How Come These Monsters Have Health Bars - Chapter 628 0-year plan, in order to become stronger

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Li Jing did not fail to hear Xiao Fengfeng's cry for help.

What about this girl?

He didn't intend to deny it.

The feeling that blood is thicker than water is very special to him.

Li Jing has no real heirs yet.

However, from the moment he saw Xiao Huofeng, he knew that this girl had his own blood flowing in her body.


It has nothing to do with whether the little girl is the reborn Huofeng.

But be it.

The girl is too good at acting as a demon, he must not be used to it.

Huofeng has memories of her previous life.

Undoubtedly a good thing.

But that doesn't change her older age.

If you dare to do this kind of nonsense if your fart is big, you will still have it in the future?

After all, Qingluan has a partner contract with Li Jing.

Although there is nothing between the two.

But since he is a partner, Li Jing is naturally more towards Qingluan.

Not to mention that he has experienced a lot with Qingluan.

And the latter is no different from an obedient and sensible daughter-in-law, except that he has no development with him.


Huofeng, a cheap girl, has nothing really to do except for her family love that is thicker than water and her cute looks.

Two choices.

Is this worth thinking about?

Say so.

For Huofeng, Li Jing was somewhat worried.

But what he was worried about was not the little guy's butt, but why the little guy ran out of the sun in the small universe.

And Li Jing thinks.

The little guy didn't recognize Qingluan immediately, so he probably didn't just want to play a prank.


As clever as Qingluan, he will not be surprised.

It is better to give time to these two sisters for the time being.

Huofeng had just "exposed" the tell's foot, not because he was careless, but because he had some kind of careful thinking, and deliberately waited until he woke up.

But in Li Jing's opinion.

I am not there.

It's easier to speak up when you're a junior.

Amidst the noise in the bar, Li Jing secretly nodded and chose to leave quietly after hearing through the soundproof door with his soul perception.

This baby.

very energetic.

If he is energetic, then he can rest assured, right?


After walking around Chentangguan, getting familiar with the once familiar but now somewhat unfamiliar environment and pattern, Li Jing stood up to Sky City.


Strictly speaking, it is not Chentangguan.

This sky city suspended in the sky is the real Chentangguan.

to the top.

There are fewer people.

Except where the Zhenyuan Pagoda is located, there are basically no people walking around except the remnants of the ancient gods.

Instead of going to Zhenyuan Pagoda, Li Jing chose to come to a hall in the east of Sky City.

Yuanshen perception told him.

Yu Lian, Li Lingyin and Ye Piaoran are all in this hall.

Except for three people.

There are nearly a hundred people scattered in the winter part of the main hall, and they have yet to enter the dispersal office in the near future.

Standing still at the entrance of the main hall, Li Jing took a look inside and found that the main hall here has been modernized and transformed into an office building.

Entering the door, there is directly an office hall with more than ten windows.

It is a pity that the hall, which originally had a unique ancient style, has been modernized.

But this transformation is very reasonable.

For future development, Chentangguan will definitely need a corresponding office to handle some necessary public and private business such as the applications and needs of the personnel in the door.

For the time being, the office hall has not officially opened for business, and no one is guarding the windows.

According to visual estimation, the transformation was completed not long ago, and the corresponding personnel are still there.

During the training, we have to wait for a while to really invest in the application.

Step into the hall.

Li Jing soon discovered that several side halls had been transformed into offices.

There are more than a hundred people in the induction.

It is the relevant staff who have already taken office.

With a trace of curiosity, Li Jing looked at each side hall one by one.

The three major departments of personnel, logistics and general affairs are independent.

Go in at first glance.

Except for a few survivors of the ancient gods with relatively complete human figures and good images, the rest are all disciples of Xianle Palace with beautiful faces, beautiful faces, beautiful voices and sweet voices.

In the three offices, all OLs wear black and silk high heels.

that scene.

It’s true that a department is more amazing than a department.

There are many unfamiliar faces on the ground, and it is normal not to recognize Li Jing.

The adherents of the ancient gods in Chentangguan and the girls in Xianle Palace all recognize Li Jing.

Generally speaking, the remains of the ancient gods who are relatively rigid are not so good.

The girls in Xianle Palace are jumping off one by one.

This is not.

Li Jingcai had just looked at the general situation of the three departments and planned to go to Yu Lian and others. A more courageous disciple of Xianle Palace from the General Affairs Department laughed and got up.

"Oh! Isn't this our sect master who sees the head and sees the dragon? Don't just stand outside! Come in and play!"

The corner of Li Jing's mouth twitched when he heard this.

It doesn't matter what you go in to play.

It's not appropriate for this girl to call him the sect master, is it?


When he offered Tong Rou an olive branch, he had the idea of ​​incorporating Xianle Palace. Needless to say, the latter also understood his intentions, but the two sides maintained a good understanding.

Xianle Palace is Xianle Palace, and Chentangguan is Chentangguan.

And on the surface.

The two parties are also allies in a strategic partnership.

This girl slammed her face in the face, telling the truth that she couldn't tell the truth, didn't she?

With a strained face, he looked at the girl who was winking to greet him, and then looked at the pairs of Kazilan's big eyes in the office who were looking over or looking forward or curiously, Li Jing was shocked.

How do you say something?

Three women in one play.

There are more than three in this room?

Can't afford it.

And there are all kinds of girls in Xianle Palace.

Some Xiaojiabiyu's, of course, don't mess around.

But those brave crazy girls really dare to do anything.

It is worth mentioning that.

Before being familiar with each other, no matter what type of Xianle Palace disciples are pure and virtuous personalities.

A lot of things are exposed after familiarity...


Li Jing has already seen it.

Squeezing out a gentle smile, he waved his hands to express that we don't have an appointment, my sister. Under the regretful and slightly sad eyes of the disciple of Xianle Palace who was secretly trying to make trouble, Li Jing slipped quickly with oil on the soles of his feet.

The departments set up in the hall here are not limited to personnel, logistics and general affairs.

However, there are only three departments that actually start work.

After looking at the three departments, Li Jing came to the gate of an inner hall located deep in the main hall.

It's a coincidence.

As soon as he arrived at the door, he saw Ye Piaoran, who was dressed as an office worker and had changed his figure, walking out stepping on a pair of high heels that were at least 10cm in size.

Seeing him head-on, Ye Piaoran was taken aback for a moment.

Li Jing smiled.

"It seems that you have adapted quickly? You have even started class?"

Hearing this slightly teasing voice, Ye Piaoran first smiled, and then turned her beautiful eyes.

"You think I want to go to work? If it wasn't for Lingyin and Yulian forcing me, I should be lying in Tianque City."

Li Jing was dumbfounded.

He has no demands on Ye Piaoran.

I didn't expect anything from this fellow.

But it would be a bit salty for this one to lie down without being forced.

Just about to speak, Ye Piaoran waved his hand.

"Get up, I have something to go out."

As she spoke, she snorted softly.

"Anyway, you didn't come looking for me, either for Lingyin or your little Yuyu."

Li Jing was at a loss for words again. really.

He didn't come to find Ye Piaoran.

But her little bitch-like tone is really...

Seeing Ye Piaoran walking away with a pair of legs, Li Jing laughed and shook his head, and walked into the inner hall.

Just walked in.

A figure confronted him like a hungry tiger.

It is not Yu Lian who can give him a hungry tiger to attack a sheep.

His little Yuyu.

He is very stable.

Especially in front of people. so. This was definitely Li Lingyin.

Immediately the answer came to mind, Li Jing resolutely stretched out his hands across the opponent's armpit with lightning speed, and then lifted it up.


Li Lingyin.

With Li Jing's action, she can't fix it directly.

Be reasonable.

She wanted to throw herself into her arms first, and then complain about her grievances.

I haven't hugged it yet, so I gave it a high.

How can she continue?

Yu Lian, who was sitting at the desk at the back, raised her hands when she saw Li Lingyin meeting her, and she couldn't hold back a burst of laughter when she was supposed to be a beauty in the workplace.

This time, Li Lingyin's face suddenly became difficult.

"Tsk! What are you doing? Let me down!"

She smacked her small lips, her face full of displeasure.

"I still want to ask you what you want to do? Don't say that my Taoist partner is here, do you understand whether a man and a woman can kiss each other?"

Li Jing looked at Yu Lian with a smile in his words.

Seeing this, the latter ruthlessly gave him a supercilious look, expressing that his old lady would not accept this.

Li Lingyin almost rolled her eyes to the sky.


This **** took her as a tool to split his feelings with his Taoist companion!

With a small face, Li Lingyin just was being held up like that without struggling, showing her contempt with her condescending gaze.

Seeing this, Li Jing sneered, and silently put her down.

Li Lingyin was not interested in saying that she wanted to complain when she landed, so she hummed.

"I'm going out for a walk, don't bother you two, you follow me."

As she spoke, she lowered her voice and said something to Li Jing as she walked away.

"Take care of your Xiaoyu, I can bear no matter how hard or tired I am, she won't let me drink during working hours, but this is the only thing I can't bear."


Li Jing.

Is it common sense not to drink alcohol during working hours?

But thinking that the other party was Li Lingyin, Li Jing felt that it was really embarrassing for her.

But this kind of thing.

Is he able to manage it if he wants to?

He, Li Jing, is the head of the family, that's right.

But the throne of the family was never his.

The position of younger brothers is stable...

More critically.

He's about to open his mouth, if Yu Lian is willing to tell him, what should I do if you take care of things?

Looking back at Li Lingyin's already gone figure, Li Jing silently pretended that he hadn't heard anything just now, and turned his head to look at Yu Lian who was smiling at him in the inner hall.

The two looked at each other, Yu Lian raised her small hand and hooked her fingers.

Li Jing frowned when he saw this, and came up to him in a twitchy manner.

Just when she was about to speak, Yu Lian got up and dragged him to her position.

"It's a coincidence for you to end your meditation. I'm making plans for Chentangguan's next plan. Let's see how it goes."


Li Jing.


The Taoist couple reunites after a long absence, shouldn't it be tender first?

Yu Lian's gesture of hooking her fingers just now is indeed a bit of that, isn't it?

Who would have thought that he would be held down as soon as he came over?

Just about to express his opinion, Yu Lian held his head with both hands behind him and forced him to look at the computer screen.

Li Jing.

He understands the truth.

But this brain wave was a bit sudden.

Reluctant to sit upright so that he can feel more, Li Jing examines the content displayed on the computer screen.

Made by Yu Lian.

It's not just the development plan she said.

It's a 100-year plan.

next decade.

Chentangguan focuses on the development of resources in the southern demon realm.

Another decade.

Make every effort to develop light and heavy industries and manufacturing industries, paving the way for subsequent development.

Expiry of ten years.

Chentangguan officially began to expand outwards, spreading the construction of Blue Star's modern civilization to the Cangming field.

Still ten years.

Carry out various profitable businesses in the Cangming field on a pilot basis, and strengthen the promotion of Blue Star culture from all aspects, so that the people at the bottom of the Cangming who have no chance to understand the modern Blue Star in the Cangming Entertainment City are familiar with everything they are doing. .

The most important thing is.

Including Cangming Entertainment City, which is already on the right track, remove all high-consumption parts.

All in all, friendly.

With the goal of building a modern society, we will build a first-tier city in the Cangming area where even ordinary people with no cultivation skills can afford various consumptions as long as they are willing to work.

If all goes well, go to the next step.

While changing the entire territory of the Eastern Immortal Realm, corresponding transformation plans are also gradually carried out for the Southern Demon Realm.

this work.

Yu Lian conservatively expects a period of 50 years, with a maximum of 70 years.

The next ten years will be the project that Ji Qing is thinking about.

The two major fairyland networks in the east and south are fully covered.

Businesses such as mobile phones, APPs, and mobile games are in full swing, and projects such as film and television and entertainment will be promoted in the future. Yu Lian does not expect any problems until it is promoted on a large scale.

When it comes to the entire Eastern Immortal Realm or even the Southern Demon Realm, there will inevitably be difficulties.

If the progress is slow and unsatisfactory, or there are certain fatal problems that cannot be resolved, give up the external transformation, focus on the Cangming field and wait for the time to consider promoting it to the outside world.


It's probably planned.

Many detailed things are in the jump pages connected by shortcut links.

Li Jing didn't look at it.

Because he just looked at such a simple page and the general plan was one head and two big.

To influence the entire Eastern Immortal Territory and even the Southern Demon Territory to achieve a comprehensive modernization, this is naturally not something that can be done in a year or two or more than ten years.

Yu Lian's expected hundred years is not too conservative.

Because it may actually take longer. But how?

The years that Li Jingzheng has lived have not even reached thirty years...

You want him to think of a century-long plan...

Focusing on the monitor and rubbing the space between his eyebrows, Li Jing coughed.

"I think it's a good plan."

Yu Lian obviously didn't expect him to check the details, so she pulled a chair next to her and sat down.

"Since you have no objections, then Chentangguan will follow this pace and move forward in the overall direction."

"Well, you can figure it out."

Li Jing laughed, and then asked.

"I haven't been here for the past six months, there must have been a lot of disturbances in the fairyland?"

"You mean those in the game?"

Yu Lian tilted her head, then smiled slightly.

"The people in the game have indeed stirred up a lot of trouble in the major fairylands during this period of time.

However, we don't need to worry about this aspect. With the addition of Piaoran and Zhulong, our Chentangguan's strength is the strongest no matter which side of the fairyland it is placed in, and no one dares to provoke it. "

As she said that, Yu Lian paused for a while, and said with a half-smile.

"After learning about the corresponding situation with Piaoran, I also made a lot of arrangements, including publicizing that the fox demon Jiuli belongs to Chentangguan."


Li Jing.

Fox Demon Jiuli belongs to Chentangguan, there is nothing wrong with that.

However, the period obviously does not refer to the one that is on the blue star and has not yet ascended.

It was the one he was pretending to be.


It is tantamount to borrowing the prestige left by him from his wanderings outside.

Don't say anything else.

As long as he entered the upper three realms as the fox demon Jiuli and then retreated completely, none of the people in the game dared to make it difficult for Chen Tang.

But do it.

The disadvantages far outweigh the advantages.

There are three reasons why he used a false identity to travel abroad.

One is convenience.

The second is low-key.

And the third.

It's because once I provoke some existence that shouldn't be provoked, the other party will not know his true identity, nor will he know that Chentangguan is his lair.

This third point is the most important.

However, Yu Lian came to make a wave of publicity, making everything useless.


Chen Tangguang has Ye Piaoran, the destined person, and Zhulong at the same time. The outside world will think of Chen Tangguan sooner or later, but at least there is still some room for manipulation.


It is not at all.

The ones he offended this time are the two top powers in the Upper Three Realms, Tianlong Temple and Yaochi.

That's a little bad...

How well does Yulian know Li Jing?

she knows.

My man looks very unreliable on the surface, and he can ignore things if he can, but he often thinks very comprehensively.

Seeing that Li Jing hesitated to speak, Yu Lian smiled.

"Next, you have to work hard."


Li Jing made a question mark.

"Piao Ran said that you have become the Immortal King, and there is no rival in the Immortal Domain."

Yu Lian opened his mouth and said.

"What kind of realm is this? I still can't understand it at my current level. But I think if you work harder to become stronger, many problems should not be a problem. At least in Xianyu, you guard Chen Yongguan. The foundation shouldn't be difficult."

Li Jing was dumbfounded.

But think about it too.

I worry a little more.

To defend Chentangguan in Xianyu, he can do it now without any pressure.

The only problem is that Chentangguan's external efforts have been artificially sabotaged.

For this reason, he really needs to strengthen himself as much as possible, and he must also spend his time strengthening the overall strength of Chentangguan.

Today's Chentangguan is already very strong.

But in the future, in the face of the lack of restoration of the rules of the fairyland, and the re-opening of the passage between the two realms, there will be problems from the upper three realms and the lower realms. He alone is definitely not enough.

Chentangguan needs to have enough strength to go half a step away to keep its own foundation.

Thinking of all the things during this period, Li Jing stretched out his hand to hold Yu Lian.


Yu Lian made a question mark.

Feeling the strength on her arms, she subconsciously stood up obediently and sat sideways, not wanting someone to suddenly grab her by her legs and hug her up.

next second.

She and Li Jing appeared in the Small Universe.

? ? ?

Yu Lian.

"In the next hundred years, I will try my best to find a way to a higher level, but my efforts alone will not be of much use, and what I can do alone is very limited."

Li Jing smiled, and then the smile gradually became wicked.


I don't know what you can do for the time being, but it shouldn't be difficult for Ayu to improve your cultivation. "


Yu Lian.

Good guy.

She's straight up a good guy.

Turned a corner. UU Reading

This is an excuse to eat her!

However, there is really nothing wrong with Li Jing's direction.

I am speechless.

Chen Yuran was moved sideways from somewhere.

? ? ?

Chen Yuran.

? ? ?

Yu Lian being hugged horizontally.

"The two sisters who love each other, shouldn't you mind being together?"

Someone's voice sounded, causing the two of them to stare and focus.


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