His Son Has a Richest Billionaires Dad - Chapter 65 Extra and deputy

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After spending years in his own home, Tan Hong flew to Yiyang with Hong Zhan who has been promoted to his boyfriend.

When he passed, Cheng Yang happened to return home with her husband, so this time the two did not meet up.

The plane landed and set foot on the capital city of Yiyang again. This time Tan Hong's mood was completely different from the previous two times.

The weather was fine and there were no clouds. The people were contacted early in the flood, and those who came to pick up the plane were waiting outside the airport early.

Hong Zhan called over there, waited a few minutes with Tan Hong at the roadside, and the car drove over. Tan Hong wanted to live here for a few days, so he brought a few sets of clothes and packed them in a small suitcase. in.

As for the flood battle, he brought nothing. His home was in Yiyang, and everything was available.

Hong Zhan carried Tan Hong's suitcase and put it in the back compartment. Tan Hong was standing by the door of the car and didn't sit in the car immediately. He suddenly felt a sense of untrue and looked straight at him. Flood battle.

Hong Zhan came to Tan Hong and asked him what happened.

Tan Hong shook his head slightly.

"Don't be nervous, I have told my family, they all like you." As long as Hong Zhan likes him, no matter what the other person looks like, from his family's perspective, he will only be glad that he is finally not a bachelor The requirements of the family are so low.

And now he can get Tan Hong, which has far exceeded everyone's expectations at home.

"I'm not nervous." Tan Hong argued.

"Let's go." Hong Zhan grabbed Tan Hong's back and motioned to the other side to get in the car.

When the car started, Tan Hong pursed his lips. When the car left the driveway near the airport and entered the main city, Tan Hong suddenly asked who was there in Hong Zhan's home.

"My parents, and my elder brother-in-law, my nephew, Hong Yao is three years old." Hong Zhan pulled Tan Hong's hand, put it on his own leg, and clasped the other's hand tightly.

Tan Hong turned his eyes and looked out the window of the car. Although the city is strange, these scenes make Tan Hong more and more like it. It seems good to live here in the future.

Tan Hong had a similar idea when he came here for the first time, and now with Hong Zhan, this idea came up again.

Tan Hong flicked his fingers to hold Hong Zhan back.

The car passed through several bustling neighborhoods. Tan Hong saw a brilliant commercial building not far away. He looked back at the driver who was driving in front.

"Stop in front," Tan Hong said.

The driver went to see Hong Zhan from the mirror, and the latter said nothing. The driver just noticed that Hong Zhan captured Tan Hong's body. The gesture was obvious enough that the two would not be ordinary friends.

The speed dropped and when stopped in front of the commercial building, it stopped.

"I'm going to buy something." Tan Hong and Hong Zhandao pushed open the door. "Are you waiting for me in the car?"

At least in Tan Hong's opinion, Hong Zhan definitely didn't like shopping.

"I'll go with you." Hong Zhan won't let the future daughter-in-law go alone, but his wife who has managed to turn around, what should I do if I lose it.

Tan Hong bent his eyes slightly, his smile seemed to escape from his eyes.

The two walked side by side toward the commercial building, standing upright, walking in the crowd, quite eye-catching.

Hong Zhanyue didn't know that Tan Hong suddenly got off the car midway, what he was going to buy.

Hong Zhan rarely accompanies people to shopping malls. During the New Year, shopping for the family is basically to help the people below. For the first time, I accompany the people I like to go to the mall, walk through various stores, everywhere. Thinking of the battle, although he had sent Tan Hong something before, nothing was worn on Tan Hong at this time.

As the passing of a high-end men's clothing store, the flood stopped.

The clothes inside are relatively British style, and the proportion of the figure is relatively high. Tan Hong glanced back from the window to Hong Zhan, but according to the proportion of Hong Zhan, he can be called a perfect figure. These clothes will not set him off, and He set off these clothes.

"Take a look?" Tan Hong saw Hong Zhan staring inside, thinking that Hong Zhan wanted to buy clothes. He didn't know yet, Hong Zhan wanted to buy him.

Not just clothes, Hong Zhan wanted Tan Hong to wear all the clothes he bought for him from head to toe.

In this way, Tan Hong is completely his.

For a single person who has been single for so long, and suddenly meets someone he likes so much, Hong Zhan ’s expression of love may be a little different from the general public.

The men's clothing store is a women's shopping guide. The shopping guide saw a customer coming in and smiled brightly. Especially when they noticed that the two people who came in were handsome and handsome, especially Hong Zhan. This was a tall, tall man with a wide shoulder and a narrow waist. The long legs are not inferior to the male models in the photos in the store, which directly makes the shopping guide's eyes slightly straight.

Hong Zhan is probably accustomed to a similar look. Tan Hong here, I do n’t know if it is because of a partial change in identity and role. When I noticed that the shopping guide obviously saw the smile during the Hong Zhan period, it was a little deeper than when he looked at him, and he suddenly wanted to change. A family.

Turning ideas into ideas, it is estimated that if you change houses, Tan Hong may turn to look at the clothes in the store.

Hong Zhan said to the shopping guide who came to the front: "Find some suits for him."

Suddenly this sentence brought Tan Hong's attention back.

"Did you not buy it?" Tan Hong asked directly.

"No." Hong Zhan showed a very shallow smile. His smile was usually not deep, but with a smile, the whole cold face softened accordingly. In the black eyes of Tan Hong, he could not cover or hide. Love to live.

"I don't have to. I have enough clothes." Tan Hong didn't want to try on clothes, which seemed too troublesome to him.

Hong Zhan turned to Tan Hong, and his voice suddenly had a sense of confusion and still asking. He also knew that in front of Tan Hong, Hong Zhan would have such a low profile.

He said, "I want to buy it for you. I think you are wearing everything I bought for you."

Hong Zhan's tone was not low. Several shopping guides from the store heard it. Looking at Hong Zhan's eyes staring at Tan Hong's eyes, he immediately understood the relationship between the two.

The sudden onlookers made Tan Hong a little uncomfortable.

Hong Zhan looked at a few shopping guides, and the people he saw had convergent expressions.

"The two gentlemen will do it for a while. I'll get it." One of the shopping guides responded quickly and broke the suffocating depression brought about by the flood.

Hong Zhan nodded: "Well."

Hong Zhan took Tan Hong's hand and sat on the rest sofa. The shopping guide here has excellent working ability. Probably by looking at Tan Hong's figure, I don't know what size Tan Hong can wear.

Tan Hong understands the character of Hong Zhan. To a certain extent, men are quite strong and imperious. In theory, Tan Hong does not like such a character, but who loves it, at least now. Tan Hong felt that this strength did not make him resentful.

"This one." Tan Hong picked it up and chose a brown-gray casual outfit.

What Tan Hong meant was to wrap it up without trying, but in the end, Hong Zhan asked Tan Hong to go through the dressing room.

"Try it, it's still early." Hong Zhandao.

"Just that." Tan Hong made some concessions.

Tan Hong took his clothes into the fitting room, and it changed quickly. He walked out after a while. A shopping guide poured two cups of hot water. Hong Zhan took a cup and just drank two. Zhan had leaned away on the back of the sofa, her eyes were stunning.

A simple but tailored British style casual wear was worn on Tan Hong's body, showing that beautiful figure to the fullest, giving a visually beautiful experience.

Hong Zhan suddenly got up and strode toward Tan Hong.

Tan Hong turned to look at himself in the mirror. The clothes fit unexpectedly, and he was more comfortable than he thought.

"Where is it uncomfortable to wear?" Hong Zhan hand fell to Tan Hong's neckline and reasoned.

Tan Hong shook his head, his eyes were extremely clean.

"Bring the scissors." Hong Zhan stood beside Tan Hong and said to the shopping guide.

The shopping guide turned around and went to the cashier to get the scissors.

Tan Hong frowned slightly, knowing the meaning of Hong Zhan, he wanted to go back and change the original suit.

"Just wear this suit." Hong Zhan flicked over Tan Hong's waist, and the suit on his body was similar in color to Tan Hong's suit, looking at it as a couple outfit.

Suddenly, Hong Zhan approached Tan Hong's cheek, and while Tan Hong was unprepared to kiss, Tan Hong's expression was cold, and his elbow was on the top of Hong Zhan's belly. Hong Zhan grabbed Tan Hong's arm and relieved Tan Hong's strength.

Tan Hong also wanted to push Hong Zhan away, and the shopping guide came over with scissors.

Hong Zhan took the scissors and cut the tag on his clothes.

Coming out of the men's clothing store, Hong Zhan and Tan Hong went to the shoe store again. Tan Hong began to regret the decision to get off the car.

The man really carried out what he said earlier, so that Tan Hong's body was replaced with the clothes he bought.

At some point, Hong Zhan was still holding Tan Hong's shoulder, and he spoke something that made Tan Hong's ears instantly red.

The man's eyes were as sharp as those of the jungle hunter. He whispered, his voice was thick and magnetic: "Baby, why don't you go to the toilet and change your underwear?"

In these words, Tan Hong didn't know how Hong Zhan could think of it. He stared fiercely at Hong Zhan. The Hong Zhan leaned over and the people around him wanted to kiss Tan Hong that way.

Tan Hong was scared, and he immediately warned of the flood.

Hong Zhan retreated back instantly, I do n’t know why, I like to see Tan Hong ’s angry look, it is so cute that I want to hold people in my arms immediately.

There is also a jewellery shop in the commercial building. It is Tan Hong's intention to enter the jewellery shop. Anyway, this is the case, and he has nothing to consider.

He was bought by Hong Zhan. People who didn't know might think he was raised by Hong Zhan. Tan Hong laughed in his heart.

At the jewelry store, Tan Hong asked employees to pick up a couple of rings.

"It's all men's," Tan Hong reminded deliberately.

The employees looked at Tan Hong and Hong Zhan in shock.

Taken out of the ring, Tan Hong took one and let Hong Zhan handle it.

Hong Zhan looked petulantly at Tan Hong and stretched out his hand. Tan Hong put the ring on Hong Zhan's hand.

"It seems quite appropriate." Tan Hong looked at it carefully.

He put the remaining one in his hands, and it seemed a little bigger, and the staff turned to get the same one.

"If this ring is dropped, you can roll it." Tan Hong hooked the corners of his lips, and his brows were arrogant and proud.

It may be repugnant to change his attitude to do this personally, but Tan Hong is handsome enough, anyway, he likes his Hong Zhan's eyes, what does he think and how his little lover looks good.

For letting him go, he fought with one ear in and one ear out.

The two originally came in to buy gifts for Hong Zhan's family. As a result, the main purpose was not completed.

Later, Brother Hong Zhan called and asked where they were. The two remembered what they were doing. They bought some gifts at a faster speed, returned to the car, and went to Hong Zhan's parents' house.

Tan Hong had met Hong Zhan ’s father before, but Hong Zong ’s elder brother Tan Hong had not seen him. By the time he had n’t got out of the car, the Hong family heard the sound and walked out.

As soon as Tan Hong got out of the car, he looked at a few pairs of eyes as soon as he raised his eyes. They were curious when they were friendly. They were looking at Tan Hong. A soy beanie stared at Tan Hong with a pair of **** eyes, waiting for Tan Hong and Hong Zhan past tense.

Xiaodou Ding shouted suddenly and suddenly, "Second Uncle!"

This title directly stopped Tan Hong. Xiaodou Ding blinked with big eyes. He broke away from his father's hand and ran to Hong Zhan and Tan Hong. He raised his face.

"Uncle, I'm so handsome."

"Of course it's handsome. The one your uncle has chosen is definitely the best." Hong Zhan crouched down and hugged his little nephew.

He held his nephew and turned to Tan Hong: "Your second wife bought you a small gift."

"Really?" The nephew was very happy.

Tan Hong really wanted to say that I wasn't your second wife, but surrounded by Hong Zhan's family members. He planned to sleep alone at night and not let Hong Zhan go to bed.

Definitely can't be angry with the children, this anger naturally has to fall on the flood.

Hong Zhan ’s family members are quite kind and easy to get along with. He treats Tan Hong with special enthusiasm. His father waited so long and finally waited until the younger son brought his wife to the house. He was crying with joy.

I also called the father of Yan Yan to let his old friends share his joy.

The Hong family's house is large and the family atmosphere is good. Although Tan Hong came here for the first time, he still felt relaxed and invited someone to cook specially, but Tan Hong came and ordered a restaurant outside for dinner.

At night, when Tan Hong was taking a bath, he transferred to a room next door. Everything was in the room, and Tan Hong closed the door and locked it.

When Hong Zhan came out of the bath, the daughter-in-law was gone.

I thought that Tan Hong had gone to pick up hot water and waited for a while, but still did not see Tan Hong return.

Going for a circle, but did not find Tan Hong.

Called Tan Hong, and Tan Hong said he was next door.

Hong Zhan opened the door and found it locked.

When he called Tan Hong again, Tan Hong hung up.

The other family members were in their bedrooms and did not know what was going on outside.

The spare key of the room in the house, Hong's father knew where to put it, Tan Hong didn't come back often and didn't remember it.

As for sleeping this night alone?

That must be impossible.

The room was on the second floor. When Hong Zhan went out, he went around to the left of the house, moved his bones twice, and climbed the wall to the second floor three or two times.

Tan Hong took off his clothes and took a shower in the bathroom. The bathroom door was not closed. Suddenly he saw the door being pushed open and turned around. Tan Hong saw wearing a nightgown, approaching him step by step, his face was quite gloomy.

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