking at the room and the passage, he observed everything, and in a blink of an eye he confirmed some magical effects.

  From the gas form, Isaac transformed back into the form of Barlow's demon.

   His eyes were also fixed on this mystic mage.

   Not in a hurry, while analyzing the equipment on this person, while still maintaining the invisible state, his footsteps silently walked from behind him.

   "Dominate Humanity!"

  (end of this chapter)

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