I Cultivate Immortality By Being Passive - Chapter 661 Shedding method

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It has been three months since Zhou Feng performed the technique of feigning death and forcibly escaped from that small world.

During this period, he could feel a gaze scanning him constantly, trying to find him.

But he has never been exposed, because his blood, soul, and vitality are all compressed in the life wheel.

In the eyes of others, Zhou Feng is just a corpse, not only without breath, but without even a hint of inspiration.

Such an approach is quite self-defeating, and there will be a huge drop in both cultivation and aptitude.

However, this is all in his plan.

"If you want to continue to break through, it is no longer enough to rely solely on being passive."

This was the thought in Zhou Feng's mind.

After coming to Zhongzhou and accidentally gaining a lot of practice experience passed down by King Ming, he suddenly felt that the previous practice path was really too thrilling.

All kinds of deadly practices lead to an unstable foundation and insufficient physical aptitude.

If it is in other places, it can be considered improvised.

But if it is in a place like Zhongzhou, it will be a bit more difficult to move freely in all directions like before.

Based on this point, Zhou Feng cut himself off directly.

Then reshape the foundation of practice, so as not to be unable to do it later.

By the way, he was also able to use this technique of feigning death and successfully escaped the pursuit of Mahayana Buddhism.

"That's how it feels!"

Zhou Feng's physical condition is very bad at this time, and his spirit is also extremely weak.

But he was sober like never before, and his strong desire to survive made him extremely concentrated.

He wants to take advantage of this state of being on the verge of extinction, enter the state of enlightenment, reinvent the old and bring forth the new, and create his own practice method that suits him.

Zhou Feng is no stranger to the method of self-created practice, and has had such experiences several times before.

With the two passives of heaven rewarding diligence and wisdom brain, plus the various food and resources he obtained before, it is enough for him to create a skill to ascend to the fairyland.

Condensing Xiantai and carrying the true meaning of the Dao is the core point of ascending to the fairyland.

And the elixir of ascending elixir is something that assists monks to condense Xiantai.

From the moment they ascended to the fairyland, the monks began to slowly transform into immortals.

This process is called immortalization, which is specifically manifested in ice muscles, jade bones, golden boys, silver blood and the last layer of flawless body.

This is the Five Realms of Ascension to Immortals.

Moreover, these five realms are not in order, and they can break through to the next level even without complete transformation.

Climbing to the Wonderland is more like a standard than a specific realm.

And the so-called icy muscles and bones, golden boy and silver blood are not fixed.

Some people may also have other manifestations, such as silver boy and golden bone.

This represents only the transformation of the physical body, not the fixation.

These are the precious knowledge of practice that Zhou Feng obtained from King Ming's seal.

"Immortality... is what I pursue, and my advantage all along is the ability to recover that can be called immortality..."

Zhou Feng directly clarified what he desires, and then summed up his own advantages.

What makes him almost invincible all the way to Zhongzhou is undoubtedly those powerful passives.

Especially those kinds of recovery passives made him look like an unbeatable xiaoqiang, and there was nothing wrong with crazy self-mutilation.

There is even the passivity of Nirvana rebirth.

Immortality plus immortality is what he wants, so the self-created practice method must take this as the core.

Live for a long time and the state will not decline, and at the same time rebirth from a drop of blood is the most basic.

He didn't want to live until he was old, and he didn't want to live forever if he couldn't maintain his peak state.

It is still too difficult for Zhou Feng to create this method by himself.

But the passiveness of God's rewards helped him out.

Shedding method!

This is created by Zhou Feng

The principle of the method is to rely on the magic of the life wheel to retain a trace of true spirit and blood.

Then it continued to devour the previous body, and was reborn on the original soul and body.

This process is a bit similar to the process of a snake transforming into a dragon, and every transformation is a new life.

"Not enough! I need more food resources to continue the deduction."

As soon as the method of shedding mortals was created, Zhou Feng was a little powerless.

The main reason is that the things involved later are too advanced and too complicated.

He needs more practice knowledge as a reserve, and then slowly trial and error.

This transformation method can be understood in simpler words, which is to separate a trace of true spirit and blood, and parasitize on the original body and soul.

It was like a parasite, bit by bit devouring the original spirit and body.

Because this is my own body and spirit, there will be no rejection or resistance.

The difficulty lies in how to separate the true spirit from the blood.

The true spirit is hidden in the soul, which is the core thing for monks.

It is almost impossible to separate the true spirit.

Relatively speaking, the blood imprint is easy to separate.

Almost all of his immortal blood is condensed in the life wheel.

"And the true spirit is separated, without the protection of the spirit, it is very difficult to ensure that the true spirit is not ambiguous."

Even if Zhou Feng thinks of a way to separate the true spirit from the soul, he still needs to face a difficulty.

That is, he was unconscious during this process, and he might even pass out directly.

During this process, someone must protect the way, and be able to constantly stimulate oneself, so that one's true spirit can wake up from the drowsiness.

This completes the first step of the transformation method.

It is impossible for any monk to accept life and death to other people.

Not to mention awakening the true spirit, even for a powerful monk, it is a difficult task.

"It's a difficult thing for other people, but it doesn't seem that difficult for me."

Zhou Feng suddenly thought that he has a passive brain.

Intellectual passivity includes other passivities, and it seems to be a kind of rule of the road engraved in his true spirit.

In the deep sleep of the true spirit, Zhou Feng can completely let the brain control his physical body.

Then wake yourself up when the time is right.

Because the intellectual brain is in his true spirit, it is extremely easy for UU reading www.uukanshu.com to wake it up.

So the riskiest step among them, he can completely rely on his brain to avoid.

"After the true spirit is separated, my aura will also disappear temporarily. I can take this opportunity to leave this ghost place..."

Zhou Feng also felt that this was an excellent opportunity to escape from here.

The separation of the true spirit means the disappearance of the soul, and his breath will completely disappear by then.

Next, the intellectual brain only needs to control his physical body to leave this ghost place step by step.

It will be able to completely escape the control of Mahayana Buddhism.

"Mahayana Buddhism...I have written down this grudge."

Zhou Feng thought that it was Mahayana Buddhism that caused all this.

If he does not destroy the so-called Mahayana Buddhism in the future, his surname will not be Zhou.

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