I Am Loaded with Passive Skills - v2 Chapter 1117 The most insidious hunter!

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Reach the sky in one step!

Xu Xiaoshou took a step forward and flashed out the ruins of the Hall of Unforgiveness. Fortunately, this time I didn't encounter any obstacles, unlike the last time a lunatic blocked the passage of the maze, and after landing, he smashed the door and made him a saint.

"Calm down, we have to sort out the situation!"

Unexpectedly, the battle situation has undergone a shocking change, which belongs to the direction that Xu Xiaoshou never expected.

After exiting the Hall of Unforgiveness, he fell back into the labyrinth wall of the Hall of Sin, and witnessed the holy catastrophe in the sky, chasing after Lord Han like a mad dog, and smashing through all obstacles in the Hall of Sin one after another with fire and lightning all the way. Rao Yaoyao disappeared into the sky, and Xu Xiaoshou felt a chill run down his spine.

This is crazy!

When did Rao Yaoyao become like this?

It's like a madman!

But I have to say that this fighting style is very suitable for her as a sword fairy... No, maybe not in the future, she should be called a sword master—Xu Xiaoshou didn't think that this surname would be sealed Holy fail.

"The point is not her now. I have to figure out whether I have missed any details about everything that happened in the Hall of Unforgiveness."

Xu Xiaoshou tried his best to regain his thoughts and focus on himself. In the disappearing state, he successfully changed from a marginal figure in the battle situation to an irrelevant crowd, and was able to escape all attention, but this did not mean that he was fine.

What if a certain step is missed, and Master Han and Rao Yaoyao are all staring at him in retrospect?

"First of all, Lord Han has to negotiate. According to Rao Yaoyao, the weasel of the cold sky came from the inner island of the void island. There is a high probability that it is a chess piece familiar to the eight gods, and there is a small probability that it is not."

"No matter what, now that I know this, I have to communicate with you even if I risk my life. If I can cooperate or even use it in the end... Well, I definitely don't need to negotiate now. It’s two things to run away, he’s good at running away, maybe he can... well, I’m sure I can’t negotiate, and I’ll hand it over to the second real body.”

With just one breath, Xu Xiaoshou made a final decision about Master Han, and his attention returned to the closed and disappeared maze passage behind him.

This means that the only passage leading to the Hall of Unforgiveness and from the Hall of Unforgiveness back to the Labyrinth of the Temple of Sin is gone.

Xu Xiaoshou almost came out after the chasing battle between Lord Han and Rao Yaoyao, it's just that he escaped in a different direction.

After he came out, he deliberately waited for a while, but unfortunately, he didn't see another person come out.

"Night Owl is dead?"

"Otherwise, why didn't she come out?"

"She shouldn't be able to die... It's just a holy robbery, I'm safe and sound, she looks seriously injured, she must have a life-saving card, she can't die!"

"So, she has already come out, but why didn't I wait to see, when did she come out?"

When Xu Xiaoshou rolled his eyes, he subconsciously observed himself carefully.

There is no trace of being possessed, and there is no danger warning on the information bar, and Ye Xiao has never turned into a ghost to follow him, always in the dead corner of his head, no matter whether he looks back or not.

"I'm sorry..."

No matter how crazy and chaotic things are on the surface, Xu Xiaoshou is not afraid, even if it is a semi-saint playing a long-distance running chase or something.

He is most afraid of this kind of person who takes advantage of the chaos and escapes into the darkness like himself, starts to fish in troubled waters, and guides the development of the situation.

The head of Anbu deserves to be the head of Anbu, she disappeared, and she also disappeared.

"What an insidious and disgusting ability!"

With a low curse in his heart, Xu Xiaoshou decided not to think about it anymore. Anyway, since he disappeared, it's impossible for Ye Xiao to keep an eye on him, right?

He carefully recalled the details of the Hall of Unforgiveness that he slowed down and didn't think about due to various reasons, maybe the situation was tense, or it might be subjective.

From start to finish, nothing was missed.

After all, if you deal with these smart people, if you don't do it well, you will die.

"My identity should not have been exposed. Chen Tan played the role very well, but there is one thing that must be guarded... When I first entered the Hall of Unforgiveness, I grabbed Ye Xiao's hand. This is the only time I have had contact with him.

! "

"I have "Concealment", and it was the first time I entered the hall. Under the stress reaction, the first choice of a normal person must be to resist, not to infiltrate the opponent's body to observe the enemy. This is an act of courting death... "Well, I have never felt Ye Xiao act like this before."

"And judging from Ye Xiao's subsequent reaction, she didn't recognize me, and the information bar didn't prompt..."

Xu Xiaoshou chose to believe in his own inference.

Otherwise, if Ye Xiao was facing Chen Tan, whom she knew was Xu Xiaoshou, his behavior would not be so calm.

"Another point......"

"Rao Yaoyao is the ruler in red. It's normal to know Master Han's past, but I'm just a mere Chen Tan. Why didn't she shy away from me when she and Ye Xiao explained ghosts and beasts?"

Xu Xiaoshou fell into deep thought, which he had noticed at the time.

When Rao Yaoyao was talking, Ye Xiao's face obviously changed, but Rao Yaoyao was unmoved and told all the information about the "ghost beast".

Ghost beast.

Regarding the information about ghosts and beasts, which is kept silent by everyone on the Holy Land, after coming to the Void Island, Rao Yaoyao doesn't mind being known by a stranger?

Or was she so stupid that she didn't realize that Chen Tan was eavesdropping when she was speaking?

"She treats me as her own!" Xu Xiaoshou quickly got the answer.

...Chen Tan showed the 'power of the evil god', even Ye Xiao refused to take action on Chen Tan lightly, and forced the "God Slaying Order". She also meant to let me join the Holy God Hall."

"Is it because Chen Tan is great and handsome, and Ye Xiao is reluctant to kill him?"

"No! Chen Tan is destined to fall into the hands of the Holy God Hall as soon as the 'power of the evil god' comes out, because the 'power of ancestors' cannot be left outside, even if it's just the breath."

Reviewing the whole matter from a third perspective, and then substituting the position of the Temple of the Holy Spirit, Xu Xiaoshou found that all explanations were reasonable.

Both Ye Xiao and Rao Yaoyao knew that Chen Tan had mastered the aura of the evil god's power, but they chose to deal with Master Han instead of snatching the god-slaying order immediately.

That means, you, Chen Tan, our Holy Spirit Hall will definitely eat it, whether it is now or in the future.

The God Slaying Order is on you, which is equivalent to putting it in the treasure house of the Holy God Temple, because you are already on the booklet of the treasure house.

After all, the breath of the power of the evil **** can never be left outside!

"That's why Mr. Xie regretted his life. After he got this secret technique, no one around him knew about it."

"Even the most intimate hag only knows a little bit about what kind of southern magic he practiced, but he doesn't know the root cause."

Xu Xiaoshou's heart trembled.

But fortunately, it was Chen Tan who was being targeted, and he had nothing to do with my holy slave, Xu Xiaoshou.

From the results of the deduction, it is not difficult to get, or Rao Yaoyao will return immediately after the battle with Lord Han, and find Chen Tan by some means.


"Before Rao Yaoyao started the war with Master Han, he specifically told Guo Yexiao to stare at Chen Tan, that is, to stare at me!" Xu Xiaoshou's eyes froze suddenly, and he understood the second meaning of this sentence.

"So after Master Han's Ganges, Ye Xiao disappeared, and she was already staring at me; after the Holy Tribulation, Ye Xiao was even blown up into an "illusion"? As if he was dying?"

"Until now, there is still no news?"

Reminiscent of not waiting for Ye Xiao to come out of the Hall of Unforgiveness before, she came to the conclusion that she had already come out.

Based on the inference at this time, Ye Xiao is likely to be staring at him all the time...

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly shuddered!

He is now in a disappearing state, all traces in the world have been erased, can this be noticed?

"Am I scaring myself?"

Some absurd thoughts flashed through his mind, and Xu Xiaoshou also wanted to regard these as unfounded worries, but he thought about it...

It is understandable that Teng Shanhai died in the hands of Jiang Buyi because of his stupidity.

Even stepping into the layout of the inorganic ancestors is still so difficult to die. It is true that Yi is smart, but from the current perspective, all of Yi's abilities are not suitable for combat.

If so, he has been strong for so long, longer than most of the Taixus he knows.

Taken out alone, Yi is very powerful. Put it in the six parts of the Holy Spirit Hall, and Yi is just an intelligence worker.

The real main battle is the other four except Dao and Yibu, and the Anbu among them is the assassination!


Xu Xiaoshou didn't dare to equate Ye Xiao with Yi. How can those engaged in intelligence work be equated with those engaged in assassination in terms of combat power?

Therefore, when facing Ye Xiao, one should not be less vigilant than facing the other, or even several times more.

"If you start from this perspective, there is a high probability that you just thought about it. It's not that I'm scaring myself, but everything is really going on..."

"Night owl, staring at me!"

As if his mind exploded, Xu Xiaoshou felt that the scene he had seen in the Unforgive Hall came back.

The woman standing on the shoulder of the necromancer and hidden in the black cloak suddenly raised her eyes, followed by the three-legged black owl on her shoulder screaming, the eyes of the death owl behind her drowned out all the colors of the sky, cold Lie opened.

After a sip, Xu Xiaoshou's goosebumps stood up all over his body.

He once again checked all the places on his body that might have been overlooked, whether there was a crow feather hidden somewhere, whether there was any breath of that dangerous woman.

but no.

Everything is as usual, and there is no risk warning on the information bar.

Xu Xiaoshou's heart beat faster, either he was thinking too much, or the situation was more serious than he thought!

He is not an optimist. When he thinks of "Anbu", "Killer", and "Three-Color Hunting Order", which can only be obtained if the assassination is successful, he feels flustered.

All the dangers to Ye Xiao, Xu Xiaoshou felt more than a little higher.

He suddenly thought of something again.

Ye Xiao has mastered the "Power of Death God", which is the same ancestral power as Teng Shanhai's "Power of Demon God", and the power of ancestral origin is something that only high-level saint emperors can realize.

In other words, can the power of the ancestors achieve the effect that the power of the holy emperor can achieve to a certain extent?

"Then is there such a possibility that I have been guided?"

At this moment, in the world of Yuan Mansion, Xu Xiaoshou's second real body directly grabbed the Sacred Emperor Longlin, and his mind couldn't stop thinking.

"Interference with all the guidance to Xu Xiaoshou and Chen Tan from the outside world, it is best to block and dispel... Interference, interference, interference!"

again and again.

I don't know if it was because of the real ability of Shengdi Longlin, or because of psychological effects, Xu Xiaoshou felt that his thoughts were much clearer.

"If I'm already the targeted prey, and Ye Xiao is a hunter who has assassinated half-saints, then her greatest quality must be patience..."

"Damn it, she's really patient! I spent a whole day looking for a passage in the Hall of Unforgiveness, and she just stared at me. This **** is the way a hunter stares at his prey!"

Thinking back now, Xu Xiaoshou's face turned a little green, and he tried to calm himself down.

"What do I have to do to make such a patient hunter let down his guard and show off?"

Soon, he had the answer.

"Dying bird, can wait for the hunter's last shot!" Now in the disappearing state, Xu Xiaoshou... guessed that Ye Xiao couldn't see himself.

But just like Jiang Buyi can use the sanctuary to roughly locate his own approximate location, storytellers can continuously narrow the exile space to find people through exhaustive methods.

Xu Xiaoshou thought, as smart as Ye Xiao, as weird as Ye Xiao, maybe there is a special way to feel her own existence, after all, this is a woman who has mastered the "power of death"!

Thinking of this, Xu Xiaoshou felt that he had to show up.

If the disappearance technique is not lifted, if Ye Xiao is not seduced out, the enemy will

In the dark and I in the light, Xu Xiaoshou is like a thorn on his back, and his heart will never be at peace.

"One step to the sky! God! God!"

Running hard, in the disappearing state, Xu Xiaoshou was like a headless fly, scrambling all the way.

After rushing into the maze for more than ten miles, he completely lost his way in the maze before he stopped.

"I've lost my way myself. If Ye Xiao can still keep up with me who uses teleportation in the disappearing state, I'll live broadcast and eat shit!" In this wave, Xu Xiaoshou bet that he is definitely fighting wits and courage with the air .

He imagined an invincible enemy for himself, and the next experiment will never get a response.

He's just taking a gamble...

Looking down, the clothes on his body were the tattered robes after the war, but the injuries inside had been repaired a little. After all, the aura of the Holy Tribulation remained, and the injuries could not be completely healed.

Xu Xiaoshou gritted his teeth fiercely, and cut himself to the point of bleeding with a sharp edge, recovering from the injuries he suffered when he escaped from the Hall of Unforgiveness, and then canceled the disappearance technique.


Somewhere on the wall of the maze, a **** figure hit the ground, stopped with its head on the ground, and dragged forward for a few feet, finally leaning against the wall with ashes on its face, supporting its crippled body.

Chen Tan's eyes were full of horror, his pupils trembled, his hands trembled slightly, and under closer inspection, his eyelids were still twitching uncontrollably.

"Canonization! Rao Sword Immortal dares to canonize here, and I can't even bear the Jedi attribute..."

"Master Han, that weasel in the cold sky is actually a ghost beast..."

Trembling with shock, Chen Tan whispered to himself, took out the pill from the space ring and swallowed it with difficulty, and took a deep breath after calming down.


He looked around, as if he was checking whether there was anyone following him.

After discovering Wuhou, she lowered her eyes and unconsciously rubbed the interspatial ring with her hands, while her eyeballs moved slowly, her eyes unfocused, as if she was thinking about something.

"Night Owl..."

"God Slaying Order..."

"Why... no, no... it should be..."

After more than a quarter of an hour, Chen Tan changed several positions and half-lyed, but still whispered from time to time.

After acting for more than a quarter of an hour, Xu Xiaoshou reached the absolute extreme. "Perception" constantly searched for possible auras around him, and also used the information bar and the Sage Emperor Dragon Scale.

But no one!

He had a suspicion, that maybe he was a big fool, he really thought too much, if he told his junior sister about this, it would make her laugh for a lifetime!

But now that it's here, the play has to go on.

It is better to fight wits with the air than to compete with a real person.

At this time, the elixir should have worked. Chen Tan barely regained his mobility, stood up against the wall and raised the corner of his lips.

"No matter what, the god-slaying order is in hand, and the next step is to find the exit and leave this **** place!"

He scanned around and saw that no outsiders and Void Attendants had come, so he scooped up a handful of water from the space ring and rubbed his face violently.

The force was so great that it seemed to not only wipe off the blood and dust on his face, but also rub his face to pieces.

It took a long while before Chen Tan stopped moving, put down his hands in the dark maze, and raised his head.

"Well, Chen Tan's identity should come to an end. Who should I play next? Xu Xiaoshou? Ye Xiao?" Chen Tan murmured, and casually took out a bronze mirror from the space ring, and gently lifted it up. .

In the mirror, with the faint light, what can be seen is a terrifying face with no facial features at all after washing the face, leaving only a flat surface!

This is Xu Xiaoshou's ultimate move, change!

He believed that as long as someone was staring at him, seeing Chen Tan whispering to himself after washing his face, under the guidance of the bronze mirror, he took a closer look and found that the face of this person had turned into such a ghost. Should be scared to death?


Yes, UU Reading www. uukanshu.com is still set off by the unknown and frightening environment of the Temple of Sin.

The flat face twitched slightly, and a soft smile came out of nowhere. Chen Tan rubbed his face, and began to pinch his face, casually.

At the same time, he put his mind on the information bar that had remained silent from the beginning to the end, wanting to see if this ultimate move could bring about any changes.

At a certain moment, I don't know if it was an illusion, Chen Tan's movements froze for a little bit, but he quickly returned to normal, and continued to pinch his face after thinking about the direction.

That is to say, the facial features have not yet been shown, otherwise Chen Tan, who is essentially Xu Xiaoshou, would feel that he has been exposed.

The information bar is moving!

A piece of information really jumped out!

With no one around at all!

"Being horrified, passive value, +1."

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