Fantasy: My Sect is 100 Million Points Stronger - Chapter 1452 Ziyao Town Demon

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At the same time, the Luotian Mountains.

This is the second largest mountain range in the Luotian God Territory after the Taiqing Mountain Range. It stretches for hundreds of millions of miles. As far as the eye can see, the mountains are undulating, and the clouds and mists are transpiring, adding a layer of mystery to this huge mountain range.

On the cliff of a certain valley, a tall and straight figure stood with his hands behind his back, staring at the figure sitting cross-legged in the valley, his face was full of solemnity, and the strength in his body was constantly gathering, guarding all around.

He is the Emperor Xiaoyao who left from the arena of gods and demons.

And the figure sitting cross-legged in the valley is none other than Emperor Yongye.

After leaving the arena of gods and demons, Emperor Xiaoyao and Emperor Yongye walked hand in hand, and came to the Luotian Mountains to practice.

Although the Luotian Mountain Range is not as vast as the Taiqing Mountain Range, and there are not as many natural materials and earth treasures as the Taiqing Mountain Range, it is still extremely rich and contains many ancient relics. It is a gathering place for first- and second-rate forces.

Therefore, during this period of experience, Emperor Yongye successfully condensed the kingdom of God in his body, and now he is trying his best to adjust himself and prepare to pass through the tribulation of the gods. Once he passes, he will be able to ascend to the realm of gods!

In contrast, Emperor Xiaoyao is still a little bit worse. Although he has reached the peak of the Ninth Layer of God's Taboo, the Kingdom of God in his body is just a cone-shaped one. It will take a while to settle down to reach the God Realm.

"Master, in your opinion, what level of thunder tribulation will the eternal night crossing be?"

Emperor Xiaoyao, standing on the valley, could already feel the coercion of heaven and earth coming, so he couldn't help asking secretly.

"Back then, Daozu Yongye looked down on all the heroes, and he was also the existence of the sixth step of Hedao. This son can get the inheritance of Daozu Yongye, and his aptitude will not be weak. The calamity he will overcome will at least be a thunder calamity."

"With his strength, there should be no problem in getting through!"

When Emperor Xiaoyao finished speaking, a trace of remembrance appeared on the face of Xiaoyao Taoist Ancestor in his body, and he spoke with a light smile.

Back then, he was a loner, and although he had a high position and authority, he didn't have many friends, and Daozu Yongye was one of them. Therefore, Daozu Xiaoyao also took a heart for the inheritor of Daozu Yongye, and secretly passed Xiaoyao The emperor has taught him a lot, and the Emperor Yongye has been tempered by many holy places of the Immortal Sect, and his strength has already transformed to an extremely terrifying level.

According to Xiaoyao Daozu, the future of Emperor Yongye who joined the Immortal Sect is already smooth, and his potential may not be able to surpass that of Yongye Daozu back then, and reach the peak that Yongye Daozu has never reached!


While the two were talking, a thunderclap exploded out of thin air. Immediately afterwards, endless thunderclouds gathered from all directions and condensed over the valley. The sky in the entire valley instantly dimmed. The void in this valley is distorted in a gesture visible to the naked eye.

Feeling the coercion of this heaven and earth, Daoist Xiaoyao's face sank, he was really expected by his master!

This level of coercion, there is no doubt that it must be the 19th thunder disaster. After thinking about it, Emperor Xiaoyao flickered and retreated. The 19th thunder disaster will have a wide impact. If he continues to stay here , it is very likely that he will be affected, and the power of Lei Jie will increase at that time, and he and Emperor Yongye will be in danger!


Bursts of thunder exploded, and the dark purple brilliance shone over the entire valley. The dark purple thunders, like thunder dragons, emerged from the clouds in the sky and rolled in them. Lei Wei was extremely terrifying.

"Ziyao Town Demon Tribulation?!"

Seeing the dark purple thunder, Daoist Xiaoyao's face was a little ugly. This Ziyao Town Demon Calamity is the top nine open thunder calamity, almost comparable to ten death without life calamity. I don't know if Emperor Yongye can do it with such an intensity thunder calamity. Have a safe time?

At the same time, when Emperor Xiaoyao was worried, Emperor Yongye in the valley also adjusted himself, opened his eyes, shining brightly, stood up suddenly, stared at the thunder robbery above, without a single wave on his face.


At this moment, the majestic dark purple thunder gathered into a ferocious and terrifying thunder dragon, which roared out of the thunder cloud, and swooped down towards Emperor Yongye. The terrifying thunder power mixed with dragon power made Emperor Yongye The ground beneath his feet was cracked inch by inch.

The first thunderstorm came.

"Well done!"

The Emperor Yongye yelled loudly, and the whole person did not retreat but advanced, wrapped in astonishing power fluctuations, and greeted this thunder catastrophe. In an instant, the endless Yongye Dao emerged, turning the entire world into darkness. Suddenly, a The long spear rushed out, it was as black as ink, like the darkest spear in the world, and it blasted towards Thunder Dragon like a broken bamboo!

"Yongye, the dark night in the world, the abnormal law of the dark way, now, once again blooming with glory!"

Xiaoyao Daozu, who saw this scene from the body of Emperor Xiaoyao, couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

Back then, Daozu Yongye was able to match the powerful existence of the seventh step of Hedao with the peak cultivation of the sixth step of Hedao, and what he relied on was the Dao of Yongye born out of the Dao of Darkness.

If not, he who is only at the peak of the sixth step of He Dao is not worthy of being called Dao Patriarch!

Daozu, the ancestor of Taoism in the world, can be called this name in the whole world, only the existence of the seventh step and the existence like Yongye Daozu who can rival the seventh step!

It's too late, but it's fast.

In the blink of an eye, Emperor Yongye had survived the seven thunder tribulations one after another. Although he suffered a lot of injuries, he was still as imposing as a rainbow, and the gleam in his eyes became brighter and brighter.

Even though he was a little embarrassed, his body was still tall and straight.


Emperor Yongye stomped his back foot, and the whole ground exploded, and his whole body shot straight out like a sharp sword. The long spear condensed by Yong Yedao in his hand shone with a cold and gloomy light. , charged towards the robbery cloud in the sky.

At this moment, he is so domineering and powerful, and the Emperor Xiaoyao who sees it from a distance is full of enthusiasm.


Emperor Yongye's actions were no less than a provocation to Lei Jie. The enraged Lei Jie instantly condensed the most terrifying eighth and ninth levels of Thunder Jie. UU Reading The entire sky is full of dense thunder, and the bright purple light shines on the sky.

At this moment, even Emperor Xiaoyao, who was far away, could feel the terrifying coercion of heaven and earth, staring fixedly at the field, not daring to neglect in the slightest.


Under the nervous gaze of Emperor Xiaoyao, Emperor Yongye and the terrifying thunder collided fiercely, the deafening roar exploded, and the strong fluctuations destroyed the entire valley into ruins, the smoke and dust were like a tornado Rage away.

At this moment, a million miles away from the valley, an old man dressed in simple vicissitudes was picking something in the mountain forest. Suddenly, he suddenly raised his head and looked towards the valley. In his cloudy eyes, flickering With bright radiance.

"The Primordial God Tribulation?"

"The old man is lucky!"

As soon as the words fell, the old man disappeared without a trace in an instant, as if he had never appeared before.

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