Game Across the World - v3 Chapter 1411 Atreus failed

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Chapter 1411 Failed Atreus

The three lights and shadows fell like a thunderbolt, and in the unprepared state of the three people on the scene, they instantly chopped the interface at the end of the iron chain.


The shackles around the hound were cut, so that it was also free. The hound quickly stood up, shook its body to shake off the frozen ice, and then rushed out without looking back.

Everyone was stunned, and the stranger's accusation against Atreus was naturally not valid at this time; after all, without Slude, the sudden attack from the sky could also liberate the hounds, but he who just appeared became a The most problematic one.


[Sun King] Ge Wen is not the one in the Black Soul world. He is not the ruler who created the world, let alone a talented strategist. He even possesses the power of the Sun King, but he cannot create his own era.

He's just a thief who, after stealing power, is trying to claim the name of the Sun King.

Of course, no one knows now that this Ge Wen is not Bi Ge Wen. The only clue has already warned this impostor twice that someone has that evidence and will soon start digging into the past.

He became more and more impatient, and the world fragments of the soul world had gradually entered the end stage. Chaos and darkness weakened his power, and turned his own magic power to the corrupt side.

As the "Sun King", Gwen of course wants to establish a dynasty like the Black Soul world in the Gaim world, but if someone discovers his depravity, then he will be finished!

The magic power diffused in the air, and Kreitul's destructive power made it impossible for Gewen to figure out which lord this magic power belonged to, but one thing is certain, "The strength of the person who shot is not weaker than me, but has always been Acting in the dark, until the most critical reincarnation, before making a bold move."

He immediately became alert, and his perception shone across Helheim like a ray of light rising into the sky at dawn.

Ge Wen can detect or even see almost as long as there is light, but after searching, there is no clue at all.

The soul fog on the sea of ​​souls blocked the power of light and perception. Shen Chen, who was hiding in the cabin, used the power of space to attack remotely, which was difficult for Ge Wen to detect.

"It's the worst case if you can't find it." Ge Wen recalled the troubles he encountered recently.

Four "loyal" world guardian knights, they have been traumatized and even lost one forever. The fragments of the black soul world can rebuild an abyss knight, but it will take time.

The four were besieged and defeated, and Ge Wen also roughly understood the approximate combat power of that strange soul tomorrow at this time, and he had to be jealous. Compared with these local creatures, the strange soul has too many talents and advantages!

"If at that time..." Old events flashed through Ge Wen's mind, but as long as he thought of them, there was only anger and hatred, restraining his emotions, Ge Wen actually said to Atreus and Slude : "See, my words have angered the man hiding in the dark, this must be Atreus's giant friend!"

Of course, Slude didn't believe it at this time, but she was disappointed and lost with Atreus, her mind was full of doubts and doubts, and of course she would not listen to Atreus' "sophistry".

"I'll talk to the God King." Slude said coldly, and then ignored the hounds running away, and said to Atreus: "Take out your mask, we still have tasks to complete."

Atreus froze for a moment, and then obediently took out the mask from behind. At this time, Ge Wen also had a smile on his face, but almost no one could detect the insidiousness in it.

He has participated in this plot more than once, and it is clear that the mask in Atreus' hands will not have an answer in Helheim.

According to the plan, the rift in the realm caused by Atreus letting go of the hounds, the crisis of trust caused by the failure of the mission, and his provocation just now will become further suspicion and disappointment of the Asgardian **** towards Atreus , which even Odin can't and won't stop.

For Atreus at this time, it was a complete failure. He would hesitate, hesitate, and be at a loss in his heart; after he obtained Odin's permission, he went home to talk to his old father and finally became a father and son. During this period of reconciliation.

It will also be the easiest opportunity for them to intervene and the most likely to influence Atreus.

And Hei Wuchang, as a guy who has devoured countless magic powers, spirits, and souls, he is the best at playing with these. It is possible to win Atreus and let him act according to their arrangements!

Shen Chen also smelled it at this time, saw Atreus confused and lost and said: "This...what's wrong; it didn't respond, this never happened..."

Slude's eyes were full of disbelief, recalling Atreus' performance just now, "Say it, listen to you!"

He looked directly at Atreus for a few seconds, and then whispered: "So, although I hate Heimdall, sometimes he is right! The giant..."

Obviously, Atreus failed Slude's trust, and this is what Gwen wanted to obtain. Hei Wuchang needed Atreus, and he needed...Odin.

Ge Wen glanced at Atreus with a smile, and then followed Slude, his chance had come.

After rushing out of the platform, with the raven's feathers flying, Heimdall clearly sensed that the hound was out of trouble, and rushed over quickly, and when he landed, he cursed loudly: "You are completely incompetent and mentally retarded!

You know it's going to tear holes in the planes, right? After all, he's a half-breed bastard, and it's normal to screw things up. "

Shen Chen looked at the Scroll of Destiny. After a while of ripples, he did not complete this node. Under the influence of Ge Wen, at least Slude's actions were changed.

She didn't stand up to defend Atreus at this time, but watched coldly from the sidelines, but the kindness in her heart still showed a trace of worry and intolerance in her eyes.

At this time, Shen Chen noticed that there was another person behind Heimdall, the four knights Hawkeye. He had many similarities with Heimdall's abilities. At this time, he should have gained his trust through some means.

They all have traces of another kind of magic power on their bodies, it seems that they have just finished a big battle, and Shen Chen is also familiar with that magic power... "It seems that the incident where Kratos and his party went to rescue Frey was this Triggered by the battle."

Hawkeye rolled his eyes at Atreus, and at this time began to persuade: "Anyway, this child is a guest of the father of the gods. I think you will also want to see how he can argue with the father of the gods. Let's explain the big mess~~"

Heimdall felt that it made sense, with a rare smile on his face: "Of course, I can't wait, why, let's go together."

The raven flew around, leaving Gwen alone. He didn't gain the trust of Heimdall and the gods of Asgard, and the other party didn't do anything. UU Reading www.uukanshu. com is based on his malice towards Atreus.

But this is all in the plan, and the only thing Ge Wen is worried about is the enemy who made the attack before. He quietly watched himself complete the plan, but hid himself from the sidelines.

This is the most worrying and worrying, not knowing the purpose, not knowing the plan, not even knowing who the other party is.

"Atreus left with them, what shall we do next?" Su Yutong also didn't know what Shen Chen's plan was, she immediately asked, "Asgard is difficult for us to sneak in, whoever contacts Atreus... ...."

Shen Chen smiled, then shook his head, looking confident, he explained: "Tell me, what is the first thing Atreus does when he goes back?"

"Naturally..." Su Yutong thought for a while, and seemed to understand, "I'm meeting Odin in person, so naturally no one will feel like pulling him to meet alone!"

Then, "Yes! For Atreus, this is a failure. With his character, he will try his best to make up for it. Odin will not help him at this time, so Atreus will go back to find his own. Father.

It's just... will Odin allow it? "

"Of course." Shen Chen knew clearly, "If Odin wants Atreus to regain his confidence and help him continue to collect mask fragments, he will not refuse."

Shen Chen opened the space channel, the frost of Fenbull's Winter replaced the deck, and the surrounding golden magic power has almost completely dissipated.

"here it is?"

"Where it all started, Odin will send Atreus back here. If anyone wants to influence Atreus, he can only do it in the area from the hut to the portal. I will arrange it first and give them a Big surprise!" Previous chapter table of contents bookmark next chapter

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