Immortal Emperor: Reborn in the Mixed City - Chapter 5557 Discipline Son

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Chapter 5557: Training the Holy Son

"You are Su Yan, right? I want to see why you can sit in the chief seat directly without our consent!"

The tall and thin holy son said with a sinister gaze, and immediately became decisive. Without waiting for everyone to react, a divine light directly blasted at Su Yan. Among them, the Dao condensed and manifested a single horn, which was extremely powerful and powerful. A killer move!

"Don't be so impulsive!"

At this time, it was the beautiful woman who was startled and wanted to reach out to stop her, but it was too late.

"Interesting, you are very brave."

Seeing this, Su Yan smiled. Facing the mighty full blow, he only stretched out one finger, and lightly flicked the unicorn.

Immediately, the mighty single horn that could break through mountains and rivers and shatter the void, was flicked with a single finger, trembling slightly, and then stopped in place!

The group of people were shocked at once, and the scene was completely silent, looking at the well-behaved and powerless unicorn under Su Yan's finger, they couldn't help murmuring.

"How is it possible, this is the blow of Duhuang's full strength. Under the single horn of the great wilderness, the power and divine way are gathered, even a small world can be collapsed, but this guy...flicked it with one finger?"

"What the hell... is this monster?"

However, before they could be shocked, something even more frightening happened. The unicorn, which had stopped at first, was trembling again at this moment, and immediately a more terrifying momentum gathered on it, and the raging spirit was directly like a sea attack. Come, let the whole hall become distorted and blurred under the cover,

"I'm not very satisfied with the blow you sent me. Why don't you see if such a blow is more appropriate?"

Su Yan put his fingertips against the unicorn, and under the shocked and terrified eyes of everyone, he let out a calm sound, and then the unicorn suddenly turned back to Duhuang with even more terrifying speed and power!


No one had time to react to this blow, only the Son of Duhuang, who was still clamoring, flew up high like a broken sack, and landed heavily.

He no longer had that kind of vicious arrogance in his eyes, on the contrary, there was only endless confusion at this moment, as if he had doubts about his own life.

who I am? where am I?

"You... are so strong."

And the dazed eyes of that beautiful woman suddenly lit up, and a bright smile appeared.

"Let's get to know each other again. My name is Hanqing. Now that I recognize your position as the chief, you have to take care of me in the future!"

The rest of the Sons also nodded frantically,

"Yes! The boss deserves to be the boss, we accept it, see the boss!"

Just kidding, this is the strongest Duhuang among the Holy Sons, he was beaten with a single move to doubt his life, and he was even beaten by his own supernatural powers, what kind of monster is this!

"Is this enough?"

Su Yan shook his head boredly, feeling like he was playing with a child in this scene.

He was in a slump, but he didn't intend to just let these Heaven's Chosen Sons go just like that. After all, they scolded them several times at the gate of the hall, so as not to let them deeply realize their mistakes, how could he do it?

"Very well. As your boss, I have prepared a gift for you. I don't know if you are satisfied."

After finishing speaking, Su Yan smiled, and a starlight suddenly rose around him!

The four kalpas rotate, and the stars are destroyed endlessly!

I saw incomplete and dilapidated big stars, surrounding several holy sons, and a river of stars covered them. This is Su Yan's strongest supernatural power to kill seventeen beast **** emperors in one fell swoop!

"Boss, what are you doing!"

The Holy Son suddenly yelled in panic, looking at these broken stars, he felt an indescribably horrible feeling in his heart.

"Being my younger brother also requires strength. I don't think you are qualified, and I don't think you are sincerely surrendering. So whoever can survive a night in the star field can talk to me again tomorrow!"

After Su Yan finished speaking, he walked into the hall without turning his head. The door of the hall was closed with a bang, and big stars rushed towards the saint sons!

"Boss don't want it!"

The saint sons screamed, they really regretted provoking Su Yan at this moment, but there is no medicine for regret.

And Su Yan turned a deaf ear to the screams of the Holy Sons. Anyway, he has set an upper limit in this galaxy, and he will not really kill those Holy Sons. He just wants them to experience it. I believe they are enough to leave good memories after a night of indiscriminate bombing.

On the second day, the holy sons who were lying on the ground with weak breathing were indeed much more honest, and they could be said to obey Su Yan's orders. , it seems that Su Yan's eyes are even weirder, a little indescribably docile and shy.

Su Yan ignored this situation, and in the following days, apart from training his little brother, he waited carefully for the opening of the dark zone.

During the period, he also inquired for Zhao Qiling how to quickly recover from his injuries and make up for the Dao. The clue he got was that the Chuiti tribe far away in the west was the most proficient in the way of the body and immortality. , there was only a trace of spirit left, and it recovered within a moment, and killed the powerful enemy instead.

This moved Su Yan, but the western region is far away. If he crosses from here, he would need to cross more than half of the Ferocious Beast God's Domain. Therefore, Su Yan can only wait for the future and solve the dark area first.

In this way, after another seven days, the dark area that opens every three hundred years is opened again!

Su Yan, led by the chief priest, led a total of eight holy sons behind him, and began to leave the land of the Komodo tribe, heading for an unknown dark area.

Afterwards, after a day's journey, Su Yan saw a huge abyss.

This is not the meaning of the abyss of the end, but simply the entire earth, which spreads for hundreds of millions of miles, with a huge opening!

The length of the opening is boundless, and the width is extremely wide. Even if two huge sacred mountains are thrown into it, I am afraid that it will not be crowded at all. Looking down from the sky, it seems that the entire earth has been cut open. It is shocking and shocking.

"Here, this is the shadow zone. The abyss is only under the abyss, and it is on the dark side of the god's domain. This is a rule that cannot be violated no matter what form it is."

After the chief priest arrived, he spoke calmly, and then several people began to descend slowly along the abyss.

I don't know how many thousands of miles they have descended. After Su Yan suspected that they would penetrate the God's Domain, they finally fell to the ground again.

Here, from the outside, it is already dark and boundless. If you don't use magic spells, obviously there won't be a ray of sunlight. The humid and cold atmosphere even seems to be condensed into magical powers or rules, so that Su Yan can feel the dampness and coldness. .

At this time, the chief priest held up a divine bead, emitting a blazing light, and after floating above the abyss, he finally had a panoramic view of the scene in front of him.

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