Fox in the Penalty Area - Chapter 204 "good sign"

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As soon as Vukovic passed the football, Ruhrlein's midfielder Herbert Petrov's foot was shoveled, and he had to jump up reflexively to avoid it.

He passed the football to Tonini, and it was Ruhr Rhine's right midfielder Patrick Littmuller who rushed to Tonini with the football.

Facing the menacing Littmuller, the Brazilian intends to have a trick.

He tried to tiptoe the ball over Littmuller's head.

But he still underestimated Litmuller's determination to grab.

Littmuller stepped forward, greatly shortening the distance with Tonini.

So Tonini picked the ball directly to Littmuller.

After the football bounced out, Littmuller reacted more quickly and decisively. He squeezed in forcefully and turned around at the same time, separating the football from Tonini.

Littmuller, who broke the ball, quickly transferred the football away!

"Good goal! Littmüller intercepted the ball with an aggressive press! Now it's Ruhr Rhein's turn again!"

Littmuller's pass was aimed at center Janus Erdmann, who dropped back to respond.

The latter blocked Danny Drew with his body, and Drew tried to stretch his feet forward behind him, trying to poke the football away, but was "pushed out of the door" by Edman.

After holding Drew, Edman cross-passed the football to John Setter, who came forward to respond, and he immediately turned around and accelerated forward.

"Ruer Rhine's Counterattack!"

Danny Drew retreated with Edman at first, but after running, Edman went to the side, but he still had to stay in the middle.

After Seth ran wildly with the ball, when he approached the 30-meter zone of the Madrid Pirates, he distributed the football and passed it back to Edman.

When Edman received the ball, standing in his way was Madrid Pirates left-back Olaf Brinjorsson.

This game replaces Ion Martinez, who was suspended with a red card@

"Edman helped Ruhrlein equalize the score again! The total score was 4:2, and they still led by two goals! When the Madrid Pirates chased the total score to only one goal in the first half, all Pirates fans probably thought that They were only one goal away from reversing the comeback, but now, Edman has brought them back to before the start of the game! In the case of 0:2 in the first leg, want to comeback in the second leg? Not so easy!!"

The German commentator also raised his arms and shouted in the commentary booth.

The Spanish commentator Sanchez, who was not far away from him, put his head in his hands: "Edman's physical confrontation ability is really unbelievable that he is only twenty years old...Look at this ball, Brynjorsson seems to have hit a ball. Blocking the wall! The situation is bad, the two sides are back on the starting line, fifty-seven minutes later, the score is still standing still...

He Feng in the studio lost his voice when the football rolled into the goal.

For him who had been looking forward to the Madrid Pirates' reversal and comeback since the halftime break, the blow brought by this conceded goal was too heavy.

When He Feng lost his voice, Yan Kang took over the work of commentary, and he sighed: "From the moment Parotti chose to attack all-or-nothing at home, this is actually the reality that everyone can expect but is unwilling to accept--after all Ruhr Rhine and Edman's recent state, facing the Madrid Pirates who are riddled with holes in the defense, how could they not score? Parotti chose a big gamble, and he had to bear the corresponding risk...But Madrid What else can pirates do but attack? They can only attack..."

"This is the semi-final of the Champions League..." He Feng went online again, "at this stage, no opponent is easy to deal with, and no game is easy. Whether it is tactical choice or player status, Ruhrlein has nothing to do Picky. They didn't let up because they led by two goals in the first leg... That's why in the 38 years since the Champions League was restructured, only Stan Park Rangers have done it once....

"How else can we say that after the restructuring of the Champions League, no team can successfully defend the title? In modern football, it is really too difficult to win two consecutive seasons in the Champions League, where there are so many strong players and there is still a lot of luck. Oh... Even if your team is not bad, you can't stand bad luck!"

For the Madrid Pirates, this season is a case of "bad luck".

They were pretty much smooth sailing until Juan Ramirez got injured, then suddenly hit rock bottom.

So much so that even the La Liga champions have to rely on the help of the relegation team Sarria.

Hu Lixin glanced at his wife sitting in front of the TV, and found that her face was numb and expressionless, as if she had seen through all the joys and sorrows of life and death in the world.

What does it have to do with her whether the Madrid Pirates can reverse the promotion?


You ask, since you don't care about winning or losing, why do you have to get up in the middle of the night to watch the game?

Of course he was worried about his son getting hurt!

Ramirez and Luo Kai were injured successively, making Xie Lan's heart hang in his throat.

She can't really relax until the World Cup really starts...

Do not!

Even if the World Cup starts, she won't worry about it until the World Cup is finished.

After all, he was seriously injured in just one group match, and it is not without "lessons learned" to bid farewell to the World Cup in advance.

In the TV broadcast, Madrid Pirates coach Parotti was also expressionless, and he was not so excited about losing the ball.

When the replay of Edman's goal ended, the live broadcast of the game switched back to the live signal.

The players of the Madrid Pirates are already standing in their positions, ready to kick off.

But it wasn't Hou Lai or Di Kunzo who kicked off in the middle circle, but their midfielder Joaquin Bella.

As for Hu Lai, he stood at the intersection of the center circle and the center line.

He stood on one side, his strike partner Di Kunzo stood on the other side, the two stood opposite each other.

In addition, Tonini and Camara also stood on the center line a little farther away, and the Madrid Pirates right back Irazusta also stood very forward, almost close to the center line.

With the sound of the referee

The whistle blew and Joaquin Bella kicked the football back.

Meanwhile, Hou Lai, Di Kunzo, Tonini, Camara and Irazusta crossed the halfway line together and rushed towards Ruhr Rhein's goal!

The Madrid Pirates launched a collective charge!

Joaquin Bella also ran forward after passing the ball, but after pressing Ruhr Rhein midfielder Johan Setter back, he suddenly turned and ran back to meet.

Danny Drew, who received the kickoff pass from him, passed the football back to him.

He didn't stop the ball, and directly returned to Vukovic who came up to meet him.

The latter has been observed in advance, so when Joaquin Bella passed the football back to him, he did not stop the ball at all, nor did he make any adjustments, and directly passed the football to the front of the right wing.

That's where Irazusta sprints!

As Cobb struggled to race Irazusta, Kamara sped past him.

Ruhr Rhine captain Noah Baumann quickly moved over to defend.

And Jose Amorim followed Hu Lai tightly, and the two ran to the restricted area of ​​the Ruhr Rhine together.

He didn't want to make the mistake of the first half again - when he went to make up for his captain's position, he lost Hu Lai, and as a result, Hu Lai scored a shocking world wave.

Irasusta didn't push the football forward because Kamara rushed to meet it, he sent a cross directly after catching up with the football!

The football skimmed low on the turf and went straight to the center of the penalty area!

Amorim's whole body was almost attached to Hu Lai's body, and the arms of the two of them crossed each other, wrestling while sprinting forward.

Hu Lai began to adjust his pace while running, and then swung his legs.

Amorim stretches his legs to block!

But he missed the ball!

Instead, he watched the football pass in front of him and Hu Lai!

Hu Lai... missed it!

Amorim turned his head and looked back along the football with his eyes, and saw Di Kunzo swung his feet against the flying football in horror!

Then kick the flying football out of the bottom line!

"Oops! Di Kunzo!!"

"The ball... the ball! Alas! Di Kunzo had a chance to score just after the team conceded the ball! He squandered a great opportunity and pushed the ball away with no one to mark it. Biased!"

"Ahhh! What is this! What is this?!" Han Shuyu couldn't hold back anymore, she screamed in the stands. "Di Kunzo! This is definitely a performance of a war criminal! This goal can't be scored ?!」

It wasn't just Han Shuyu who was screaming and cursing.

Li Qingliang beside him is also full of "C language".

Di Kunzo, who was pushed off, lost his balance and fell to the ground, falling out of the baseline with the football.

He lay on the turf like this, with his head in his hands, staring dumbfounded at the empty goal, as if he couldn't believe that he didn't seize this opportunity...

Cheers at Pirates Park turned to violent sighs.

With a sigh, Hu Lai gave Di Kunzo a thumbs up:

"You ran beautifully, Danielle! It doesn't matter, just come again!"!

He didn't complain that his teammates wasted this great opportunity, nor did he look up to the sky like the fans and behave negatively.

Ruhr Rhein's assistant coach Moritz Reiden sat on the coach's chair and let out a sigh of relief.

He was really scared to death just now.

After Hu Lai missed the football, his heart almost stopped beating.

Fortunately, Di Kunzo missed the ball.

"God is on our side God is on our side God is on our side..."

After he regained his strength, he kept repeating this whisper.

Although the head coach Kuhn didn't mutter to himself like a neurotic, his thoughts were similar to those of the assistant coach next to him.

This ball is like some kind of revelation in the dark, setting the stage for this game.


That's a good sign!

PS, the game between Argentina and Saudi Arabia has started.

This is Messi's fifth World Cup trip.

In fact, I am quite optimistic about Argentina winning this year.

Although they are not the biggest but it is precisely because they are not the biggest favorites that I am more optimistic about him.

Because I think most of the people who can win the World Cup are not the favorites to win the World Cup before the start of the World Cup.

Such as Brazil in 2002 and Italy in 2006.

Although the star flavor of Argentina this year is a bit bleak, it is more united and more like a whole.

Coupled with the fact that Messi has changed his style of play now, he is in good form during the season.

It can be said that the right time, place and people are harmonious.

If Argentina wants to win the championship, then this year is indeed the best time.

Based on the above reasons, I think Argentina has a good chance of winning the World Cup this year.

Messi will also completely establish his historical status with this championship.

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