Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei - Chapter 4517 eternal sorrow

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The Mori tribe couldn't get close to Mu Qianxi who was on the thunder tree.

With tens of thousands of brains, they couldn't figure out why such a terrifying Lei, a human race, hadn't been wiped out, and still had the breath of life?

Could it be that Lei Yu's physical training has been cultivated to such an extent that he is not afraid of lightning strikes?

If you can't deal with that ridiculously weird human race, then deal with this beautiful and mysterious man.

Countless dark green roots turned their heads and swept towards the person outside the door, and he saw a pair of eyes covered in the mist of eternal sadness.

"You don't understand how noisy you are, so listen and see for yourself!"

Their Sen family is considered a relatively moderate race among all races, so they can only exist by relying on stronger races.

Since it is destined to be attached, of course choose the most powerful protoss.

As a vassal, as a puppet, the sorrow and loss of being despised by the aloof protoss have never stopped.

But now, the patriarch of the Sen clan and his people are going to meet this huge sorrow.

This is given to them by the people in front of them, or shared with them.

It was too painful, it was a kind of pain that made them feel that their souls were being torn apart.

Tears like tree sap flowed down uncontrollably.

The leaves full of vitality gradually turned gray and white.

It stared at the man in front of him who gave them such terrible pain and said: "Obviously...you are suffering the same grief as us, why? Why are you still so calm?"

He said like a **** who ignored everything: "What does the sorrow of your Sen family have to do with this deity?"

"Srustling—" Countless leaves fell to the ground and turned into powder.

This is simply a disaster for the Sen Clan. The other party didn't even raise their hand, and let them fall to such a point.

Those who came here with Mu Qianxi also discovered this unimaginable change in the Sen Clan.

They were very surprised, "This Sen tribe can take root with fertile land, and grow strong with wood elements. As long as the taproot is there, it is difficult to destroy. What's the matter?"

"I heard that the ghost doctor Mu Qianxi is very good at using poison? Could it be that these forest tribes were poisoned by her?"

"Impossible! Although the Mori are not strong, they are not that weak either! The ghost doctor can poison them like this."

Mu Qianxi didn't know that the Sen Clan was in bad luck, and everyone suspected her.

She and Ayu had just finished tempering, and the situation was very good.

And she also broke through to the fifth level of God King, Lei Yu was indeed right, although she didn't even see the shadow of Lei Di, but her strength improved very quickly.

The reason why it has improved so quickly is that the aura based on Leiyu is much stronger than other places.

The second is that Ah Nian is very powerful and left so many gifts.

Of course, the concentration of spiritual power in God's Domain is higher.

It's just that you can't go now, and if you go, you're throwing yourself into a trap.

Lei Shu completed the task and disappeared.

Mu Qianxi swept towards the door with the wind, and saw the desolation outside the door.

The green forest turned gray.

"Don't they look like they were struck by lightning?" Mu Qianxi asked with some doubts.

"They shot at me, but they couldn't accept the sadness of their own family, so that's it? They can't die, but the sadness will last for a long time, and they can't get out." He explained.

"I didn't expect your attack to be vigorous, senior, and you could kill people so silently and invisible." She understood his strength again, and directly made the whole family depressed and autistic.

"It seems that they are not the problem anymore, so the problem is those guys outside!" Mu Qianxi's soul power spread out, and many people were already ambush outside.

"They are not a problem, let's go!" He said.

It seems that for him, killing the God Emperor completely and retrieving the crystal shards is a big problem, and the others are nothing.

Mu Qianxi was about to leave the forest, but was entangled by a root that was the size of a little finger.

Mu Qianxi raised her eyebrows and said, "What's the matter? Do you still want to fight?"

The patriarch of the Sen tribe came with a weak voice, "Help us? I can feel your pure and powerful wood spirit power and life force. Only you, only you can break us out of this painful quagmire?" Mu A cold smile curled up on the corner of Qianxi's mouth, "I didn't set a fire to burn you all, that's because you didn't threaten me and didn't cause me any harm. Save you? How is it possible? What reward can you give? The entire clan minister

Do you want to do your best for me? "

The roots trembled even more, "You are just a human race, how could we surrender as a whole? We surrendered to His Majesty the God Emperor."

"Oh! Then can he save you now? The only one who can save you is me." Mu Qianxi mocked.

Wrapped around her roots, it turned grayish white and broke.

Obviously, Mu Qianxi's words penetrated into their hearts again, and they became even more self-closing.

Mu Qianxi left immediately, there were quite a few people waiting for her outside.

She smiled and said, "Everyone, what's the matter?"

They involuntarily took a few steps back, trying to distance themselves from Mu Qianxi.

"Mu Qianxi, you are too cruel! Although the Sen people are a race from outside the minefield, they also keep their own place in the minefield. How dare you poison the whole family so badly?"

Hearing this, Mu Qianxi was a little astonished, she was taking the blame for her senior.

She smiled lightly: "So! You want to be righteous warriors and punish me, a cruel thug?"

"What's the situation inside? Have you found the Eternal Chain? Without the artifact, how could you, the God King, make the Sen clan like this?" Another person asked.

Mu Qianxi smiled even brighter, "This guess is really right, that's right! It's the Eternal Chain that helps me and makes the Mori people reap the consequences, so what?"

The countless gazes staring at her around her became sharp and hot.

"Where is the eternal chain? Hand it over and spare you!"

Mu Qianxi's words completely ignited the fire of their ambitions, and they couldn't wait to do it.

Mu Qianxi didn't dodge, but raised her head and pointed to the sky and said, "Naturally, it's there!"


The eternal chain is in the minefield.

As long as there is something he wants to pay attention to, then their every move cannot escape his perception.

No matter how they danced, the thunder he dropped at will was enough to kill them.

Those who wanted to get rid of Mu Qianxi and **** the Eternal Artifact disappeared without a trace amidst the roar of thunder.

"In Thunderfield, the Eternal Chain is absolutely powerful! Even the God Emperor didn't come to Thunderfield to fight with him immediately, you just want to be death squads who don't know how to live or die, pathfinders, and kill yourself."

While speaking, Mu Qianxi looked back and asked, "A Nian, am I right?"

"Everyone calls you Anian, can I call you that?"

The six gifts allowed Suiryu, Soulkiller, A Huan, An, Yi Yi and A Yu to recover at a speed they didn't expect.

Who can give them such a great help, not even the **** emperor, only Anian. And he knew the locations and usage methods of these six gifts like the back of his hand, there was no one else except Anian.

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