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From August 21, 17 to 17 months, today, the book has finally come to an end.

This is my first book, holding a love for Huo Ying and a moment of conflict, began to write, really, I did not think about making money by writing books. The reason why I have been able to persist for so long is not because of money, but because of commitment, and absolutely no supervision.

Anyway, I did it and successfully finished the book.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me all the time. I still remember that the first one I voted for in addition to myself is Ronghua C. The first one is still the light, the first one to discuss the plot with me. It’s rain, the first one to reward is Fa Temple 001...

Thank you for your support. Really, your continuation is the biggest motivation for me to complete this commitment.

It is also your support to accompany me through the embarrassing period of more than 200 in the first month of the shelves.

Very, very, very grateful!

Thanks for the words, let's talk about this book.

This book has poured a lot of my feelings. I have seen Naruto for 10 years. In my heart, the world of fire and shadow is real. This world has as many regrets as our world, so my book is trying to make up for these regrets. .

At least in my book, Naruto has parents to care for, Sasuke is not so in the second, with Tu and Lin eventually become a genus, and has also caught up with the master, Kakashi and Kay... cough, this Even if they are both, I will write the most intimate moments in the fire that I once imagined in my mind. I have nothing to regret about myself.

When you talk about the new book, there will be new books. Since you start writing, you won't stop easily.

I still remember that I had to write all the classifications of the starting point with my friends. I thought that this goal is quite good. The next book may change the subject matter!

I started to write a new book in July. I have a lot of work in recent work. I have to deal with it. My girlfriend has no time to accompany her because of the codeword. I have had a few arguments with me. I will spend time with her.

Finally, end with a classic line of Gray Wolf: "I will definitely be back!"

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