Godly Dragon Guard - v3 Chapter 5061 Demon Realm and Fengma Ridge

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Under Hong Ji's order, the Demon Realm army re-boarded the warship and prepared to retreat to the Demon Realm.

Shen Lang also brought the human domain army into the Samsara Heavenly Palace, preparing to enter the demon domain with the demon domain army.

The maintenance time for the intersection of the realms is very short. Once the point of intersection is over, the human realm and the demon realm will be separated from each other, and it will be extremely difficult to re-enter the demon realm.

Shen Lang must seize this opportunity to enter the Demon Realm and find the fragments of the Dao of Heaven that were lost in the Demon Realm.

During the time when the demon army boarded the ship, Shen Lang asked Hong Ji: "I don't understand one thing, why is your demon domain so hostile to the human domain? Why do you want to fight with the human domain?"

Hong Ji didn't want to answer this question in her heart, but being restrained by Shen Lang, she could only grit her teeth and say, "That's because my Demon Realm Lord was killed by the evil **** Pangu of your Human Realm. As the descendants of the Divine Lord, the Demon Realm Royal Family should avenge the Divine Lord."

"So, eradicating the human domain has always been the long-cherished wish of my demon royal family!"

Shen Lang couldn't help frowning after hearing this.

The Lord of the Demon Realm that Hong Ji talks about is the Lord of the Demon Realm. And the evil **** Pangu she was talking about was the Lord of the Human Realm.

"Then do you know why your Demon Realm Lord and the Human Realm Lord want to kill each other?" Shen Lang asked with a frown.

"Isn't it because the evil **** Pangu tried to take away our Demon Realm!" Hong Ji scolded, her eyes full of resentment.

Shen Lang snorted coldly: "You are still the princess of the royal family, do you really believe that the two world masters will fight each other for such a superficial reason?"

Hong Ji turned her head away and kept silent.

She was indoctrinated with the idea that the human domain is the enemy of the demon domain since she was a child, and she couldn't turn the corner for a while.

Shen Lang didn't bother to talk nonsense to her, and said: "Forget it, if there is a chance, I will investigate this matter. This time I entered the Demon Realm to find something. As long as you cooperate with me to find that thing, I will automatically find it." Will release the slavery in your body and set you free."

After all, Shen Lang asked Hong Ji to bring the Demon Realm army, shuttle through the cracks in the interface, and retreat back to the Demon Realm.

As the red giant boat turned its direction, all the demon army turned and entered the interface crack.


The moment he entered the interface crack, Shen Lang could clearly feel the change in the interface space.

The power of the interface changes from weak to strong.

After passing through a large distorted space, Shen Lang finally came to the Demon Realm.

This is his first time entering the Demon Realm.

Shen Lang took a deep breath of air, the chaotic spiritual energy in the Demon Realm was very strong, mixed with a little magic energy, it could give him a sense of refreshment.

It can be seen that the interface energy of Demon Domain is much stronger than that of Human Domain, and the interface space is also very stable.

At least it can reach the level of the Human Domain Conferred Gods Era.

The scenes in the Demon Realm and the Human Realm are completely different. The sky and the earth are gray and the light is dim.

There are no mountains and rivers here, most of the areas are wilderness and jungles, flat and endless.

After sweeping his consciousness, he found that there are many creatures in the Demon Realm, but all of them are demons.

The area of ​​the Demon Realm is also several times larger than that of the Human Realm, and there is no such thing as boundary mountains and middle and lower level interfaces, only one interface.

Generally speaking, compared with the current desert scene of Human Realm, Demon Realm can be regarded as prosperous.

Of course, Shen Lang didn't come to Demon Realm for sightseeing, he immediately got down to business.

Shen Lang quickly closed his eyes, secretly activated the boundary-sealing astrolabe in his body, and tried his best to perceive the location of the Heavenly Dao fragments.

In an instant, he sensed a resonant force from the fragments of the heavenly dao.

This power of resonance comes from the western border of the Demon Realm.

Shen Lang felt mixed.

The good news is that there really are fragments of the Dao of Heaven in the Demon Realm!

Sadly, he only sensed the whereabouts of a fragment of the Dao of Heaven.

At the end of the Lich Tribulation, Hou Yi once told Shen Lang that two fragments of the Dao of Heaven had fallen into the Demon Realm.

But right now, Shen Lang only sensed the existence of a fragment of the Dao of Heaven, and the whereabouts of a fragment of the Dao of Heaven was unknown.

With Shen Lang's current cultivation base and the strength of his soul, as long as he is in the same space, it is unlikely that he will not be able to perceive the existence of fragments of the heavenly dao.

In short, Shen Lang didn't think too much about it for the time being, and decided to find the fragment of the Dao of Heaven that he found first.

He put the demon army on standby, and then used the space teleportation technique to create a space gap in front of him.

Afterwards, Shen Lang pulled Hong Ji into the gap in the space.

next moment.

Shen Lang was thrown by the space and came to a dark place.

There seemed to be a deserted forest in front of me, and the ground was bright red, as if soaked in blood.

There are potholes everywhere on the ground, some of which are very shallow, only a few feet or a few feet, and some are like an abyss with no bottom.

There are black tombstones standing in front of every pothole!

Terrifying demonic energy swept across the deserted forest, filled with tyrannical demonic energy and extremely strong evil spirit, making one's hair stand on end.

Such a frightening demonic energy, even if a monk under the demigod state is contaminated with even a trace, his body and soul will be instantly corrupted and perish in an instant.

Shen Lang could sense that the fragments of the Dao of Heaven were hidden in the deepest part of this wild forest.

The reason why he stopped here was because he found that there were powerful prohibition formations around the wild forest, and once he stepped into this wild forest, the prohibition would be triggered.

Seeing Shen Lang bringing her here, Hong Ji's pretty face instantly changed color.

Sensing the change in Hong Ji's mood, Shen Lang couldn't help asking: "What is this place?"

Hong Ji couldn't resist Shen Lang's will, so she had to answer honestly: "This place is called Fengmo Ridge, and it's the place where the powerful and ancestors of our Demon Realm are buried."

"No wonder there are such strong restrictions in this place..."

Shen Lang narrowed his eyes.

He stretched out his right finger, and a blood-colored beam of light suddenly shot out from the fingertip, hitting the forbidden barrier at the entrance of the wild forest.


Accompanied by a deafening roar sounded.

Shen Lang's attack touched the ban on Fengmo Ridge.

"Boom boom boom!"

The Fengmo Ridge with a radius of hundreds of thousands of miles suddenly began to vibrate, and manic, violent, and majestic magic lights shot up from the potholes in Fengmo Ridge.

Suddenly, magic light swept across the world.

The space where Shen Lang was located was distorted wantonly, and was swallowed by the magic light in an instant.

Seeing Shen Lang being swallowed up by the magic light, Hong Ji laughed sarcastically and said, "Hahaha, I thought you, a human rat with some knowledge, turned out to be just an idiot!"

"Knowing that Fengmo Ridge has a forbidden killing formation, but still triggering the prohibition rashly, it is really ignorant and arrogant!"

"That's fine, if we can use the Three Thousand Demon God Formation to get rid of this serious trouble, the Human Realm will be completely wiped out! This princess can also comfort the spirits of the ancestors of the Demon Realm."

Although Shen Lang died, Hong Ji would also die with her body and soul.

But she doesn't care about life or death anymore, as long as Shen Lang dies, the group of miscellaneous fish in the human domain can be wiped out.

At the same time that Hong Ji couldn't stop laughing.

Shen Lang was drawn into the Scarlet Wasteland by the magic light.

The wind is blowing, the sky is full of smoke and dust, and there is a strong smell of blood in the air. The smell of killing makes the blood spurt!

Three thousand demon gods stood on the sky, looking down at Shen Lang from a high position, giving people a strong visual impact!


Shen Lang raised his eyebrows, and he found that the three thousand demon gods that appeared in this wasteland were not illusory, but real demon primordial spirits.

Moreover, the cultivation bases of these Demon Lord Primordial Spirits all exceed the Divine Source Realm, and there are even a few big demons at the Divine Sea Realm level!

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