Here Comes The Lady Chef - Chapter 561 [Extra 4] Count money

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Someone asked, isn't "Cookie Coming" a farming text?

Isn't farming Wen just to get rich and make money?

Why did you look good in the early days? It was winemaking, raises, dividends, and opening shares ... but when you entered the palace, Liu Heng ’s wealthy emperor was always “reward!”

Later, there were military merits and meal merits, plus everything from her queen mother, her old lady and Princess Yunluo, etc ...

Should gentleness make a lot of money? Why is there no final explanation?

Hey, in fact, everyone knows that gentleness is a rebirth. The main purpose of her rebirth in this life is to find out the truth and then avenge her. By the way, let's solve the relationship. Therefore, money is really something to her, she has never thought about it or counted it.

However, since everyone has this request, hey, then Rong Rong will help the gentle girl to count.

However, Rong Rong's math was taught by a physical education teacher. The college entrance examination failed. Can you count it clearly? My parents have expressed too much hope ~ Hehe, the difference is not bad o (n_n) o ~~

In those years, the silver money from making Chaolu liquor was calculated based on one or two silvers per altar. At first, the income in Xianyang was 500 silvers a year. Later, when he arrived in Xi'an, the recipe for winemaking was left to relatives in Xianyang, that is, It is said that both ends are making money; Xi'an is a provincial capital and naturally has greater purchasing power than Xianyang. It is conservatively estimated that you have to double your income in a year, plus the money you earn in Xianyang. 1500 two silver.

Later, I used 500 yuan to buy a house in Xi'an. At that time, if I did not count the wages in Xi'an, my net income for a year would have to be 1,000 yuan.

Didn't Master Qiao agree to give Chef Wen a share? The business of Zuixianlou is so good. One year, Wen Shouzheng's dividend must be 500 yuan. Chef! Divided more naturally!

In addition, gentle work in Zuixianlou was originally an apprenticeship. Later, Master Qiao was not the kind of black trader withholding wages, and naturally he would also pay wages, not to mention the gentle craftsmanship of others!

It is conservatively estimated that 200 yuan will be earned in a gentle year.

There are red envelopes for the Chinese New Year.

I did n’t stay in Xi'an for a long time. I went to Beijing in one year. However, the real estate in Xi'an was sold. According to the increase in house prices, I sold it and made money. In addition, Wen ’s father and daughter had a good reputation. When the small courtyard was sold, it cost 800 yuan. If the property was divided according to law, it would have 200 yuan to inherit.

The housing in Beijing was given by the Qiao family, so no money was spent.

Later, Gen Shou went on an expedition with the army of Sheng Yaoshan, and Wen Shouzheng was not idle, did he not set up a food stall in the downtown area of ​​Beijing? It belongs to selling without capital, and business is so good. It is conservatively estimated that you have to earn 200 yuan.

After the addition, come back gently and get 50 two rewards.

Later, after learning the truth, Liu Heng probably felt that he had treated me softly, and Xu sealed it a little bit. Conservatively, the emperor, given the lack of face, is not good-looking, naturally it is about 200.

Later, Gentle followed Nangong Xue into the palace to see the elderly mother of her queen mother, and she also received a reward. Conservative estimates, queen mother, naturally, it is more than the emperor, 300 or two!

After that, gentle entering the palace to make the imperial kitchen, naturally Lu Lu will not be less, based on 200 per year. During the period, he rescued Princess Yunyao and got a reward, about one hundred and twenty gold, thousands of pieces of cloth, and ten thousand hectares of good land.

The palace has made many contributions, and Liu Heng gave a piecemeal reward of about 500 yuan.

Princess Yunluo's sporadic rewards are also about 500 yuan.

In the palace of the princesses and princesses, the odd rewards were about 500 yuan.

There is also the income from their own brewing in the same period. The price and purchasing power of Beijing are larger than the provincial capital. A conservative estimate is that the wine price is 1,000 yuan a year.

Later, Gentle thought that Ren Yue was dead. A person made a living by selling acacia in the desert, and conservatively estimated that he earned 100 two in two years.

In addition, ~ ~ and confused Rong Rong were rewarded for a moment, but later forgot the statistics, a conservative estimate is 100 two.

Then the story began in Chengde in 28 years, and ended in Chengyou four years, a whole ten years.

Our heroine alone is gentle and has earned a total of these years:

500 + 1500-500 + 200 + 10 + 200 + 200 + 50 + 200 + 300 + 200 * 3 + 500 + 500 + 500 + 1000 * 6 + 100 * 2 + 100 = 11260

Otherwise: one hundred and twenty gold + one thousand pieces of cloth + ten thousand hectares of good land ...

In addition, whether it is farming, building or leasing, the rich income is conceivable. It can hardly be measured by silver ...

In short, our heroine is super rich, or a super landlord, it's a rich country! Hey ~

Are you satisfied o (n_n) o ~~ (To be continued) ()

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