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On September 10, the 101st day of the saint's calendar, the jihadist legion, which had contracted across the board, finally ushered in the day to return.

The entire jihadist army was divided into two groups, and nearly 30,000 people went to Red Hand Bay under the leadership of Pavel Dukasky to build the expeditionary army base camp.

After going round and round, the Holy See's position as the agent of the New World still fell to this court marquis.

It is not shy to say that Pavel really does not want to take over this mess. After all, Dukasky has no interest in the new world at all, nor does he have any foundation. His prestige in the jihadist army is only because of Ai. De Lewente died too suddenly, and the imperial knights and nobles who were scattered as birds and beasts lost their leaders temporarily, and urgently needed a hapless person to stand up and "take responsibility", or take the blame.

In his eyes, even Bernard Morwes, who had just been released by the New World Legion and survived by chance, was more suitable than himself; but the latter obviously knew that this was a big pit, and he had to be loyal to the emperor and guarantee the Holy See. The interests of the people, it is easy to be not human inside and out, and he used the "captured general of the defeated army" as an excuse to push everything away.

In fact, if you insist on looking for it, a guy like Arthur Hereid, who has a royal background, has a good relationship with Louis Bernard, and is very simple and easy to control is also a very suitable target; I seem to be very happy, after all, there are Opportunity to fight Louis every day.

But if such a simple guy wants to be the commander-in-chief of the expeditionary army, the Holy See needs to invest too much support; besides, when the simpler people find themselves being used, the consequences are likely to be difficult to end, so Phyllis simply did not Take him into consideration.

Although the royal family and the Wolff family of fire knights were behind the support, the Dukasky family did not dare to defy the church in an open and fair manner; after some struggle, they could only agree to the other party's request.

The rest of the jihadist army will be divided into three batches, returning to the mainland from Beluga Port, Black Reef Port and Sail City, and adjudicate the leader of the Knights in all departure queues, responsible for conveying the good news of "the success of the jihad" to the entire world of order.

The Storm Legion, which was going to leave with the Clovis Crusaders, was delayed by ten days.

This is not because the fleet can't carry enough capacity - at least not the main reason - mainly because Ansen Bach's situation is too special, Ludwig is very worried that His Majesty and the wealthy councilors of Clovis City may not be able to quickly understand the "curve" Loyalty" is an overly advanced thinking logic.

From Beigang to Clovis City, plus the report, so that the adults have a basic understanding of the situation, Ludwig estimates that it will take about half a month; in this way, the Storm Legion arrives in Beigang and stays for a while, almost That's enough.

...well, probably.

This result is actually a good thing for the Storm Legion. After all, the real estate of the Legion is spread over most of the Free Confederation. It is not an easy job to convert it all. Many low-level soldiers plan to go back and retire. The officer was also anxious to take the money home, looking forward to how much dividends he could get from this victory.

As a small military group that has carved money into its bones, the headquarters of the Storm Legion certainly cannot live up to the expectations of its subordinates. If the last copper plate is not squeezed out, everyone will not be willing to leave this feng shui treasure land.

The only one who was dissatisfied with the result was Leon Francois, the commander-in-chief of the Han soil army... As for his cousin whom he hadn't seen for a long time, Leon had a stomach full of things he wanted to talk about, but he had to leave as soon as possible. Leading Hantu's most elite main force back to the mainland, not a minute can be delayed.

The extremely disappointed Lai Ang had to give up meeting with Anson, wrote a long letter to Ludwig, and asked him to pass it on to his cousin. journey.

On the other hand, the Storm Legion, which is busy with discounting, is also in trouble: the New World is very rich, and there are indeed many industries under the name of the Legion, but the New World is seriously lacking in various circulating currencies and hard currencies such as gold and silver. All that can be taken out are all kinds of bulky commodities that are worthless and occupy space, and IOUs.

That's right, the Storm Legion is still holding a large amount of IOUs from the upper-class property owners of various colonies, and the value is very objective.

Some of these came from the initial War of Independence, when many property owners and manor owners directly mortgaged their properties to the Storm Legion in exchange for insurance; one

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Part of it was during the "Battleship Retreat" period during the jihad. The colonial army that urgently needed to arm itself could not afford much cash at all, and could only owe it first and buy gunpowder and weapons from Beluga Port on credit.

As time goes by and the number of people increases, this number becomes very considerable.

The problem is that this money, like those chattels, is difficult to cash in directly - after all, the war has just ended, even if these people immediately return to their respective colonies, they will have an absolutely unsustainable depletion of the local area, and they want to pay off their debts within ten days. A fool's dream.


But without the money, Anson would not be able to fulfill his promise of dividends, let alone disbanding, the Storm Legion even risked mutiny on the spot - after all, everyone really had no complaints when they worked hard before, and even treasoned with the commander-in-chief, Lian Tie. The establishment of the job is no longer needed. It is not a problem if such a big risk and sacrifice is not compensated. Even the agreed dividend will not be given. Public anger is almost an inevitable result.

The most important thing is that Anson has almost put all his belongings in it; if he can't take it away, he will have to rely on the Clovis Kingdom for the rest of his life to really believe the complicated logic in "Curve Loyalty", and then press Brigadier General. Just give yourself a standard allowance.

Fortunately, these real estate and IOUs all have the participation of the important white glove of the New World Company, except for all the nominal fractions of the Storm Legion, Rune, Franz, Bernard, Cecil, Roland... many Old World people. The giants are all participating in it, so it cannot be regarded as Ansen's own problem.

As the first president of the New World Company, faced with a financial dispute involving the entire legion at the same time, Reinhard Roland was naturally obliged to stand up, and after careful consideration of the practical difficulties, he gave him a The perfect solution in sight.


"...Please allow me to confirm that the "perfect solution" you are talking about is not a fund, is it?"

In the small smoking room, Alan Dawn, the secretary with two dark circles under his eyes, had a somewhat unbelievable expression, as if he was worried that the other side didn't know how amazing what he said.

"As expected of a top student from the Holy See monastery, he can grasp the key points as soon as he opens his mouth." Roland couldn't help but praise:

"Yes, if you want to solve the asset discount of the Storm Legion as soon as possible, the fund is the perfect choice."

"Convert all the movable and immovable properties owned by the Storm Legion in the New World into shares of the New World Company, and then use the shares as collateral to establish a fund in the name of the Legion. The fund pool is based on the distribution principles previously formulated by Commander Anson Bach, Dividends are distributed to every soldier and officer."

"This not only resolves the asset shrinkage that the Storm Legion is eager to realize, but also optimizes the property rights structure of the New World Company, and also provides Commander-in-Chief Ansen Bach with a powerful lever to unite the Legion... The ring of order is on the top. , I'm sure there can't be a better solution."

"Indeed not, but it has a very fatal problem." The little clerk frowned, and there was no joy in finally letting out a sigh of relief: "Otherwise, I would have suggested to Lord Anson to set up a fund with the legion's public property."

"Oh, what's the problem?"

"It's simple, the soldiers won't take it - they don't want good things like shares and funds, they just want cash, real money, that they can take home and show off, and let their families know that their future life is secure as soon as they see it. cash!"

The little secretary sighed: "Although I also told them that the shares and funds just prevent them from getting all the money immediately, and in the long run, the dividend is definitely more than a one-time settlement. Unfortunately, most people don't like this. The truth ... is not entirely willing to believe."

"But the purpose of our fund is not to give them money all at once!" Reinhard said it was difficult to understand:

"Don't these ordinary soldiers and middle and lower-level officers understand that we are doing this for their own good? If we give them so much money at one time, they will definitely spend it and buy all kinds of luxuries that are not used at all. , or indulge in the nausea of ​​addiction and end up not saving a penny - we're really thinking of them!"

"Who said no, they are not as good as us, or Anson, who often need to deal with large assets, and have long since gotten rid of them.

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The lure of money is professionals who can really handle assets. "The little secretary felt the same:

"It is the most cruel harm to them that ordinary people who are well-fed and rich are not allowed to obtain a large amount of wealth immediately."

"Unfortunately, it seems that our efforts will not bear fruit." Reinhard nodded seriously: "We have to bear the reputation of harming the public and private, greed and greed - of course, these are the pressures we have to bear, I'm used to it."

"It's just that I still think the fund is a very good option. The only problem is that it needs to be able to get a lot of real money for the officers and soldiers at the bottom."

"And it's best if the money isn't taken from Newland's cash flow, I understand."

The little secretary sighed, this is the most difficult part of the whole plan; after all, commitment, expectation and reality are actually three completely different existences, but often most people will subconsciously link them together and will not get it something as a reality that is bound to happen.

Rather, it is a miracle that the commander-in-chief can fulfill his promise for so long. As a result, they not only did not appreciate it, but also took it for granted.

However, the problem still needs to be solved. The assets of the legion cannot be shrunk, and it must be firmly in the hands of the commander-in-chief; in other words, another group of people must be willing to pay the money to meet the expectations of the soldiers.

So, who is that big grievance... kind-hearted person?

"Wait." As if he suddenly thought of something, Leinhard snapped his fingers "Crack!":

"Before winter, the Clovis Royal Fleet should return to North Harbor with the Storm Legion?"

"Yes, after all, the Storm Legion has 8,000 people, and the Clovis Legion and the Hantu Legion are retreating together, leaving about half of the ships. It should be more than enough to fill everyone and materials, but..." Little Secretary The official was shocked:

"You, don't you think..."

"Exactly." Reinhard's eyes lit up: "Don't you think this is a genius idea?"

"But, Kelowe has clearly stipulated in the past that the trade between the colony and the North Port can only be carried out unilaterally, and cannot be dominated by the colony!" Alan Dawn was somewhat panicked:

"We suddenly have such a big fanfare, it is very likely..."

"That was once!"

Leinhard directly corrected it by stealing: "The current Free Confederation is an independent country recognized by the Holy See. Of course, her trade behavior is dominated by itself, isn't it?"

"It's true in theory, but we all know it's impossible!" The little clerk corrected immediately: "Only Clovis can eat the entire amount of the Free Confederation, and we have to work with Nake. Hill Kingdom competition, this is not an equal transaction! We are likely to break the tacit understanding between the two parties without authorization..."

"But we can make up for it with a larger volume!" Reinhard still refused to give up:

"Think about it. In the past, Clovis could only get the Ice Dragon Fjord, a market and raw material production area. Now it has become the entire Free Confederation. Isn't it worth them to make a little change for it?"

The little clerk protested again: "I must remind you that this is not a small change!"

"Yes, this is an unprecedented change." Reinhard nodded slightly: "Considering the current predicament, I think it is worth a try!"

The little secretary was speechless.

That's right, apart from bringing the last batch of raw materials this year together with the Storm Legion back to Beigang directly through the Clovis Royal Fleet, and using the cash sold to pay the soldiers' dividends, there is really no other better way. .

But this obviously broke the tacit understanding of trade between the past and Clovis, and many people would suffer from it, causing Anson Bach to feud with many people who hold a lot of wealth... This is what Alan Dawn does not want to see of. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

And Inhard thought of another thing, and that is the purpose of Miss Thalia's order.

By converting the industry of the Storm Legion into shares, Brigadier General Anson Bach has a great say in the raw material trade of the Free Confederation. To put it bluntly, he will sell to whomever he wants;

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For Clovis, who desperately needed raw materials to save his life, this was the object they had to please.

On the other hand, if Lord Anson wants to maintain his importance in the eyes of many Clovis, he must not give up the connection with the New World Company; well, the previous connection with the Rune family.

This is the precaution that Thalia has prepared.

...first course.

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