Godly Student - Chapter 5461 Is Jin Chan crazy?

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"These guys actually have wings? This is ridiculous!" Hei Mo couldn't believe that these guys actually flew towards them, but they actually flew over again.

"Hmph! Even if you have wings, I will kill you!" Although the black demon was shocked, he was not so scared that he didn't dare to make a move.

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It's just that those guys have wings, so they easily avoided the blow, and spit out a huge spider web towards the black devil.


Seeing this situation, the black demon once again slashed out with his sword, wanting to cut through the spider web just like he did to those mortal-level fairy tarantulas before.

But this time it was completely different. The sword energy failed to cut through the spider web, and directly caught it. Not only was the black demon unable to break free for a while, but he also felt a little dizzy.

But Cheng Yu next to him cut the spider web with a sword. Seeing that the black demon was falling straight down, the white demon grabbed him.

"Old Hei, how are you?" Seeing that something was obviously wrong with the Black Demon, the White Demon turned pale with shock.

"He was poisoned by the poisonous fairy tarantula, you go ahead to the map of mountains and rivers, these virtual immortals are no longer what you can deal with." Cheng Yu said.

"But there are so many of them, young master, how can you handle them alone?" White Demon was a little reluctant.

With so many virtual fairy-level fairy tarantulas, Cheng Yu was obviously no match by himself, how could he escape like this.

"You go in first, Xu Xian won't let me escape, and I still have three magic pets, they can still hold on!

You also saw just now that in front of Xu Xian, your methods are useless to them.

In such a situation, you will only hinder me! "Cheng Yu shouted loudly.

"Okay, young master, be careful, I'll go in and detoxify him first!" The white demon saw that other fairy tarantulas at the virtual fairy level had already flown towards them, and then saw that the black demon had fallen into a coma. He really couldn't help Cheng Yu anymore, so he had no choice but to enter the map of mountains and rivers.

On the side of the three magic pets, Hongyu's flames have also become extremely limited in deterring these virtual fairy-level fairy tarantulas.

As for Huo Yu, it was because of Long Yan's presence that these guys were forced not to approach the three of them.

The other fairy tarantulas all set their targets on Cheng Yu's body and flew towards him alone.

But Cheng Yu is not as strong as the black and white demons, and the Xuxians he killed are not one or two.

Even if it was a little more this time, Cheng Yu was calm in the face of danger. First of all, Long Yan walked first, and the whole sky seemed to be turned into a sea of ​​flames, making it impossible for these fairy tarantulas to get close to him.

However, Long Yan's deterrent effect on Xu Xian is also very limited, even if those Long Yan turned into fire dragons and entangled them, these fairy tarantulas actually sprayed out a foul-smelling liquid to kill them.

Seeing this scene, Cheng Yu was also very helpless.

Because he knew that the gap between his current realm and Xuxian was too big, and because he was still a mortal, he had not become a fairy, so this Long Yan could not evolve again, so it was impossible for him to kill the enemy as easily as before. incinerate.

However, this was not the first time this happened, so he was already prepared in his heart, and he never thought that he would really rely on Long Yan to wipe out these fairy tarantulas.

But even if he doesn't have Long Yan now, he might be beheading Xu Xian, because he already has other more powerful and practical means.

I saw Cheng Yu's momentum suddenly increased, and it seemed to be completely different from the Cheng Yu just now.

Just like the mortal fairy tarantulas below who can't fly, and the virtual fairy-level fairy tarantulas flying in the sky now, although they are all fairy tarantulas, their auras are completely different.

Even the black and white demons could feel such an obvious difference, so they knew that they had no way to kill these virtual fairy-level fairy tarantulas.

And now the aura emitted by Cheng Yu obviously startled the fairy tarantulas, not a single fairy tarantula dared to charge towards Cheng Yu.

But they didn't dare to move, but that didn't mean Cheng Yu didn't dare to move.

The power of the nine clones is superimposed on Cheng Yu's body at this time, and the power is naturally not a joke.

"Holy Emperor Slash!" It's the same move, but different powers are used, and the power is also one from the sky and the other from the ground.


The fairy tarantula closest to Cheng Yu was immediately chopped off by him. Although he couldn't kill it with a single blow, Cheng Yu killed six of the guy's eight legs, leaving only the rear left The side two are just complete now.

Even its wings were chopped off in half, and it couldn't fly anymore, so it just fell down.

At this moment, a long tongue actually entangled the fairy tarantula, and then retracted it.

Cheng Yu's eyes froze. Jin Chan was so courageous that he swallowed that half-mutilated fairy tarantula in his mouth!

"You're crazy!" Cheng Yu was really frightened. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com

Jin Chan's current strength is indeed much stronger than ordinary Fan Xian, but no matter how powerful Fan Xian is, he can't compare with Xu Xian.

Even if this fairy tarantula was disabled by him and its strength has been greatly reduced, it is still a fairy beast of the virtual fairy level, and it is not something that the golden toad of the mortal fairy level can resist.

This guy actually swallowed it in one gulp, so he won't be blown up.

To be honest, Cheng Yu had high hopes for Jin Chan.

Because Golden Toad is good at using poison, this is a very powerful group killing skill. If it is well cultivated, it can play a very important role in the battle against the Nei Dynasty in the future.

To be honest, if they could secretly put a batch of poison on the immortals in the inner dynasty first, so that they were all poisoned, then when they went to war with them, their Cheng family's advantage would be self-evident.

Even if there is no way to poison them in advance, even if it is only on the frontal battlefield, poisons like the Golden Toad are of great use on the battlefield.

So he really wanted to train Jin Chan well.

But this guy's actions now are a little too impulsive. He even dared to swallow a fairy beast of the virtual fairy level in one gulp, which really scared him.

Whoosh whoosh!

But those fairy tarantulas didn't give Cheng Yu a chance to check on Jin Chan's situation, they all flew towards Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu is very anxious at this time, Jin Chan is such a good helper, don't ruin it here, it will really be a big loss.

"Holy Emperor Slash!" Seeing that these fairy tarantulas wanted to interfere with him, he was even more furious, and a powerful force surged out again, chopping down on these fairy tarantulas.

The first two fairy tarantulas were cut off by him again!

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