Farming and Reclaiming Wasteland, I Pampered Hou Ye In Ancient Times - Chapter 901 Sui Sui Extra Story (7)

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  Chapter 901 Sui Sui Extra Story (7)

  Chu Jingxian and Master Wuchen returned to the palace together, and Master Wuchen went directly to the emperor.

   And I first went to a secluded place in the Imperial Garden, trying to find my brother the prince.

   "Did you secretly go to see her again today?"

  At this moment, a cold voice came to my ears, and I slowly turned my head to look at the speaker, who was a woman in pink.

  She is very beautiful, her eyebrows are like distant mountains, her eyes are like autumn water, her skin is like snow, her lips are like petals, and she has a pretty oval face.

  Although it's just a simple dress, it still can't hide her beauty.

   What is even more commendable is that such a peerless beauty did not bring her any pride and complacency.

   On the contrary, it is a kind of tranquility, as if everything in this world has nothing to do with her.

  I shook my head in denial: "She? Who is it?"

  Her eyes are beautiful, the kind of pure, untainted beauty.

  Like the most beautiful sapphire, people can't take their eyes off her. She is Uncle Zhao Yu's eldest daughter, Zhao Zhiqing.

  She is more than a year younger than us, and she liked my elder brother very much since she was a child, because she always likes to share with me and An An every little bit about my elder brother.

  So, we all know that she likes my elder brother, but I don't know why my elder brother has a bad face when he sees her.

  My elder brother was originally a gentle and refined boy, he was good to everyone, but he was not good to her.

   "Second brother is so kind to her, do you really want to protect her to the end?" Zhao Zhiqing blinked her beautiful eyes and said.


   I wanted to say that I was with Master Wuchen, but she interrupted me before I could speak.

   "Okay, don't explain anymore, explaining is equal to covering up." Zhao Zhiqing interrupted me and continued.

   "I know that my second brother likes her, but you take care of her so carefully, it just makes me envious and jealous, I have no other meaning."

   "I really went to drink with Master Wuchen today." I said softly.

   "Hey, as long as the second brother and her can be happy, I will sincerely bless you."

   "Let's not talk about me, are you secretly looking at my elder brother here again?" I asked Zhao Zhiqing with a glance.

  Facing her eyes that can see everything, I can only change the topic to her.

   "You guessed it, I'm actually here to see him, I find he is more handsome than before."

  Zhao Zhiqing said with a strange look in her eyes, because she was talking about the person she was secretly thinking about.

  Her little face was flushed, she looked shy, and she looked really charming.

   "You are also shy!" I couldn't help laughing and teasing.

   She is a good brother in front of me, a good brother, as long as I talk about my elder brother, she looks shy.

   "You two should find a secret corner when you are in love."

  My elder brother came out of nowhere, a faint anger appeared on his fair and handsome cheeks.

  Normal people can't tell, but I know he's angry because he and I are triplets.

   As for why he was angry, then I don't know.

   "Who is in love with him?" Zhao Zhiqing's expression changed, and she immediately retorted: "What nonsense are you talking about!"

   "Really? You are full of shyness, and my second brother is full of smiles. Could it be that the prince is wrong?" My elder brother asked in feigned surprise.


  My elder brother's face was getting redder and redder, while Zhao Zhiqing was staring at him angrily. The demeanor of the two of them was that of a young couple who were quarreling.

  But we don't know at this time, the two of them will miss their lives because of misunderstanding.

   "It's time for us to find Emperor Father, or he'll be nagging again." After my elder brother finished speaking, he dragged me to the imperial study.

  Leaving Zhao Zhiqing in the turbulent wind watching our disappearing backs, I know they have fallen in love with each other for a long time.

  Tell my eldest brother on the road, "Brother, Zhao Zhiqing is a very good girl, with a lively personality, and her appearance can be regarded as stunning. I hope you can cherish her well."

   "I don't like her." My elder brother's face darkened slightly.


  I looked at my elder brother in disbelief, did he empathize?

  After seeing my expression, my elder brother walked into the imperial study even more quickly.

  In the imperial study room, my father sat on the dragon chair to read the memorial, Master Wuchen sat beside him, and Prime Minister Nie stood on the other side.

   Seeing our brothers enter, Prime Minister Nie bowed and saluted: "I have seen His Royal Highness, Second Highness."

   "The prime minister is dead." My elder brother said majesticly.

  Master Wuchen and the prime minister greeted us, then took our leave.

   "Father, my son has something to report." My elder brother walked up to my father and said.

  My father raised his head to look at my eldest brother, then put down the memorial in his hand and said, "Tell me what you have to say."

   "It's like this." My elder brother cleared his throat and continued.

   "During the early court today, an old minister proposed to choose the crown princess, but the younger minister disagreed, so he was impeached."

  My royal father frowned slightly, obviously a little unhappy: "My son is not in the position of others to make decisions for me."

  My eldest brother lowered his head and said, "Thank you, Father."

  Father glanced at our brothers and said with a gentle face.

   "Kangkang and Sui Sui, if you have a girl you like, that's another matter. Your mother also hopes that you can find a girl you like to marry."

   "Thank you, Father and Queen." My elder brother and I said in unison.

  I am secretly happy, I already have a girl I like, my father and mother are really enlightened.

   "Kangkang, Sui Sui, the two of you are here to review the memorial for the emperor, and I will go find your mother and cook together for you."

   "Yes." My eldest brother: "I recently discovered that the third lady in Taifu's mansion seems to like to harass me, but I don't like Miss Yang."

  Hearing my elder brother's words, my father frowned, "It seems that Taifu Yang is getting more and more arrogant, and he dared to hit my son."

   "Father, calm down, the third lady of Taifu's mansion is indeed a bit unruly and capricious, and this son-in-law also thinks something is wrong, why don't you go and tell the queen mother."

  My eldest brother said respectfully, we all know that our mother pays special attention to the gratification of the two.

  If you let her know who harassed her son unilaterally, it would be fruitless.

  In fact, we can also tell our mother directly, but if we let our father say it.

  My father will be very happy, because if my father speaks, he will be rewarded by our mother.

   "Well, whatever, since Taifu Yang doesn't care about her granddaughter, I'll let your queen mother punish him." The emperor pondered for a moment and said.

   "Thank you, father." My elder brother said gratefully.

   "Kangkang, every year, the father will leave first, you must obediently review the memorial on the table."

   "The son obeys the order, the father walks slowly."

  After my father left, my elder brother and I continued to correct the memorials in the imperial study.

  (end of this chapter)

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