I Refuse to be a Supporting Character - Chapter 48 One extra

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Gu Jin agreed to Mu Mingcheng’s proposal at the age of twenty-four.

According to her plan for her life, the matter of getting married is about twenty-six years old and put on the agenda. When you are twenty-eight years old, give birth to a child.

But when she squeezed the pregnancy test stick with two bars, watching Mu Mingcheng snickering at the side, just want to call his face.

She did this, and she did the same. But when the slap did not call the face, Mu Mingcheng took the hand and let her move carefully, don't hurt the child.

Referring to the child, Gu Jin’s anger rose again.

Mu Ming was busy putting her arm in front of her and giving her a grind.

The bite also bite and hit. This piece of meat that can be licked in the stomach has to be solved.

Unmarried pregnancies for Gu Jin are indeed unexpected. Fortunately, she and Mu Mingcheng were engaged in a few years ago, but now it is necessary to perfect the last step.

When Gu Jin was pregnant for four months, she held a wedding with Mu Mingcheng.

Six months later, Xiao Mingcheng was born.

This year, Gu Jin is twenty-eight years old.

I don't know how many women are in this age of enjoying the youthful tail, and they are frowning for work, family, and children.

Can be different from Gu Jin, Mu Mingcheng never made troubles for her after marriage, and did not interfere with her career. Her life was very good.

In the past few years, many people who know each other have said that her appearance does not seem to have changed.

In fact, she is already the mother of a four-year-old child. You can see the beautiful girlhood in the eyebrows, and at the same time bring a hint of mature and charming.

When the outsider mentions her, there is nothing to stop the envy of the words.


In the spring of April, the weather is not hot or cold. Even if the actors in the costume drama are wearing layer-by-layer costumes, they will not be uncomfortable.

Gu Jin was a little thinner. She had a small wind, and she was shaking coldly. The assistant was busy going to the car to give her clothes.

In the process of waiting, she stood low-profile on the outside of the shooting scene to watch the actors filming.

Today is the last day of the script, and after the filming, the crew will be finished.

The reason why she is connected to the scene is because of the investment in their company.

Yes, investment.

In the past few years, Gu Jinhe’s house has been married and has children. Tong Lin, as the main creative center of their team, is still happy and single.

She wondered if Tong Lin was still unforgettable about the old story of "Gu Jin", but Tong Lin never showed any unusual look to her face.

While Gu Jinsong’s tone, he prayed for countless times. If there is such a saying, I hope to give the original owner and Tong Lin a chance.

As for the magazines she and Tong Lin and the joint ventures founded, after years of hard work, they are famous all over the country. There is no need to say a lot about the hard work of several people here, but it can be said that there is no such thing as the reliance behind them. Gu Jin himself does not believe.

If you want to say that your career has progressed to this point, you are satisfied. But the listing of their three founders is unstoppable. After the career was on the right track, I saw the fat of the entertainment circle. After mentioning with Tong Lin and Gu Jin, the two also have some intentions.

After all, no one will be tempted to burn money without earning money.

Because of the magazine's sake, they have a lot of authors, and there are many excellent works suitable for film and television adaptation. Therefore, the easiest and most rude way to insert into the entertainment circle is to buy ip pull investment film.

Now the most profitable industry is filming and filming. There are Gu Jinhe's listings. Even if they don't want to climb the trees behind them, there are still many businessmen who are willing to hold money to seek cooperation.

At the end of the plot, the emperor's male protagonist wore a large robes specially made when he was enthroned, stepping on the jade step by step, and his face was not sad or happy.

When he reached the last layer of the jade, he turned his head and looked back. Behind him are hundreds of layers of long-term, his eyes stagnate for a moment, it seems to see the vast expanse of white bones from the top of the mountain, and the woman who was flooded by time.

"Card--" the director shouted, and the solemn and solemn atmosphere of the scene was alive, and everyone was also in a mood to talk and laugh.

"Miss Gu," a man in his early twenties took a bottle of water in his hand, and his smile was awkward: "It’s been a long time since standing here."

Meng Jin was suddenly smashed, and Gu Jin was a bit surprised. After looking at his face, I remembered that this man played the male three in the play.

It seems that it is a newcomer who has just entered the entertainment industry?

Closer to see, his looks are refined and elegant, really suitable for performing costume dramas, no wonder they will be selected by the director at a glance, playing the male production of this big man. Probably the first time into the entertainment circle, I haven't been blinded by the colorful flowers inside. His eyes are pure, and he blushes with Gu Jin.

Seeing this scene, Gu Jin is subtle. Regardless of whether you are married or unmarried, it is a happy thing for a woman to take the initiative to talk.

She smiled and didn't reach for the bottle of water. Just to politely refuse, I heard someone in the crew shouting:

"Gu Zong, someone is looking for it."

"Okay, I am going to pass." Gu Jin apologized and said to the young actor, "Sorry, someone is looking for me..."

"Nothing," the actor gestured carelessly and said with a smile: "You are busy in advance."

The people around him saw his eyes staring at the back of Gu Jin, and came up to pat him on the shoulder: "Brother, see you are a new person, I remind you that people have long been famous for their flowers, and their children are a few years old. Don't give birth to delusions."

The phrase ‘children have it’ is like a thunder, and the man’s eyes are widened.

He is a newcomer, and the company has not had time to equip him with agents and assistants, and he knows nothing about the things in the circle. In recent days, Gu Jin’s status as an investor has often appeared here. I only think that this beautiful girl is a big lady of the rich man who is rich in the capital. It is boring to spend money to play.

What do you expect the other party to marry and have children?

However, Miss Gu is noble and elegant, and her family is definitely good. She got married so young and gave birth to a child. Perhaps her husband is a middle-aged grumpy man. Because the aristocratic lady in reality, it is not uncommon to marry a wealthy old man for family marriage.

The young actor thought of comforting himself, and couldn't help but look at Gu Jin's direction again, but he saw Gu Jin suddenly speed up the pace and ran to a car parked there. The thin heel stepped on the ground, and he couldn't help but tighten her heart.

The next moment the door opened, a chubby little Zhengtai jumped out of the car, not knowing what the two said. Another man came out of the car, and at a glance he was embarrassed by the idea of ​​just rising...

Just wearing a delicate white shirt, a dark red bow tie on the neck, a small black suit on the outside, and a small leather shoes with the same color as the suit.

"Small leaves."

Mu Yunyan stretched a bun face and saw Gu Jin, who ran over and hugged him, a bright light, "Mom."

He just wanted to rush over, and he remembered something. He was just looking good, and the little man looked like this:

"Ms. Gu, please pay attention to the image outside, don't hug me."

Gu Jin blinked, suddenly bent down and rubbed his eyes, grievances said: "Does the little leaves not love mom?"

Mu Yunyi was so upset when she saw her mother, and took the initiative to take a shot of Gu Jin’s shoulder and explained: “Mom, I grew up, and told me that my little leaves would be laughed at.”

Oh? Gu Jin licked her little peas without her thighs from her fingers, and her mouth was pumping. Her eyes turned and smiled and said, "Okay, don't call small leaves, is it good for you? Big leaf baby?" ”

Mu Yunzhen tangled for a moment, I don't know if it should be promised. He bitterly crumbled and wrinkled his face with a bun, and wisely ran over the topic. "Well... Mom, have you forgotten that today is Dad’s birthday?"

"Who said it? I won't forget it." Gu Jin smiled and licked his son's head.

"Dad said," Mu Yunyi turned and looked at the car. Mu Mingcheng also wore a car with his mother and son.

"It’s late, are you still not going home?" Mu Ming took a look at her, and her face couldn’t see the joy or anger.

"There is work here, I am planning to go back, and I will not use it again in the future." Gu Jin and the assistant greeted him, and he followed the man and son to the car.

"What are you doing with a face?" Gu Jin was tired for a day. He really didn't have the strength. When he got home, he lay on the sofa with his eyes closed. Standing side by side, she opened her eyes and saw Mu Ming sitting next to her in a sinking water.

"So old, the temper is the same as the child?" Gu Jin half-lifted and poked his face. "How are you not happy today? Tell me,"

Mu Mingcheng's face was darker, and she glanced at her lightly.

"Well, well, I am talking about playing, you are not old at all." Gu Jin snickered and hooked Mu Mingcheng's neck, and kissed him in his mouth.

Mu Mingcheng, who is about to meet the 35-year-old whole life, is still handsome and handsome, both in appearance and size. No one knows better than Gu Jin. His strong abdominal muscles and smooth mermaid line will take her to climb one peak after another on a quiet night.

Even compared to eight years ago, he now has more flavors that have settled down in years. Like a glass of old wine, the more delicious the more intoxicating.

Gu Jin still did not say anything about his birthday.

When I was having dinner, Mu Yunzhen had been inquiring with Gu Jin, what was her birthday present to Dad this year.

Looking at Mu Ming’s ears, Gu Jin’s eyes waved and said with a funny voice: “All old wives and old friends, what birthday gifts to buy.” She raised her chin and pretended to be proud: “Even if there is Gifts, don't look at the little leaves, who will let you not kiss me in the afternoon?"

Mu Yunfei quickly swept Mu Mingcheng, and then tried to ask: "Then I will give you a kiss now, can you give me a look? Just look at it." Like to ensure that he cocked fat Index finger.

Gu Jin’s fake meaning for a while, ‘勉 is difficult’, nodded, got a kiss from his son, and got up and went to the bedroom to get a box.

Under the eyes of someone and his son, Gu Jin opened the box with a beautifully watched watch.

"Mom, you are too uninspired." After Mu Yunyu looked forward to seeing it, his eyes were difficult to disappoint. He shook his head and sighed: "This year is a watch, last year was a belt, the year before was a cufflink..."

"Mu Yunzhen," Gu Jin did not say anything, Mu Mingcheng had a face, he said very seriously: "As long as it is a gift from your mother, I like it."

Mu Yun grinned, the child did not have human rights, and was shown a face of love by the father who had no principle in front of his mother.

Gu Jin is like a smile and a slanting look at Mu Mingcheng, his eyes are quite deep.

Their family lived on the second floor. The small leaves were trained by Mu Mingcheng to sleep alone half a year ago. From 1 to 9:30, they returned to the room with Gu Jin.

After the son was asleep, Gu Jin came out and found a circle. He found that Mu Mingcheng, who had been cold for a day, went into the study office.

Gently push the door open and look at Mu Mingcheng's concentrated work at the door.

Gu Jin raised his eyebrows and turned into the bathroom.

Mu Mingcheng, who stayed in the study for half an hour, did not see the woman coming to pay for the crime, and the mood was even worse. On his birthday, Gu Jin not only had to go out to work, but also bluntly said that he was old, which really poked the soft underbelly of Mu Mingcheng.

From the day of the 30th birthday, ‘old’ has become the word that Mu Mingcheng is most reluctant to see. In particular, Gu Jin is from the age of imaginary, and this year is already 30 years old.

Tonight, let her have a good time to see him and he is not old!

If the mountain does not come, I will go to the mountain. With determination, Mu Ming took down the documents and just raised his head, and never stood up tonight.

At the entrance, Gu Jin wore a white shirt with a buttocks, and there was nothing in it. The white toes stepped on the long-haired carpet, leaving a bunch of water stains...

In a groggy way, Gu Jin would like to spit out her son and say that she is not creative. You only saw the gift on your mother's face, but I don't know how much tears she shed behind her!

A room is spring, warm and fragrant.

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