His Son Has a Richest Billionaires Dad - Chapter 64 Extra and deputy

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Everything was a natural thing. After kissing at the cafe, the two went directly to the hotel next to the central square.

It was a room with a particularly good orientation, and most of the capital was shrouded in sight.

As soon as he entered the room, Tan Hong was about to turn on the lights in the room. The next moment, his body was rattled, and hit the door panel. The ensuing kiss was densely packed.

In the coffee shop's private room, Tan Hong's lips were a little tingling. Now when he arrives at the hotel room, Hong Zhan seems to have no worries at all and kisses Tan Hong fiercely and enthusiastically.

This kiss suffocated Tan Hong. The room was not completely dark. The sky had a half-round meniscus. The thin moonlight fell from the floor-to-ceiling window into the room. In the darkness, Tan Hong saw Hongzhan's bright eyes, as if it were a kind of darkness. The hunter here has captured his prey and is enjoying the excitement of the prey.

Obviously, Tan Hong is the prey.

Tan Hong knew that Hong Zhan had been in the army. He also knew that the strength level of the two people was not on one level, but he was clasped by Hong Zhan's wrists and pressed against the door, and his entire body was like Imprisoned and unable to move, Tan Hong still struggled.

However, this struggle, for Hong Zhan, he was easily killed by him.

Tan Hong took his foot to fight the flood, instead he let Hongzhan grab his foot.

The intertwined lips of the two finally got separated. The hot air exhaled by Hong Zhan sprayed on Tan Hong's face, taking the heat with a strong heartfelt desire, Tan Hong's eyes flickered, and he was a little scared of Hong. war.

He gasped slightly and made a panting sound. Hearing Hong Zhan's ears, he just felt that it was necessary to hook more people. There was no one who could think of Tan Hong. Just the sound made Hong Zhan's whole body excited.

He wanted to possess Tan Hong, from the inside to the outside, to completely possess people.

The two eyes were entangled in each other's eyes tightly, and no one spoke, and this state continued, what would happen naturally.

Tan Hong gave birth to a desire to escape, because it reminded him that night a month or two ago, it was not a good experience for Tan Hong.

But this time, at the same time, the body's reaction changes, and it is not something Tan Hong wants to pretend to be without.

His body responded to Hong Zhan. He was kissed a few times by the other side, and the reaction below was real.

The same was true of Hong Zhan. Tan Hong felt it, and felt it very clearly.

He was afraid of what was going to happen. It was impossible for him to fight the flood. When Tan Hong had bright and sharp eyes like the beasts on the flood, Tan Hong had a hunch. He wanted to stop. Won't stop.

His lips were slightly numb. Tan Hong licked his upper and lower lips. He wanted to say something, but those words got stuck in his throat.

With one foot still in the palm of the flood, Tan Hong went to resist the flood. The next moment, Tan Hong exclaimed.

Seeing that Hong Zhan suddenly stooped, and then tugged Tan Hong up like a kid, and lifted Tan Hongyu off the ground.

Suddenly volleyed, Tan Hong was startled, Hong Zhan strangled him, turned around and walked to the big bed.

Tan Hong was thrown up. Although the bed was covered with soft bedding, he was dizzy for a moment when he was thrown up.

When he just turned over and wanted to sit up, a dark, mountain-like body fell in front of him.

Tan Hong took his arms to block subconsciously, his wrists were caught by Hong Zhan, and they were pressed on both sides of Tan Hong's body.

"No ..." Tan Honggang said a word. His lips were blocked by the flood, and his tongue was numb as if not his own. Tan Hong's body shook slightly, not because of fear, but because of layers. Cover the thrill.

This night's flood battle finally possessed Tan Hong completely and the people he liked, and Tan Hong also accidentally discovered that he seems to have the talent to be below, the joy of his body and soul. If he does not want to deny, he can deny it. Got it.

When the New Year bell rang, Hong Zhan attached to Tan Hong's ear and said 'I love you'. Tan Hong's eyes widened sharply. He stared at the man who was in direct contact with him. He heard himself suddenly speeding up. His heartbeat, he should have long acknowledged that in fact he also likes the flood, otherwise he would not be allowed to be moved by the flood.

Tan Hong avoided the eyes of Hong Zhan's deep love. He was not so clear at that moment. How much Hong Zhan loved him, he felt that it was difficult for him to do the same.

Hong Zhan noticed Tan Hong's avoidance. He pulled Tan Hong up and sat in his arms. The sudden change of position caused Tan Hong to sob.

The darkness in the room covered Tan Hong's crimson skin, and the night had just begun.

The next day Tan Hong woke up at about noon. When he got up, he found that he was alone in the room, and his heart was filled with an unspeakable gloom. When the voice came from the toilet, Tan Hong's face changed instantly. Hong Zhan pushed out the door and walked quickly to the bedside. He reached out and rubbed Tan Hong's hair to smooth Tan Hong.

"Sorry, I was out of control last night." Hong Zhan never apologized in front of Tan Hong. This was his first apology. Tan Hong moved a bit, indeed, the entire body was disassembled and reassembled. same.

Tan Hong lifted the quilt and got out of bed. His feet just stepped on the ground, and his brows frowned suddenly.

Hong Zhan reached out to support Tan Hong. Tan Hong froze for a moment, but did not open Hong Zhan's hand.

After packing up, the two went down to check out.

Sitting in the car, Tan Hong leaned on the chair, Hong Zhan stared at Tan Hong lovingly, this is the person he likes, the person he loves, can meet Tan Hong at this point in time, Hong Zhan I am very grateful.

He stroked Tan Hong's cheek with the back of his hand. Tan Hong hid this time, and Hong Zhan immediately gave a hearty laugh.

The car drove to Tan Hong's home. Hong Zhan would have thought about going directly in the car. He told his parents that he liked Tan Hong and hoped that the two elders would agree to be together.

However, Hong Zhan changed his mind temporarily, and was prepared to wait. Now, empty-handed, just come to the door, the etiquette is wrong.

Hong Zhan watched Tan Hong enter the house, stood outside for a while, and then turned to leave.

His parents were not at home and went out early. Tan Hong walked back to his room and took another set of clean clothes out of the closet. A friend called him and asked him to go out. Tan Hong said he was uncomfortable.

"Has a cold? First grader, right?"

"Not a cold." Tan Hong coughed, and his throat was a little dumb.

"Don't you say it's a cold? Go to the hospital and don't drag it." My friend cared.

"Just lie down for a while."

Tan Hong did not want to go to the hospital.

After all, this is the first time of Tan Hong, the first time to do the following, at night, Tan Hong still started a fever, the whole person flushed, his family sent him to the hospital, the doctor gave Tan Hong an infusion, the parents It was noticed that the marks on Tan Hong's wrists were a little abnormal. The couple then checked the other places on Tan Hong's body and found that there were more marks under the clothes. The two people who saw the marks knew what was going on.

The son is now ill and it is impossible to ask him. The two knew that Tan Hong went out with Hong Zhan yesterday. Tan ’s father went outside and called Hong Zhan. He asked Hong Zhan whether Tan Hong had been with him last night. Flooding together.

At the beginning, Hong Zhan didn't know that Tan Hong had a fever. It was only the two of them when he returned. Following his father Tan told Hong Zhan that his son had a fever, gave the clinic address and let Hong Zhan pass.

Hurrying over, as soon as I got to the clinic, Hong Zhan got out of the car and saw the father Tan standing on the steps. The other person's eyes were inscrutable, and staring at Hong Zhan was like staring at any enemy.

Hong Zhan's mind turned quickly, guessing that Father Tan might know something, he walked up quickly.

"I persecuted Tan Hong, and he was unwilling. This is my fault." Hong Zhan apologized sincerely.

Father Tan pursed his lips and said nothing.

"I like Tan Hong. If you allow me, I will be nice to him in this life."

Hong Zhan kept his attitude very low. Now that they have found out, Father Tan has taken this opportunity to confess everything, sooner or later.

"You said, you forced him?" Father Tan frowned.

Hong Zhan nodded.

Mr. Tan's fist was pinched. Although there were not many pedestrians on the roadside, there were still some people. Mr. Tan's father restrained his anger.

"I still know what my son is. If you really force him, do you think you can still stand in front of me without any problems?" Tan Hong has never been frustrated since he was a kid, and both of them have Tan Hong in their arms. Petted in the palm of his hand, this child is also sensible. Although he likes to play, he always has a sense of doing things. Father Tan does not think that Hong Zhan can really do that kind of thing to his son if Tan Hong does not want to.

"He likes you."

Suddenly, Father Tan said this.

Hong Zhan froze slightly.

"I can transfer two-thirds of all assets and industries in my name to Tan Hong's name. I am sincere to him, not just playing around."

I didn't think much about it before the Hong Zhan battle. At present, it seems that there is a lot of room for change in the attitude of Father Tan.

However, he did not expect that when he said this, he angered Father Tan, and Father Tan's eyes were severe: "You want me to sell my son?"

The volume was a little loud, and even the mother Tan in the clinic came out.

When they saw her outside, their expressions changed slightly.

"Standing cold outside, all came inside." Tan's eyes fell on Hong Zhan for a while, then said.

Hong Zhan got permission to bypass Father Tan and rushed into the clinic first.

Father Tan turned and met his wife's eyes.

"Let him like what the son likes." Compared with other mothers, Tan wants her son to be happy. She is not the kind of person who can hiccup. Children and grandchildren have children and grandchildren. If the child really wants it, she Will bless the child.

"He's with the man, and depending on the situation, it's still below ..." Father Tan said here and stopped his voice.

Mother Tan smiled, soothing her husband's emotions.

The three have been with Tan Hong. Tan Hong was sober-conscious and opened his eyes to see the parents and Hong Zhan in the room.

While Hong Zhan was still holding his hand, Tan Hong looked blank, not

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Father Tan snorted and said he was okay, so he left first.

"Mother Tan and Hong Zhan said:" You need to take good care of him. If you don't take good care of it, you won't have to use it in the future. "Looking at the words mildly, it was actually threatening.

"Mom?" Tan Hong couldn't understand why his parents accepted it so easily.

Mother Tan walked over and gently stroked her son's hair: "Mom and dad's only wish is to like you, if you like the flood, then be with him. If he bullies you, mom will help you find another better one. . "

Mother Tan did not watch Hong Zhan, but she was essentially told to Hong Zhan.

Hong Zhan took Tan Hong's hand, bowed his head and kissed Tan Hong's back, he said, "I won't bully you."

Shortly after Tan ’s mother left, Hong Zhan took Tan Hong out of the clinic. He took off his jacket, put it on Tan Hong ’s shoulders, and hugged people as if he was afraid that Tan Hong would lose it.

"My dad keeps thinking about seeing you again. Will you go to my house when you get sick?"

Hong Zhan took Tan Hong's hand and asked.

Tan Hong looked down for a long time, raised his eyes, and nodded: "Okay."

A few days later, the two boarded a plane back to Yiyang. On the plane, Tan Hong took the initiative to hold Hong Zhan's hand. Hong Zhan's backhand and his fingers were fastened.

Although there are some twists and turns in the process, fortunately, this result is very good.

Hong Zhan kissed on Tan Hong's cheek, and Tan Hong lifted the corners of his lips, feeling happy.

It turns out that love is like this. Tan Hong thought it was difficult to meet his loved one in this life, but it wasn't.

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