I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce - Chapter 940 - I want to eat an apple  

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Chapter 940: Chapter 940 I want to eat an apple

Bai Qifeng thought regretfully.

However, he had improved a lot.

Xiao Yan was willing to come and visit him, and she was even willing to call him Grandpa Bai.

Just one form of address was enough to make the old man so happy that two more wrinkles appeared on his face.

However, his answer was still a little dry and reserved.

“It’s alright.”

Gu Yan finally understood where Bai Jianjun had inherited that kind of idiocy that he didn’t know how to express his feelings with words.

You really couldn’t change this kind of person immediately.

He was still against the Bai family, but Gu Yan still used his superpower to treat the old man.

Although it couldn’t solve the basic problem of organ failure, it could still alleviate the old man’s pain.

Master Bai didn’t know that he had been cured by his supernatural ability. He just suddenly felt that his granddaughter’s arrival had made him feel much more relaxed, and the pain in his body had also lessened a lot.

He could even go out and run a few laps.

He himself was a little worried that it might be a last resort..

If Gu Yan knew what Master Bai was thinking, he would definitely not know whether to laugh or cry.

Bai Changle did not sleep at all last night. He had been accompanying old master Bai, and he had already gone home to catch up on his sleep.

Xie Luan said, “Xiao Yan, you sit here for a while. I’ll go to the Doctor to get some medicine.”

“I’ll go.”

“There’s no need. You Didn’t see the Doctor Yesterday. He doesn’t know you, so he probably won’t give you medicine. You sit here and Peel an apple for Old Master Bai. I’ll be back in a while.”

Xie Luan was worried that the old man wouldn’t be able to stay alone, so she asked Gu Yan to watch him for a while.

Actually, it was only about ten minutes.

Gu Yan actually didn’t know how to be alone with old man Bai. After she watched Xie Luan walk out, she turned around and saw old man Bai’s expectant gaze.

Of course, when Old Man Bai saw Gu Yan turn around, he became very serious again. He coughed lightly and said, “Xiao Yan, I want to eat an apple.”

Gu Yan:”…”

It was only an apple. Gu Yan naturally wouldn’t be so stingy that she wouldn’t even help peel an apple.

She nodded, picked up the apple and fruit knife that had just been washed on the table, and started peeling.

Gu Yan was good at using knives, so the fruit knife was very obedient under her hands. A few flashes of silver light flashed, and an apple was peeled.

Even Bai Qifeng, who usually liked to keep his face straight, had a serious expression on his face.

“Girl, have you studied… cooking before?”

Gu Yan: ..

She wanted to say that she had never studied cooking before and had never cut vegetables before, but she had cut people before.

Yes, cutting people with a scalpel was considered cutting people.

But thinking about it, it was better not to say such things out loud. After all, elder Bai had just woken up and it would not be good to scare him.

Gu Yan said indifferently, “Mm, I cut vegetables when I was working in a restaurant.”

She had worked in a small restaurant in her previous life, so she didn’t really lie to the old man.

However, when Bai Qifeng heard it, he suddenly felt a little sad.

If Xiao Yan hadn’t been wandering outside and grew up under his knee, she definitely wouldn’t have suffered so much.

Thus, Gu Yan saw the old master lowering his eyes, his face full of self-blame, and then not saying a word. He was a little suspicious.

She did not know what point the old master had touched.

Fortunately, at this time, the door rang. Gu Yan thought that Xie Luan had returned, and she heaved a sigh of relief.

Because she was alone with Old Master Bai, she had a tendency to chat awkwardly.

But when Gu Yan turned around and saw the person standing at the door, the expression on his face immediately disappeared.

The person who came was… Zhang Weiyang!

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