Godly Dragon Guard - v3 Chapter 5060 Hongji, I have seen the master!

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Hong Ji laughed at herself: "Perhaps as you said, this princess is ruining the Demon Realm, but that's just the result of winner and loser."

"Even if this princess is not your opponent, you don't want me to surrender!"

Shen Lang saw that Hong Ji couldn't be persuaded by his good words and kind words, gradually lost his patience, and said coldly: "Since you have admitted that you are ruining the Demon Realm, instead of letting the Demon Realm perish, let me take your place and become the What do you think of the new owner of Demon Realm?"

"What do you mean?" Hong Ji's pretty face changed color, and she had a bad premonition in her heart.

"Hmph, the meaning is very simple!"

Shen Lang's right hand turned into a devil's claw, and pressed on Hong Ji's head with lightning speed.

Hong Ji was caught off guard and was restrained by Shen Lang's claws.

"You... what do you want to do?!"

Hong Ji yelled out and struggled non-stop, but how could she break free from Shen Lang's palm.

A golden light surged in Shen Lang's palm, and he separated a ray of primordial spirit, which penetrated into Hongji's body.

Hong Ji's eyes were wide open, and she felt as if her primordial spirit had been parasitized by something, her brain was spinning and the pain was unbearable.

Since Shen Lang cultivated the blood nerves to the fourth level, the ability of the blood nerve refining soul has also been greatly improved, even to the point where he can refine other people's primordial spirits!

As long as one's primordial power is far stronger than the opponent's, one can use part of one's primordial power to invade the opponent's primordial spirit and refine it to achieve the purpose of controlling or even enslaving the opponent!

Back then, the Lord of the Demon Realm used this technique to control the Sky Devouring Worm, making it a spiritual pet.

After Shen Lang injected his own soul into Hong Ji's soul, he began to refine Hong Ji's soul.

This kind of "refinement" will not obliterate the other party's sanity, but more like imposing a spell similar to the blood deed in the soul, so that the other party will automatically have a sense of surrender, and dare not have a little resistance .

As Shen Lang continued to cast spells, Hong Ji was in unspeakable pain, a lot of sweat oozed from her snow-white neck, and her delicate body was trembling slightly.

"help me!"

Hong Ji's face was full of fear and despair. While she was still conscious, she called for help to the demon priests and generals on the red giant boat.

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"Protect the princess!"

A black-robed priest on the red giant boat roared, and then all the soldiers of the Demon Realm responded one after another, rushing towards Shen Lang.

However, at the moment when these demon soldiers rushed forward.

Shen Lang finished casting the spell.

Hong Ji beside him suddenly moved at this moment!

Hong Ji dodged, stopped in front of Shen Lang, and sternly yelled at a group of Demon Realm soldiers who rushed forward: "Stop, stop quickly!"

In the face of Hong Ji's yelling, the soldiers of the Demon Realm stopped after looking at each other.

Although Hong Ji's tone was as cold and severe as usual, there was an air of despair clearly exuding from her body.

Obviously, she has been completely enslaved by Shen Lang, and she can't resist any order of Shen Lang.

"From now on, you will be my Demon Pet, don't hesitate to call me master!" Shen Lang glanced at Hong Ji, and said in a cold tone.

Hong Ji's pretty face was full of pain, she turned around slowly, stared at Shen Lang, her body was still trembling slightly, as if she was struggling for the last time.

But in the end, she still failed to disobey Shen Lang's order, knelt down in front of Shen Lang, and shouted tremblingly: "Master..."

"The voice is too low to hear, please speak louder!"

Shen Lang looked down at Hong Ji condescendingly, with a mocking look on the corner of his mouth.

"Master... Hongji, I have seen the master!"

Hong Ji spoke word by word.

Seeing Hongji's humiliating appearance under him, Shen Lang relieved his anger instantly, and said with a sneer: "Princess Hongji, if I knew this earlier, why bother. If you could recognize the situation earlier, I wouldn't use force on you." .”

"But now...you'd better be my magic pet honestly."

The corner of Shen Lang's mouth twitched, and he smiled brightly.

Hong Ji's heart was ashamed, she knew that she had completely become Shen Lang's slave.

Not to mention disobeying Shen Lang's orders, he couldn't even kill himself.

Her heart also died at this moment.

The cultivators of the Demon Realm Army watched helplessly as Princess Hongji knelt down in front of this cultivator of the Human Realm, and even called him his master, and couldn't help being stunned.

The human domain army was also dumbfounded.

They thought that Shen Lang would either fight the princess of the Demon Realm Royal Family or persuade her to surrender, but they didn't expect that Shen Lang would directly enslave the Royal Princess of the Demon Realm.

This miraculous method is simply against the sky!

"The princess must have fallen into this villain's illusion, all the soldiers follow me to rescue the princess!"

The red-robed high priest in front of the demon army roared loudly.

Many demon soldiers responded one after another, and they were about to follow the red-robed high priest to rush forward to rescue Hongji.

But before all the demon soldiers rushed forward, Shen Lang's figure changed, and he turned into the posture of Chixuan's ancestor again, and he shouted: "You will disobey the ancestor in peace!!"

After the words fell, Shen Lang no longer suppressed his aura, and the huge demonic body exuded monstrous demonic energy, sweeping the world.

That supreme violent aura is indescribably terrifying, as if it can directly pierce people's souls!

The demon army on the opposite side was terrified by the breath released by Shen Lang, and their legs were weakening.

This kind of oppressive force and fear originating from the blood makes them dare not go forward at all!

Many demon cultivators were so frightened that they collapsed to the ground. The strong oppressive feeling of Chixuan's ancestor made their souls tremble greatly.

"You... don't think that you can scare us by pretending to be the ancestor!"

The red-robed high priest of Demon Realm has the cultivation base of the late stage of Shenyuan Realm, and he is the only one who can barely withstand the pressure of Shen Lang, and shouted at Shen Lang.

Shen Lang glanced at the thorny head of the red-robed high priest, and a black flame popped out from his fingers.

The flames hit the red-robed high priest almost at a speed of teleportation.

"Boom boom boom!"

Terrifying black flames rose up, instantly burning the body of the red-robed high priest.

The magic flame burned the primordial spirit of the red-robed high priest, but did not destroy his primordial spirit.

Shen Lang just wanted to punish him slightly.

The red-robed high priest felt as if his primordial spirit was being dragged into an endless sea of ​​blood.

"Kneel down!"

Shen Lang's incarnation as Chi Xuan's ancestor floated above the sea of ​​blood, with violent shouts from his mouth.

The entire sea of ​​blood was instantly shattered, and the blood was overwhelming.


The extreme terrifying coercion made the red-robed high priest kneel to the ground.

The intense horror and pain even caused his soul to shatter.

He has never seen such a terrifying spiritual will!

From this moment on, the red-robed high priest no longer doubted the identity of Shen Lang's ancestor, he directly knelt down, and begged: "This subordinate has no eyes, and has not known the real body of the ancestor, so I hope the ancestor will forgive me!"

Shen Lang withdrew his magical powers.

Hong Ji beside her shouted at the right time: "All the cultivators of the Demon Realm, hurry up and kneel down to pay respects to the ancestor!"

Following Hong Ji's sound, she fell down.

"Meet the ancestor!"

All the demon cultivators knelt down and bowed to Shen Lang.

In this way, Shen Lang easily took over the demon army.

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