Fantasy: My Sect is 100 Million Points Stronger - Chapter 1618 The weak mourn, the sky shakes

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Chapter 1618 The weak mourn, the sky shakes

In a certain remote city in the Luotian God Realm, Lin Tianxiong struggled out of the warm jade, looked at the sleeping woman with a satisfied look on his face, even if he had reached the realm of the Star God, he still couldn't change his lustful nature.

It's just that his **** is aimed at his own wife. Because of the strong physique of the strong in the divine realm, double cultivation with his own wife has almost become a daily compulsory homework for him, and it can be said that he never tires of it.

But he knows very well that if he wants to protect his small family, strong strength is essential, so he never covets, only insists on doing it once a day, and then he will practice hard.

His name was given by his father. I hope that he will become a hero above the heavens in the future. It is a pity that he is ashamed of his father's expectations due to his mediocre talent, but he is extremely satisfied with his current life. .

Looking around, most people are as ordinary as Lin Tianxiong.

Due to the remote location of the city, Lin Tianxiong's status in the city is not low, and Lin Tianxiong's status in the city is not low, so he doesn't need to go out to search for cultivation resources like other people. Those who want to curry favor with him in the city will Provide them with training resources.

And this also caused Lin Tianxiong's life to be very boring, either to practice double cultivation with his own wife, or to comprehend Taoism. Although it was boring, Lin Tianxiong enjoyed it.


When Lin Tianxiong was practicing, a dull roar exploded in the whole city. Lin Tianxiong was startled, and he looked out suddenly, and he was dumbfounded in place.

I saw that at this moment, the sky above the city was densely packed with figures, and the aura emanating from each figure was enough to make him tremble with fear. These auras gathered together, like the brilliant heavenly power, suppressed everyone in the entire city.

"Heaven...Heavenly Dao Mingzu? is it possible?"

Lin Tianxiong, who is well-informed, recognized these people from the Tiandao Mingzu at a glance, but he couldn't imagine why so many Tiandao Mingzu strongmen came to this remote small city?


The next moment, a giant palm covering the sky and the sun appeared in the sky, and under Lin Tianxiong's horrified gaze, the giant palm slowly fell.


Lin Tianxiong was unwilling to roar, but it was of no avail. After a while, the giant palm fell, and the screams of the whole city stopped abruptly, and the strong smell of blood wafted. The originally plain and peaceful city instantly turned into a sea of ​​blood, and the whole city became ruins.

This... is the sorrow of the weak.

Lin Tianxiong and all the cultivators in this city didn't provoke anyone, but they died tragically under the Heavenly Dao Mingzu, how tragic is that?

Even Lin Tianxiong's wife died tragically in her sleep before she could wake up in time.

Cultivators have a lifespan and strength far exceeding that of mortals, but they also endure many tribulations. Some of these tribulations come from the way of heaven, and some come from stronger cultivators. Even in the realm of gods, they cannot control their own destiny.

Perhaps, in the eyes of the powerful in the imperial realm, the divine realm is high above, like a ruler, but when a stronger person appears, the divine realm is like an ant, and it is difficult to resist.

After destroying this city, many strong men of the Heavenly Dao Mingzu didn't show any mercy, and they didn't even look at the tragic situation below.

Almost at the same time, several remote cities were bloodbathed by the powerhouses of the Heavenly Dao Nadir. Endless resentment floated over these ruined cities, and they did not dissipate for a long time.



In the underground palace deep in the God Devouring Ancient Forest, vast power fluctuations erupted from the huge dragon body of the Taicang Demon Dragon, and mysterious inscriptions permeated its dragon claws, and the majestic voices were like heavenly sounds , resounding throughout the underground palace.

"In the name of my Tai Cang, shoot!"

Following the words of the Taicang Demon Dragon, the endless mysterious inscriptions, like a sharp sword, pierced through the endless barrier, and instantly descended into the Demon Suppressing Hell Prison, transforming into a pair of big hands, grabbing Wang Feng.

Wang Feng didn't have any resistance, and let these big hands grab him. During the whole process, Wang Feng was dizzy and couldn't see any external scene clearly.

Not long after, the feeling of down-to-earth came, and Wang Feng slowly opened his eyes. The huge body and majestic eyes of the Great Cang Demon Dragon made Wang Feng feel calm on the surface, but his heart was trembling.

"Disciple, see the suzerain!"

When Wang Feng was trembling, two excited and respectful voices came. Hearing the reputation, it was from the mouth of Yan Shen and Ran Yi. When he saw that Yan Shen and the two had reached the peak of Zhan Wo Supreme, Wang Feng's heart was even more shocked. I also admire the methods of this great blue dragon.

I relied on the system to reach the current peak of Emperor God, but Yan Shen and Ran Yi, under the training of the Taicang Demon Dragon, have reached the peak of Zhanwo Supreme in a short period of time? Such secretive means are really astonishing.

Wang Feng nodded slightly to Yan Shen and the two, and then looked at the Tai Cang Demon Dragon. Even if his heart was not calm, he still looked directly into the eyes of the Tai Cang Demon Dragon without any waves in his eyes.

Such a posture made Tai Cang Molong nod his head, if Wang Feng couldn't even bear its majesty, it would be too disappointing for him.

The next moment, the Taicang Demon Dragon couldn't help checking Wang Feng's aura, UU Reading When it didn't notice the aura of the dark source crystal inheritance on Wang Feng, it secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Wang Feng followed its advice. If Wang Feng did not resist the temptation and directly accepted the inheritance of the Anming Tianzu, he would undoubtedly harm himself by taking Wang Feng here.

"Boy, it's a good thing you resisted the temptation and didn't accept the inheritance of the Anming Tianzu."

"Take out the source crystal of darkness, and I will cover it up for you. Although it still can't block Dao's gaze, it can also slightly reduce Dao's targeting of you."

Immediately afterwards, the Tai Cang Demon Dragon spoke in a deep voice.

Hearing this, Wang Feng's face froze, then he shook his head and responded: "Senior, the source crystal of darkness has been absorbed by me."


"How dare you absorb the dark source crystal?"

When Wang Feng's words fell, the huge pupils of the Tai Cang Demon Dragon suddenly shrank, and he exclaimed directly. The extreme shock made his voice very sharp, which hurt Wang Feng and others' eardrums.

"How can it be?"

"Since you have absorbed the source crystal of darkness, how come you don't have the inheritance aura of the ancestor of darkness?"

The next moment, the Taicang Demon Dragon made a sound of surprise again, staring at Wang Feng with a pair of dragon eyes, it didn't think that Wang Feng would deceive itself, even though he was not very familiar with Wang Feng, it knew that Wang Feng must know that he With his strength, he would only please himself and let him help him solve the disaster. How could he deliberately deceive himself?

Isn't that a fool?

Hearing this, Wang Feng smiled, did not explain, but showed an inscrutable gesture.

Seeing this, Tai Cang Molong was shocked, and looked at Wang Feng in surprise. It has to be said that Wang Feng was really surprised by it. Previous Chapter Contents Bookmarks Next Chapter

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