Game Across the World - v3 Chapter 1410 Hull's Hound

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Chapter 1410 Hull's Hound

Following the scent, Chen Chen walked around the lake, and then flew on the lake to look for it.

"Why isn't it here?" Shen Chen felt strange, but he soon noticed the horse by the lake, in such ice and snow, this creature seemed very abrupt.

After thinking about it, Shen Chen still stepped up, the basic talent of the paladin was triggered, the horse snorted obediently, and then led Shen Chen to gallop on the water.

It quickly drilled into the bottom of the water, and in a blink of an eye, it came to a space under the water.

The dense hanging curtains seem to be some kind of underwater creatures, and they also look like a head of golden and reddish hair, which firmly hides the place where they live, which is particularly mysterious.

Pulling back the curtain, Shen Chen's eyes looked through the space, and the three goddesses hiding behind were clearly visible, and when these golden eyes saw them, they naturally knew that they had been seen.

"Who are you, the void Destiny?" Verdante asked, with some uncertainty and a trace of fear in her voice.

Their fog couldn't see through this person, and the whole world was trying to reveal half of this person's information.

It was as if he had never appeared in the past, and he had never come now, but he had clearly passed through fate and came to them.

"Fate cannot spy on fate itself, let alone I am not in the fate of this world." Shen Chen replied mysteriously, avoiding their questions, "I came here just to know the fate of people in this world. "

"Oh." Uld, the old-looking one among the three goddesses, when she heard Shen Chen's words, she showed a dazed expression, "You mean Kratos, you want to know his fate?"

Shen Chen could see that the golden magic power around him slowly circulated after he asked the question, which was another ability of the Three Goddesses.

Communication, the information revealed between the words, let the power of fate finally be able to capture something, but Shen Chen is also protected by the magic power of fate, and they can not get much information.

"I know what Kratos will meet." Shen Chen replied with a chuckle, "I also know that what you predicted has long been out of your control."

"If you knew everything, you wouldn't have come here." Uld said lightly on the long staff in his hand.

"If you have already got the answer, you don't need our answer." Vier Dante also said.

At this time, the younger and lively figure shuttled between the golden light and shadow, "Go, don't you already know what you want?"

Seeing this, Shen Chen stopped playing the game, and asked straightforwardly: "Has anyone been here before, let you..."

"Yes." The golden light clashed in the air, although Shen Chen's power of fate was not as strong as the three goddesses, but with the blessing of the scroll of fate, he was already invincible.

"Why should we obey the slogans of other fates, just for that impossible threat?" Uld had already answered all the information Shen Chen wanted.

Turning his head and coming out, those who control their destiny don't need to ask other people about their own destiny; and the purpose of Shen Chen's coming here is to see if the established destiny has been destroyed.

The Scroll of Fate turned with magic power. Obviously, members of Adverse Luck or other forces have come here.

The guidance of the fate of the three goddesses of Noren is the most likely means to cause Kratos to change his behavior.

Kratos once killed the Goddess of Destiny in Greece. This is a fact that players know well, and it can naturally become a weapon that threatens the gods of the Nine Realms; presumably some guys are trying to use this to make Noren three The goddesses also felt threatened and changed the ending between them and Kratos.

The best thing is that Kratos kills in anger, so that all the forces against Odin built around Sindri's hut can collapse in advance.

If it misleads Kratos into other directions, it may also make the plot turn to the unknown.

At this time, the node of fate showed that it was completed normally, and all of Shen Chen's worries disappeared, and he could make arrangements according to the development of the plot he understood.

So he left the residence of the Goddess of Fate, and Shen Chen planned to return to the kingdom of dwarves, where Kratos would build the Dropnir spear, the weapon that killed Heimdall; and the place that could finally interfere with the plot may also be There it is.

But at this time, Su Yutong from Helheim also sent back news.

"Some guys are hiding in the dark and have already targeted Atreus and Slude. What should we do?"

Shen Chen thought for a moment, then asked: "Have you seen those guys clearly, can you confirm which camp they belong to, no matter what, hide yourself well, and try to collect their information in the dark."

"It's not like the power of the dark eye of order. I'm familiar with their magic signals, and it's not like the group of people who arrested me before..." Su Yutong's answer made Shen Chen more suspicious. A new force has joined in?

Without hesitation, Shen Chen gave up chasing Kratos to the dwarf kingdom, but went back to Su Yutong first.

Linking the sight of the ghost walker, Atreus and Slude, guided by the mask, have come to...

"It's locked up for a very good reason." Hearing Slude's advice at this time, at the end of the steps, a huge beast was chained to the center of the platform, blocking the exit behind .

"I can feel its feelings. This is the giant's ability. You see, it just wants to be free." Atreus looked at the locked hound of Hull, which is similar to Druin's power , It is very good in itself, but if it is coupled with Atreus' state of mind at this time, it may not be so good.

Seeming to sense Slude's hesitation, Atreus added: "The fragment must be behind it, trust me!"

Shen Chen listened to the conversation between the two, and sent a small group of ghost walkers to sneak behind through the sea of ​​souls, "Is it a dead end? Not necessarily..."

He could see some kind of spatial power in the paws of the Helhound, a power that could tear apart the realms and open passages between Helheim and other realms.

Think about it, what is the function of this ability?


no no no! Hull won't be so simple, Shen Chen thought, "It should be to open up a channel to fight." He thinks he has found the most possible answer.

Now that the hound is locked here by Hull, in other people's eyes, it seems to prevent it from destroying the boundary everywhere, but in Shen Chen's view, maybe some people don't want to trigger a war.

Throud and Atreus set about breaking the chains and freeing the Hound from imprisonment.

At this time, a stranger wearing a long robe fell from the boundary crack that suddenly appeared in the sky. Heat waves rolled all over his body, as dazzling as light radiation.

"If you don't want to cause trouble for your father, it's best not to break these chains!" Although he couldn't see his face clearly, he could tell from his voice that must be in a high position at this time.

"Why?" Atreus held up the mask, which was still glowing green, guiding him onwards to find the last fragment of the mask.

Slude stood in front of Atreus, carefully guarding against it.

"You know it." Obviously, this is sowing discord, and Atreus's expression clearly doesn't know, but Slude may not be clear, and she can't trust Atreus very much now.

"This thing can trigger a war between Helheim and Asgard, and he." Pointing to Atreus, "he also wants to trigger a war. When the ghost warriors swarm into the giant wall, guess what? How many people?" The words were naturally addressed to Slude.

It was not a simple provocation, but Atreus alone could not move these chains without Slude's help.

At this time, the development of the whole plot will naturally change, which is related to the reconciliation between Atreus and his father, and the future war of Ragnarok.

Slude turned to look at Atreus suspiciously, and asked, "You won't lie to me, right?"

Before Atreus could speak, the man smiled and said, "How could I not lie to you, do you know what his giant name is, Loki! God of trickery!"

Although Atreus wanted to deny it, the other party was right, he was indeed a giant, so the flickering panic on his face naturally made Slude confirm something.

The goal was achieved, but this person did not attack Atreus easily. He only needed to deepen the Asgard gods' suspicion of Atreus, and then blocked Atreus's next actions everywhere, and the rest Just leave it to fate, everything will be woven according to him...Previous chapter table of contents bookmark next chapter

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