Martial God Asura - Chapter 5397: Overcoming the Demon Exalted’s Demonic Nature

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Chapter 5397: Overcoming the Demon Exalted’s Demonic Nature

The demonic beast hadn’t even revealed its true form or its cultivation—all that was known about it was its eyes and its voice—but Chu Feng instinctively knew that he wouldn’t stand a chance against it no matter what he did.

How could he fight against an opponent like that?


A surge of teleportation energy suddenly flowed in between Chu Feng and the demonic beast, and a glowing black item appeared. It resembled a fruit, but it was completely black in color. What was even weirder was that the light it was emitting was black, dyeing the surrounding area black too.

The notion of black light sounded like a paradox, yet that was what Chu Feng was witnessing.

Both the fruit and the black light it was emitting felt ominous to Chu Feng, as if they harnessed some kind of incredibly evil power.

“What’s that?” Even the demonic beast was unnerved by the sinister fruit.

The fruit began trembling with increasing intensity. Cracks slowly appeared on its surface, and it eventually exploded with a loud pop. Black aura gushed out and enveloped both Chu Feng and the demonic beast.

Knowing that something was off about the black fruit, Chu Feng held his breath to avoid breathing in the black aura, but to his dismay, the black aura seeped into his body via his skin.


Tok tok!

Chu Feng’s heart began beating erratically.

At the same time, he felt a sinister force slowly building up in his soul, awaiting an opportune moment to act up. He instinctively realized that he had to stop the sinister force inside his soul from triggering, or else something terrifying would happen.

Without any hesitation, he channeled all of his powers to suppress it.

However, the more he tried to suppress the sinister force, the more anxious he felt. It felt like he was doing nothing but delaying the inevitable.


The world suddenly shook under the demonic beast’s laughter. It had already understood the purpose of the black aura thanks to its vast knowledge.

“I see! Suppressing one’s kindness to unleash one’s inner demon… So, this is how I’ll be competing with this brat? To have a mere human child put his inner demon against this Demon Exalted’s… Hahaha! How in the world did you even think of something this ridiculous?” The arrogant demonic beast roared with laughter.

“Competing inner demons? I see.”

Upon realizing the nature of the duel, Chu Feng closed his eyes and allowed the sinister force lurking inside his soul to take over. His body began floating in the air.

The world suddenly turned awfully silent.

The arrogantly laughing Demon Exalted had retracted his laughter to look at Chu Feng with a grim look. It sensed that something was amiss even though the latter was utterly still.

“This brat… Could it be that…?”

A thought surfaced in its mind. Knowing that it couldn’t allow Chu Feng to continue at this rate, it unleashed its killing intent on Chu Feng. Its killing intent carried the demonic nature it had built up from the blood it had on its hands from obliterating countless realms. It was such a powerful demonic nature that ordinary humans would have lost their minds or even died from shock.

Such was the demonic nature that was relentlessly assailing Chu Feng.

The assault had Chu Feng’s long hair and clothes fluttering wildly, but his body remained completely still. He didn’t shake in the least in the face of this killing intent.

“Brat, what the hell are you up to? Stop playing games and show me what you’re capable of! Do you think that this Demon Exalted will be afraid of you?!”

The Demon Exalted realized that Chu Feng was not as simple as it had thought, or else he wouldn’t have been able to remain unfazed even when it had already unleashed the full force of its killing intent.

Things weren’t looking optimistic for it, but its pride wouldn’t allow its opponent to take such a lackadaisical attitude toward it. It wanted Chu Feng to exert its full power too.


The edges of Chu Feng’s lips curled to form an incomparably evil smile. He opened his eyes, revealing his boundless murderous intent. His murderous intent gushed like a furious storm, crushing the Demon Exalted’s killing intent while instantaneously suffusing the entire realm.

Not even the Demon Exalted could withstand murderous intent of this level. Unwilling to be defeated by a mere human, it tried its best to resist, but it was futile.

Chu Feng’s murderous intent was mercilessly flooding into its body and furiously shaking its rationality. At this rate, it was only a matter of time before it succumbed to the murderous intent and lost its sense of self, thus becoming nothing more than a mindless beast.

“Brat, I admit defeat,” the Demon Exalted surrendered in resignation.

However, Chu Feng’s murderous intent only continued to intensify.

“Brat, it’s just a spar. Don’t you know the rules? I have already admitted defeat. It’s not like there’s any grudge between us. Are you really planning to take my life? I don’t even know you!” The Demon Exalted spat at Chu Feng, but it didn’t stop the latter at all.

It took a closer look at Chu Feng and finally noticed that the latter’s eyes had changed. Lightning was flashing in his eyes, making him look even more terrifying. Somehow, he felt even more intimidating than the Demon Exalted despite being in the body of a weak human being.

“This is bad. This brat has lost consciousness. Since that’s the case, you shouldn’t blame me for not following the rules!”

The Demon Exalted gathered its martial power with the intent to curb Chu Feng, only to realize that its cultivation had been sealed. It was the doing of the Asura Demon Tower.

“Hey! Isn’t that unfair? That brat has already lost consciousness. At this rate, I’ll really lose my mind and go insane!” the Demon Exalted shouted.

It was hoping to catch the attention of the Asura Demon Tower’s master, but there was no response whatsoever. Finally, it panicked. It wouldn’t die to the murderous intent, but there was no point in living after losing its sense of self. That would make it no different from a zombie!



Cracks began appearing in their immediate surroundings.

“Even the Asura Demon Tower is unable to withstand his murderous intent? Is this brat really human?!” the Demon Exalted exclaimed in disbelief.

It couldn’t believe that a human could have such a powerful demonic nature within him. However, it quickly calmed down when it realized that the situation was turning out in its favor. As long as it could hold on till the collapse of the Asura Demon Tower, it would be able to survive this ordeal.

Once it was freed from the Asura Demon Tower, it would regain both its freedom and its strength. No one would be able to stop it anymore once it was released from its restraints. This could be a blessing in disguise.

Outside the Asura Demon Tower, the frost woman had already noticed that something was off. With a wave of her hand, she manifested a formation mirror that reflected the tower. Not only was the tower shaking intensely, but many cracks could be seen on its surface too.

“Milord, bad news! Cracks have appeared on the Asura Demon Tower!” the frost woman reported to the woman inside the hut.

“I know. It’s Chu Feng’s doing,” the woman in the hut calmly replied.

“Chu Feng? How could Chu Feng cause cracks to appear on the Asura Demon Tower?” The frost woman was baffled.

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