Hokage: Ryo’s Path - Chapter 559 Terrorist war

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In the eyes of the reincarnation, Jiu Jiyu wrote back to the wheel and added the jade. In the face of these enemies, Shan Zhongyuan’s heart was a bit worried.

But now it is not when he retreats. Today, there are only two results for the patriarch of the big-bar family. It is not that he is dead, that is, he is dead in the mountains.

There is no private enmity between them, but the two of them bear the fate of the two worlds, so there is only one battle.

The patriarch of the big-bar family was also very aware of this, so after the thick fog re-wrapped his body, he directly attacked the mountain.

I saw a blue light bursting from the right hand of the big clan chief, and then the light suddenly grew longer and went down the mountain.

The ice in the middle of the mountain controlled the ice world turned into an ice shield, blocking the top of his head.

The patriarch of the big-tube family glanced at the ice shield and sneered, waving the blue light directly on the ice shield.

There is a special force in the blue light. When the ice shield comes into contact, cracks appear. The patriarch of the big-barrel family raised their hands and waved blue light again. This time, the ice shield could not bear the pressure and broke into powder.

The vision of the mountains quickly moved to one side, and the blue light lingered on the earth of the ice world, cutting out a crack that was bottomless.

"Sucking--" The mountain took a breath of coldness, and he did not expect such a terrible force as the attack of the big-cylak patriarch.

The look of the mountain in the middle of the mountain became dignified. His hands and raging Thunder Chakra instantly wrapped his body, and then the endless snow of the ice world began to wrap around him. After a few seconds, the mountains gradually emerged. A pair of ice and snow armor.

Then the Thunder Chakra and the ice armor gradually merged, and the armor of the mountain body turned into a blue-violet.

Thunder Armor + Ice Armor, this is the strongest defense that Yamaguchi can currently manufacture.

The patriarch of the big-wood family first noticed the armor of the mountain, and his brow wrinkled a red beggar floating to his right hand, then asked the jade to be broken, and the blue light was wrapped in a red layer. film.

The look of the mountain is more serious. He feels a strong threat from this light. If it is not handled well, he may die!

I don't hesitate to think of this mountain. He is surrounded by ice and fog. His ice is composed of his power and the most primitive ice in his body. The temperature is infinitely close to absolute zero.

As soon as the ice fog appeared, the time around it seemed to be stagnant. In the middle of the mountain, the ice fog slowly gathers into a sword shape. At the moment of molding, the ice fog freezes the space and turns the space into its own blade.

In the mountains, the mind is moving, and the ice-small sword flies toward the patriarch of the Taitongmu family.

The patriarch of the big-bar family did not retreat. He controlled the red-blue light and directly hit the ice-cold sword.

The collision of the two caused the whole world of ice to tremble. The ice of the world of the big family of the big tree began to melt at the speed visible to the naked eye, while the ice and fog swords, the space, the power of the big clan chiefs It was frozen into a piece of crystal snow falling.

In the mountains, the deep vision took a deep breath, and the right hand showed a spiral pill made up of ice and snow and Chakra. The spiral pill slowly rotates, and the power, spiritual energy and natural energy in the world of ice are accompanied. Rotate slowly into the spiral pill.

With the withdrawal of these forces, the ice and snow in the world of ice began to melt in large areas.

Eventually, after bringing together the power of a small half of the ice world, the ice and snow spiral pill was finally completed, and the mountain was directly teleported to the patriarch of the big tree family that confronted the ice and fog sword, and the ice and snow spiral pill was shot against him.

The patriarch of the big-tube family felt the face of the horrible power contained in this spiral pill, and the seven autumn road jade behind him controlled him in front of him.

The ice and snow spiral pill collided with the jade jade, unexpectedly no sound, no energy fluctuations, the two forces eroded each other, and also repaired the damage the other party caused to themselves.

Soon the first red beggar was broken, and the volume of the ice-snow spiral pill was also reduced, followed by the second, the third... After the final seventh, the volume of the ice-splitting pill was also Only the size of the baby's fist is gone.

In the moment when the snow and ice spiral pill is close to the head of the big tree, the mountain hides its remaining power.

For a moment, a huge chill broke out, and the head of the big-wood family changed greatly, and the dense fog of the whole body began to fluctuate drastically.

Hesitating for a moment, Shan Zhongyuan manipulated the ice fog sword, and estimated that the patriarch of the big tree family was stabbed, and he chose to temporarily retreat.

The eruption of the ice and snow spiral pill lasted for more than ten seconds, and the ten seconds were as long as the mountains and the distant ten years.

Finally, with the end of the ice blast, the thick fog of the big clan chief became a small grain of crystal grain, which fell from the sky, and the patriarch of the big tree was frozen into ice sculpture. There is a sword in his eyebrows.

The distant vision of the mountain reveals a smile. He directly teleports to the head of the big tree and is planning to take the opportunity to end the battle.

What he didn't expect was that a patriarch near the big-bar family, the big-clawed family's long-browed Jiu-Ji-Yu's eye suddenly turned out to shine, and the mountain was far away. The next second felt a black front, in the middle of the blink of an eye. Far from feeling that my body and soul have been separated.

Of course, the patriarch of the big-bar family is the same, and the body and soul are separated.

"Is this your reincarnation?" asked the soul of the mountain.

The patriarch of the big-bar family nodded: "The game is about to end, telling you that it is no problem. My reincarnation is the separation of the soul, you can force the enemy's soul to be separated from the body, and then absorb the enemy's mental strength and strengthen me. Your own soul, so you will die!"

In the middle of the mountain, I heard a sneer: "Hey died? Oh! You are afraid that you are not lost."

The patriarch of the big cypress family did not understand the second half of the mountain, but the taunts in the mountain Zhongyuan weapons still understood: "Do you think that you can compete with my soul power? I have lived for thousands of years. The soul is growing all the time, how old are you?" The patriarch of the big-barrel family rushed to the mountains.

In the middle of the mountain, he smiled coldly, and he made a snap in the state of the soul. The snow of the ice world immediately wrapped the soul of the big patriarch.

The patriarch of the big-barrel family screamed coldly, ignoring the fact that these winds and snows continued to rush toward the mountains.

What he could not think of, without waiting for his soul to go to the mountains, he found that his soul was actually damaged.

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