Eight Hills in the Eastern Jin Dynasty - v4 Chapter 3848 bereavement, wife, blood feud

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These Xianbei people, especially some women, who were just about to dodge to both sides, were forced by the swords and spears of the armored cavalry behind them, and began to slowly converge toward the center, while the blue armored knights behind them were loudly threatening, blood-drenched. The saber was waving on the heads of these people, forcing them to run forward, using them as a shield to prevent the advance of the Jin army, and creating opportunities for themselves to draw bows and arrows.

Liu Yu's voice sounded on the battlefield, as loud as a thunderstorm, but it was Xianbei's words: "I can't think of Murong Town, the king of the North Sea, who is worthy of calling himself a hero, but a coward hiding behind the common people!"

Murong Zhen's expression changed, and he looked at the source of the voice. The moving heads and a large number of people in front of him made him unable to see the direction of the Jin army for a while. After all, more than ten knights were raising their shields to block him. In front of him, to guard against the loss of the arrows shot by the Jin army before!

Murong Zhen gritted his teeth, and said solemnly, "Who dares to insult this king, there is a way to stand up!"

Liu Yu said loudly: "I'm Liu Yu, so is Liu Jinu, Murong Zhen, don't you want to avenge your son, come, I'll give you a chance, like a man, don't hide behind the elderly, women and children and shoot arrows. "

Murong Zhen's eyes widened, he pushed aside the shield in front of him, and looked intently, only a hundred paces away, Liu Yu stood proudly in front of the army with a sword, majestic and inviolable.

Murong Zhen gritted his teeth and shouted, "Liu Yu, you are really Liu Yu! I never thought you and I would meet in this way."

One of the archers beside Murong Zhen exclaimed excitedly, "You will die by yourself, King God!"

As he spoke, he quickly pulled the string and wound the arrow, aiming at Liu Yu, but saw that Liu Yu also turned his head to look at him, his eyes were shining like thunder and lightning, and Liu Yu's voice, like anger, was in his own eyes. In his ear, filial piety growled: "Come on, shoot me, let me see your archery skills!"

The sound of breaking the drink was almost like a body immobilization technique. It scared the archer all over his body. His always steady hand was as steady as Mount Tai's arm even when it was hit by an arrow. With the weapon in his hand, Liu Yu's awe-inspiring murderous aura is so terrifying!

Murong Zhen gritted his teeth and said solemnly, "Liu Yu, it's useless to talk too much, you stand alone in front of the army, you're just acting as a hero, or are you trying to avenge your wife?"

Liu Yu shook his head: "The soldiers are fierce and dangerous, and every soldier who sets foot on the battlefield must have the consciousness of wrapping his body in horse leather, but I didn't expect that you, Murong Town, are also known as a famous general, but you use this kind of back to attack women. The despicable methods are disgusting!"

Murong Zhen said bitterly: "Liu Yu, don't provoke me, my son died in the hands of your Jin army, and he himself was cut off from his son and his grandson. You don’t have to, do you still care about your reputation? That’s right, your wife was also murdered by me and His Majesty in a conspiracy, hahahaha, is your heart hurting right now?!”

When he said this, a burst of pleasure came to his heart, and he laughed loudly, but in this laughter, there was a little more sadness and desolation.

Tears glistened in Liu Yu's eyes, and he gritted his teeth: "If you want to avenge your son, you should come to me, Murong Lan has always been trying to save you people, to protect your soldiers and civilians in the country of Yan, and even killed her several times. Take it, how can you get a hand on such a person?!"

Murong Zhen put away his smile and shouted: "So what? Even if she wants to save the people of the whole city, what does she have to do with me? If I surrender to you, will my son survive? Just because she is your woman. , this is damned! From the beginning, I made up my mind and pretended to obey her, in order to find a chance to kill you! Unfortunately, His Majesty's lance was still not accurate, only killed She didn't kill you!"

Liu Yu said coldly: "Hu Tu is indistinguishable from the enemy and me, the relatives are unknown, the military and politics of Nanyan are controlled by greedy villains or stupid people like you, no wonder the country will be subjugated, Murong Zhen, you are not trying to avenge your son. Come on, I'll give you a chance, I'm right here, if you come to kill me, you will avenge your son, and if I kill you, I will also avenge my wife, and the grievances are clear. Don't take these people for granted. The shield is a man, so be happy."

Murong Zhen's eyes widened: "Do you really dare to fight me one-on-one for life and death?"

Beside Liu Yu, Xiang Mi shouted: "Brother Ji Nu, this old thing is not worthy of your own crime.

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Risk, I will hack him to death, and I will avenge my sister-in-law! "

Liu Yu shook his head: "That's my woman, not yours, I will take revenge myself, Murong Zhen, if you want something, just come by yourself, I Liu Yu will never fake someone else's hand, no matter if you are around a hundred people or Ten thousand people, I will take your head with my own hands today!"

Murong Zhen roared sharply: "Everything is scattered, I will kill Liu Yu myself, and they will all be scattered!"

The blue-armored knights around him all shouted, "Your Majesty, I'll go with you. We also have relatives and friends who died in the hands of the Jin army, and we have to take revenge!"

Murong Zhen's blood pierced Tongren and shook his head: "It's your business that you want revenge, now it's my revenge, brothers, I have the predestined relationship to meet you in this life, and in the next life, we will continue to be brothers!"

He said, with a wave of his hand, the horses around him retreated in tears, and in front of him ~www.novelbuddy.com~ thousands of people from Xianbei also carried or dragged the wounded and dead on the ground and retreated towards On both sides, these people who survived the catastrophe knelt on the ground in horror, not daring to raise their heads. Just now, there were flowers all over, and this festive avenue to welcome relatives was now covered with blood and brains, exuding **** blood. With the breath of death, just like today's ceremony, it was originally a reconciliation with relatives, but because of hatred, it turned into a **** wedding, a terrible slaughter.

Liu Yu closed his eyes, the blood droplets in the air were swept across his face by the gloomy and cold wind that blew at an unknown time, as if the sound of crying and wailing sounded in his ears. In an instant, the figure of Murong Lan appeared in front of him, standing in front of him with tears in his eyes, clearly saying: "Brother Wolf, let go of my people, let go of the people of Nanyan, and I will beg you in the end. ."

Liu Yu opened his eyes and murmured, "I promise you, my dear. But I won't let anyone who hurt you or who hurt you."

When he said this, a roaring flame suddenly appeared in his eyes. Looking at Murong Zhen who was a hundred steps away, he let out a loud whistle, and his legs suddenly spun like a hot wheel. He even took a knife and rushed towards the opposite side. With his thunderous roar: "Murong Zhen, take your life!"

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