How to Survive As a Villain - v2 Chapter 225 Riding the horse outside Xiaofan (3)

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Tim incense does not understand: "Ah? Gas yourself?"

Xiao Yuan sat up and held his face with one hand and sighed a long sigh: "I was suffocating before I sighed myself, but I didn't know how my brother would feel bad. Now I feel the same feeling, and I remembered it several times before without hesitation. I hurt myself and suddenly realized the feelings of my brother, so I don’t know how to face my brother."

"And..." Xiao Yuan said depressedly, "And even if this is the case, I can't guarantee that I won't make it again in the future. Jiangshan is easy to change, and my nature is difficult to move.


After that, Xiao Yu'an distressedly messed up his own hair, and screamed and re-entered himself into the quilt, a posture that tried to suffocate himself.

Tim Xiangben is still worried that he can't see through. I didn't expect Xiao Yu'an to be brighter than anyone else. He couldn't help but grin and smile: "It's your own, but you don't want to pay attention to it. You are awkward."

President Xiao made a three-day awkwardness. On the fourth day, the South Yanguo Palace ushered in the first snow of this winter.

Frozen in the cold, President Xiao woke up in the middle of the night, no one to accompany him so he couldn't sleep at night, suddenly felt very lonely, and immediately decided not to turn around and sit up and go back to drill the bed.

Xiao Yu'an's night attack directly awakened the guards at the entrance to the palace.

"Oh." Xiao Yu'an gestured a snoring gesture, and the guard who was just going to salute quickly quieted down.

Xiao Yuan touched the darkness and quietly walked into the palace, but found that there was candlelight inside.

So late, did Luhe Qing still not sleep?

Xiao Yu'an was wondering in his heart, and quietly approached a few steps. Suddenly he heard the soft voice of the woman in the inner bed of Luohe Qing: "The emperor, don't worry too much, the time is not early, or rest."

Xiao Yu'an: "..."

This! Big! half! night! of!

Xiao Yuan thought for a few seconds, and when he was clear at the door, he began to sing quietly: "The snow flutters in the north wind, the sky is vast?"

The sentence has not been finished yet, and the door to the inner bed has been opened violently.

Xiao Yu'an raised his head and came up with a four-eye pair with the river.

He regained his gaze and leaned over the river to see the inside of the bed.

Sure enough, I saw the incense.

Xiao Yuan stood up and walked in, and began to squat with the face of Tianxiang. It was not clear that Tianxiang was stunned by him: "The king of the county, the emperor is worried about you, so let me wait for you to fall asleep and report to you today. What's the mood, don't worry about it."

"I know that you have rebelled, go and go to sleep, girl's family, take a break early, and my brother and I have to close the door to talk about family affairs."

Tianxiang quickly retired and covered the door.

The dormitory suddenly fell into a silence, and Xiao Yuan sighed and looked at the river.

The Qinghe River was only in the motion of the Qinghe River. At this time, he also looked at him, and there was a slight loss in the depths of his eyes.

Xiao Yuan looked back at the low table on the bed, a short wax fire and quiet, the wax oil twisted on the candlestick, the bed was folded neatly, and I saw that Hehe Qing was always reviewing. The memorial was not cured.

Xiao Yuan sighed again.

The hands of the Weihe River hanged down on the side of the body, and they couldn’t say anything to cover up, and watched Xiao Yu’an carefully.

Xiao Yuan sat on the bed and looked up and smiled. "A person sleeps too cold. I think that you are warm, and I plan to attack at night. The result is so cold and cold."

Luohe thought for a moment, and walked a few steps to get out of the clothes.

Xiao Yuan was scared to hold him: "Do, do, do? Don't color, lure, yes, yes, it's my night attack."

Look at Xiao Yu'an and look at the bed and say: "It's hot."

Xiao Yu'an will put Luohe Qing on the bed: "Forget it, wait for me, let's finish the game, wait a minute, let me see the wound first." Although the wound is still applied with medicine, the resilience of Luhe Qing is different from ordinary people, and it has already formed a thin layer of sputum.

Xiao Yu'an did not hide his distress, and gently stroked the wound with his fingers.

Luhe Qingxiang said: "Nothing, it’s good."

At the end, he added: "There will be no next time."

Xiao Yuan looked up and his voice was very light: "Hey, I didn't have your anger, I am angry with me."

Luhe Qing: "Well?"

Xiao Yuan said: "Before I was always slamming, I often got myself hurt. I didn't even think about it last time. I jumped directly to the cliff..."

Xiao Yu settled down and said: "I heard that you are hurting the tiger. I was really scared and angry for a moment. I thought about it. I am not always so arrogant, so I have felt this feeling many times. ..... just... I feel like I am..."

Xiao Yu'an said that he couldn't go down. Hehe Qing kissed him with tenderness and tenderness. After a while, he let go and watched Xiao Yuan, who was wheezing, saying, "Xiao Yuan, I am happy with you."

Since the last time I showed my mind, Luhe Qing never said this sentence. Now suddenly, I am so sad that Xiao Yuan, who was picked up, quickly covered her lips and started to cough up: "Well, um, I know, right, the wound still hurts. ?"

Luohe shook his head and shook his head: "It doesn't hurt."

Xiao Yuan raised his eyebrows and smiled: "I really don't hurt? I can give you pain after hurting."

When Luheqing realized what he was, he looked up at him violently. I don’t know when the hand on the waist of Xiao Yu’an was tight and Xiao Yu’an shouldered the shoulder of Luhe Qing, bowing his head to the wound on his right arm.

Gentle, sincere.

Kissing the neck down, to the place where the Weihe River was injured in the abdomen,

If the shoulder is still holding the mind of the appeasement, it is really unclear when it comes to the abdomen. Seeing Xiao Yuan bowing his head, the river is slightly rushing.

It’s been a long time since the last two people bumped down the phoenix. First, because Xiao Yu’an was riding a horse, it was because the Weihe River’s hunting tiger was covered with injuries. It’s been so long, and the river’s clearness can withstand such a slap in the air. Xiao Yu'an's waist pressed people on the bed.

"Injury, injury." Xiao Yu'an's own fire, originally intended to use himself to eliminate, but still care about the wounds of the river, carefully guarding his right arm, and feel that it is inconvenient to hold the bed in this way, simply let Luohe lay down and pressed himself against him.

Luhe Qing liberated his hands, and held Xiao Yu’s head in the first place and kissed him deeply. He explored Xiao Yu’an body in one hand and slowly expanded and stretched.

Seeing the timing is almost the same, Luhe Qingzheng is about to turn over, Xiao Yuan suddenly reached out and held him: "I am coming, your abdomen is hurt."

Luohe Qing is still awkward, Xiao Yuan has already sat down and asked himself to go in.

The fiery heat entered the depths of the body by gravity. Xiao Yu'an was hot, holding the river and whispering quietly. It was rare to see Xiao Yu'an, and he was not in a hurry, licking his smooth shoulders.

One night, in the middle of the night, Xiao Yuan was able to take the initiative and try his best to make the two comfortable. It was not good in the middle of the night, and his mind was a mess of the river and he was indulging in pleasure.

early morning.

The snow that had been under the night finally stopped. It was still early, and the morning sun fell quietly on the window.

Luohe Qingyan opened his eyes and found that Xiao Yuan was also awake. He just wanted to ask Xiao Yu'an if he felt unwell. He suddenly saw Xiao Yuan suddenly get up after blinking. Xiao Yuan took a coat and sprinted the shoes to open the window, then rushed back and slammed into the quilt with a chill. Luohe Qing quickly reached out to hold him.

After a while, Xiao Yuan felt warmer and smiled and said to Luhe Qing: "Hey brother, look out the window."

Outside the window, the haze, the night snow, the cold red plums pressed the branches.

Xiao Yu'an turned back and smiled at the Qihe River, just like the Gongcheng Group returned to Yan Guang.

The sky is condensed and cold, for the life of the throne, three thousand prosperous spring and autumn.

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