Full-time Occupation - Chapter 2369 displacement

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The cold light flashed past, and Ye Xiu's Lord Grim flashed a distance in an instant, but at the moment Ye Xiu flashed out, he heard the sound of dense bullet rain across the air. Voice.

Did you hit the sound?

These are of little significance to Ye Xiu now. After all, these things are not what he cares about. From the moment Ye Xiu chose to rush out of the bunker, all Ye Xiu considered were two things, that is, speed and speed. Variety.

In the face of an opponent of Zhou Zekai's level, the simple pursuit of speed is not enough. After all, Zhou Zekai can guarantee that his bullets can cover the opponent's position no matter whether it is the accuracy of operations or the super predictive ability of the opponent's position. Tells enemy units to move.

So Ye Xiu wanted to complete his plan, so the game relied on constantly changing positions, so that the opponent could not catch the trajectory. Although the double guns of the sharpshooter can directly cover another direction, they cannot completely cover all angles after all. Even Zhou Zekai who has already used the gun shake operation is the same.

The arc flashed like a teleportation in Ye Xiu's hand and it only took two or three steps before Ye Xiu canceled the skill and changed direction again.


The arc flash has just ended here, and Ye Xiu is following up with another movement skill, and these skills move very fast, but there are still certain differences in the specific quality of the flash, and the successive interactive use of various movement skills, It is also a change in itself.

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Ye Xiu had just charged three or four figures forward with this attack, and Ye Xiu had already discovered that a bullet had hit him. The attack range of bullet rain. Although it is destined that the attack power and attack efficiency will be greatly affected, even Zhou Zekai does not have much confidence when facing Ye Xiu.

What he can do now is to stare down Ye Xiu as much as possible, and use his technique of shaking the gun to maximize the range and angle of his attack.

Got shot.

But now Ye Xiu is still in the state of skill charge, these more than normal attacks can't stop Ye Xiu's charge at all.

Charge three steps.

In this charge, the distance between Ye Xiu and Tang Yin was shortened again, but he was not in a hurry because of this. After this charge, he did not immediately receive a displacement skill, but instead kept running. A very ordinary one-step displacement was carried out.

Because Ye Xiu knew very well that if he wanted to break through Zhou Zekai's fire blockade, it was useless to compare his speed alone. What was more important was the change in movement, and this change included many things, and slowness was of course one of them. This pause in Ye Xiu's figure instantly made Zhou Zekai's many attacks that predicted his position missed, and he left the corrected trajectory and began to concentrate on Ye Xiu's position.

Ye Xiu, who saw Zhou Zekai's ballistic change, became faster again.

Rush and assassinate!

Ye Xiu used another displacement skill instantly, and Lord Grim's speed changed from slow to fast in an instant.

And Zhou Zekai's dense rain of bullets seemed to be coordinating with Ye Xiu's movement. As Ye Xiu accelerated again, the bullet rain that was about to start to concentrate was scattered on him again.

The rain of bullets kept chasing Ye Xiu's high-speed displacement figure, but it couldn't stop Ye Xiu's displacement after all. After all, the sharpshooter is not suitable for pinning down the enemy. When the opponent uses displacement, the sharpshooter's attack can only cause damage to the health value, but it can't hinder it. Even Zhou Zekai cannot avoid this point.

The reason why Ye Xiu could be restrained before was because Ye Xiu didn't want to consume his health points to rush, but when Ye Xiu made up his mind, this kind of initiative could only consume Ye Xiu's health points, and had no effect on Ye Xiu's displacement. And what Ye Xiu has to do now is to flash the farthest distance with the least amount of HP.

So now everyone's main concern is not whether Ye Xiu can break through Zhou Zekai's bullet rain blockade. What everyone is curious about is, when Ye Xiu breaks through, how will Ye Xiu, who has also lost his health, save Xiaoyaoyou? At that time, Ye Xiu will only have a little life left, can he break through One Autumn Leaf's melee combat?

Everyone has this question, but no one thinks about the answer, because now everyone sees the above two professional players who refuse to give up until the end. This pair of best partners last season was forcibly separated by Samsara on the field, and now they are trying to get closer to each other.

In the end, whether the game is won or lost, that is also a matter after that.

The continuous movement of the mulberry skills continued. Although the distance between the two sides was not straight, the distance between the two sides was still shortened a lot, but Ye Xiu knew very well that as the distance between the two sides got closer, he moved The difficulty will become more and more difficult. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com And he has fewer and fewer skills to move, and fewer and fewer changes he can make. All of this, Zhou Zekai must have his own calculations in his heart.


The third displacement skill used by Ye Xiu is the sharpshooter's sliding shovel. In terms of movement speed alone, the movement speed of this skill is not as fast as the previous two skills, but this skill has the biggest change in body shape. Chance's body that slides close to the ground can avoid many attacks.

Now, by doing this suddenly, he can avoid many attacks from the opponent, even Zhou Zekai is the same. As Ye Xiu slid close to the ground, he could clearly see the bullet passing through his field of vision above.

However, this skill is Zhou Zekai's most familiar movement skill after all, so he adjusted his response immediately. The two guns pressed down one after another, and the bullets began to shoot down towards Hu Xia. At the same time, he began to predict Ye Xiu's standing position, because he was standing up. The best output opportunities.

As a result, Zhou Zekai, who started to respond here, had just suppressed the rain of bullets, but at this moment, an explosion of flames directly drowned Ye Xiu.


It is to use the shadow clone technique!

The tricks in it appeared in Zhou Zekai's mind in an instant. This skill was also one of the skills he was most wary of. Now Ye Xiu suddenly detonated a grenade, causing him to lose Ye Xiu's vision instantly. Although it was only for a moment, it was already Enough for Ye Xiu to complete the shadow clone technique.

Zhou Zekai's rain of bullets did not stop, but he shot again and again and still stepped back to widen his field of vision, because Zhou Zekai did not interrupt Ye Xiuying's grasp of the clone technique, but he wanted to have a wide field of vision, so he could Ye Xiu attacked him the first time he appeared.

And Ye Xiu, who prepared meticulously, succeeded in this hand shadow clone after all.

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