Farming and Reclaiming Wasteland, I Pampered Hou Ye In Ancient Times - Chapter 554 Siege again

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   Chapter 554 Siege again

  Xuanyuanchen laughed up to the sky as soon as he left the Wei residence, "Just say it, young master! That shameless woman will dislike the poor and love the rich, and will not come out to see the young master today."

  What is the reason why Wei Yan didn't come out to see everyone, Xuanyuanchen wouldn't say it even if he was killed.

   Even if Wei Yan really came out, he wouldn't say such sensational words, haha, he is too witty.

  Jiang Zihao: "...From what I see, Second Madam Wei is obviously very fond of Prince Xuanyuan. Why don't you say shameless and refuse to come out?"

  Jiang Zihao has a low EQ, but he has a high IQ, and he can pinpoint the peculiarities of things.

  Xuanyuanchen thought for a while, this pig is not so idiot! He had to think of a perfect excuse to put them off.

  While he was racking his brains, he heard Song Daida's iron-handed sound.

"Huh! Why? It's not shameless and like to be squeamish, or just pretending to be arrogant! Young master hates that kind of woman the most. There are a lot of good girls here, such as my Jiaojiao is the best."

  Chu Jiao was praised by Song Daida in public, her face flushed with shame, but her heart was as sweet as eating honey.

   She gave Chu Lixiang a look, the words they whispered in the Wei Mansion before, and asked him to say it now.

  Chu Lixiang is also a clever ghost. He usually plays with Wei Shiqi and has been to Wei Mansion many times. He also likes Wei Jiu.

"That's right, there are many excellent girls in our castle, Xuanyuanchen, you don't like that shameless one, I think Sister Wei Jiu is very good, her name is Wei Nian, she is the ninth in the ranking, she is fourteen years old this year, and I cried for you just now. That's it!"

   "What? Didn't she get sand in her eyes?" Xuanyuanchen blurted out in surprise.

   "It turns out that Prince Xuanyuan is also very concerned about her. It's not that sand and sand got into her eyes. She was so angry that she cried when she saw that Wei Qi couldn't come out." Chu Jiao hurriedly made up her knife.

   She didn't care about her embarrassment anymore, as long as she could stop Xuanyuanchen from liking Wei Yan, she would be of infinite merit.

   "Jiaojiao, didn't she cry when her brother asked her why she blushed?" Chu Ye thought that way before.

   "You're stupid! Wei Jiu blushed just because he liked my brother, and then shamelessly didn't come out for a long time, to betray my brother, she felt sorry for my brother, and when her cousin opened her mouth, she was so angry that she cried."

   Xuanyuanshuang wanted to slap her when she saw Chu Ye. She felt that Chu Ye was not only very smart but also very careful. Wei Jiu cried because she didn't know how to answer her brother's question.

  What Chu Ye said is the truth. What Chu Jiao said was too far-fetched. Wei Jiu might like her brother a little.

   However, it is impossible for her to dig out her heart and lungs as soon as they meet, and she is still worried and crying to deceive the child?

   "Chu Ye, you are stupid. The two of them are right. Should Prince Xuanyuan propose marriage to Wei Jiu tomorrow?"

  Jiang Zihao didn't understand why Wei Jiu blushed or cried, he just wanted to stop Xuanyuan Chen from liking shameless people.

  The words of Chu Jiao and Xuanyuanshuang are both about matching Xuanyuanchen and Wei Jiu. It doesn't matter if it's right or not, it's right if it works.

  Xuanyuanshuang's heart was thumping, so smart Jiang Zihao opened his eyes and talked nonsense for himself.

   Mother! Is he in love with him? Does he not like Chu Ye?

  Xuanyuanshuang felt like a roller coaster in her heart, with ups and downs going up and down, and she was secretly overjoyed.

   And what about Chu Ye! Since the last time she saw Wei Hengbin, she felt that he was very melancholy. Chu Ye was the rich flower in the world, and Wei Hengbin's demeanor of a melancholy prince just happened to attract her.

  Chu Ye naturally doesn't know anything about relationships, he just wants to make him happy, so he pays special attention to him, and Wei Hengbin used to be a classmate and friend with Jiang Zihao in Beijing.

   So Chu Ye was a little more tolerant towards Jiang Zihao, and she didn't mind Jiang Zihao calling her stupid.

   "Brother Zihao, if Prince Xuanyuan proposes marriage to Wei Jiu, will your classmate Wei Shiyi be even more unhappy?"

   "You are very worried about him. We are going to propose marriage with Prince Xuanyuan tomorrow. You also go to comfort him, hey! He is too sinful."

  Jiang Zihao also sympathized with his classmates, but in comparison, he was more willing to break up Wei Qi and Xuanyuanchen's marriage.

   "Okay! I'll bring him some gifts tomorrow to make him happy." Chu Ye said happily.

   Xuanyuanshuang was stunned, she was angry for a long time, so Chu Ye liked her shameless brother? Is that shady boy really suitable for Chu Ye?

   "Chu Ye, you wouldn't like that gloomy boy, would you? That person is not suitable for you." Xuanyuanshuang couldn't bear it anymore.

   ", I just saw that he is very sinful, his sister and his mother are not good people, I want to make him happy." Chu Ye was stunned by Xuanyuanshuang.

   "My grandmother and my eldest sister both said that my eldest sister-in-law chose my marriage. My eldest sister-in-law said I was still young and it would take a few years."

   "That's it! Chu Ye, you are so happy, your mother spoils you so much, and your grandmother, your elder sister and elder sister-in-law are very concerned about you." Xuanyuanshuang instantly had no hostility towards Chu Ye.

   Xuanyuanchen listened to everyone's words, he was recalling those big watery eyes, looked at him secretly, and then shyly moved his eyes away.

   It’s okay to marry the owner of those eyes, my God! He was stunned, he was really moved by Jiang Zihao, and wished he would propose marriage tomorrow.

   But his marriage really requires his father to nod his head, otherwise it would be absurd!

   He really wants to propose to that girl tomorrow! There are so many young talents here.

  If someone else is the first to get on, he will cry to someone, "Well, I have to go back to my aunt to discuss whether we should go to propose marriage tomorrow or go back to ask my father for instructions."

   "Brother, are you serious? You won't be confused by shameless anger, right?" She thought everyone was joking!

   Her brother is so anxious to propose marriage, does he like Shame or Wei Jiu?

   "Xuanyuan Shizi, you go to your aunt to discuss first, we have to go back for lunch." Jiang Zihao said calmly.

   They also went back and reported to their grandmother and grandmother to see what they said, whether to propose marriage tomorrow or go back to ask the King of Zhenbei.

   In fact, he really misses his sister at this time. If his sister is here, he will not be so entangled, and his sister will be very good at giving ideas.

  Chu Lixiang was also thinking of his elder sister-in-law, if only his elder sister-in-law was here, these teenagers and children were thinking about Jiang Xinyan here.

   They were thinking about Jiang Xinyan, and at this time they were also very anxious. The couple arrived at Shaling Town on the border early in the morning.

   met the men of General Zhao who had been waiting for a long time, and learned that the Emperor of Western Chu personally led the army to attack Yumen Pass.

   (end of this chapter)

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