Master Dan Dao - v2 Chapter 8292 Not hard for you super old monster

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Chapter 8292 It's not difficult for you, the ultimate old monster

Feng Tianxing raised his hand to wipe his eyes, and listened intently to the words of the afterimage.

"According to the way of heaven, after the demons defeat the human race, there will be a catastrophe of void invasion. At that time, there will be no demons in ten. This is the greatest opportunity for the revival of our human race. I need ten strong human races to endure humiliation and bear the burden. After surrendering to the demons and gaining the trust of the demons, predict this catastrophe. Lure the demons to concentrate their strength to resist the catastrophe."

"During the catastrophe, these ten powerhouses will have the opportunity to open the city built by the Demon Emperor. If the void can be allowed to wreak havoc, the Demon Emperor will be seriously injured and on the verge of death. Pull back the Nine Nether Lands, and with a strong consciousness, break the Demon Emperor's plan to use his corpse to bring back his soul."

"At this point, these ten powerhouses should do their best to cultivate their forces and assist our new king of the human race..."

"After thinking about it, only Aitu Feng Tianxing has a strong consciousness and can wander in the Nine Nethers without losing his consciousness. Moreover, he has a terrible hatred for the demons, and he will never join the demons, and will never give up. Defeat the demons and revive the great wish of the human race! I also invite a hundred strong human races who are good at the space avenue to come to my mansion. The human race has won a chance of life! We will personally forge the Sumeru land for him to temper."

After hearing these words, Feng Tianxing was stunned.

All of this, everything that happened to him, he thought that the Demon Emperor was just miscalculating, and mistakenly thought that his consciousness was weak, so he had the idea of ​​seizing the house.

But he never expected that behind this incident, there is such a long foreshadowing, and ten heirs of strong human races are paving the way for themselves.

At that time, the Demon Emperor relaxed his vigilance and broke into his consciousness, which must be due to the credit of these ten human races.

Now, this plan has been implemented to the second step, and it is also the most difficult time for him and the ten human descendants, to weaken the demons and strengthen the human race.

Thinking about it this way, Feng Tianxing instantly understood why Songtai had a large army in his hand, but he didn't attract it. He was waiting for more deaths and injuries from the demons.

He also understood why Songyi would tell him what he said just now, and why he could tell at a glance that he was using the aura of the human race instead of the demonic aura of the demon race, because they were the same, they were all dressed in demon race It's just the human race in the shell.

Then, the afterimage of Bai Guanxing introduced in detail how to practice to release the demonic energy. Feng Tianxing practiced according to the methods one by one. In just ten years, the demonic energy in Feng Tianxing's body was already extremely strong.

With this layer of hidden means, Feng Tianxing's future road will be easier.

It's just that it's only been one day in the outside world, what can you do with the remaining two days?

Even if Song Yi misjudged his own strength, twenty years at most would be enough, what would he use the extra ten years for?

Is it just useless practice?

Naturally, Feng Tianxing would not believe that Songyi's arrangement would be so simple, and with a human mind, it was absolutely impossible.

Carefully hiding the Sumeru Ring in his sea of ​​consciousness, Feng Tian Xingquan left one last thought, then left the hiding place and searched nearby for a while.

After Feng Tianxing spread his consciousness and searched for half an hour, he suddenly found a breath left by Jiang, and it was left on purpose.

Immediately came to the location of the breath, Feng Tianxing squatted down, but there was no clue.

An extremely long time has passed since Jiang entered here, and it is another day of ten years facing the outside world. It has been too long, and the traces on the ground have long been unable to be discerned.

It's just that on the stone wall in front of you, relying on the naturally formed aura, the characters on it are well protected.

"It's a good idea to destroy the demons. I'm willing to help you guys try it, my lord."

Such unrestrained words were obviously written by Jiang, Feng Tianxing smiled.

Sure enough, Jiang's brain circuit was abnormal.

If the ordinary demons hear that the human race has a plan to destroy the demons, shouldn't they report it immediately and ask for credit?

Only Jiang, who didn't care about anything, even helped the aliens destroy the demons.

Tsk tsk, the crooked friends I made back then were indeed a bit outrageous.

Feng Tianxing raised his eyebrows, and after searching to no avail, he simply retreated on the spot. These thirty years should not be wasted.

Three days passed in a flash, Feng Tianxing tore through the space and came to the Admiral's Mansion the first time he left the customs, and saw Song Yi talking with Dan, drinking and having fun.

After Feng Tianxing told Dan about the idea of ​​letting the master come to help guard the admiral's mansion, he bowed to Songyi and left here.

The two didn't seem to have much communication, but they had actually talked a lot.

"Have you seen everything?"

"Well, I see what I have to do."

"That's good, as long as you and I understand, we will be able to make a lot of troubles in the future."

"Master Songyi, I have a question. Is Jialuo an orthodox demon?"

"The bloodline is extremely pure. At the beginning, he and the Demon Emperor were aware of our plan, but they couldn't get evidence, so they threw Jia Luo down and wanted to change their identities. But the Demon Emperor didn't know that the object of his suspicion at the time would steal With methods such as the soul, I followed Jia Luo to warn other human races of Jia Luo's location. So he didn't gain much here."

"Nagara will be our strong enemy in the future."

"Yes, but you don't need to worry about it. Jia Luo himself is limited by his talent. As long as you can get close to the strength of the Demon Emperor, he will no longer be your threat."

"You sound like it's easy to say."

"Haha, that is, it is very difficult for others, but for you, an old monster who has lived for countless years and is almost the same generation as my grandfather, it should not be difficult, it just takes time."

"Okay, all the demons under your command are cronies, or are you talking about a motley crew?"

"Miscellaneous army, in the future, when we clear up the external threat of the void, before the human race grows stronger, there will be some conflicts at random, and then we will fight a few times, and the strength of the demon race will naturally come down."

"Okay, how many other human races are credible?"

"There are about 30 people of pure blood and trustworthy mixed-blood demons, but we don't have much contact with each other, and we are too far apart. No matter what method we practice, the demonic energy in our disguise will blend together the moment we touch it. It is the method that senior Bai Guanxing left for us to identify."

"Thank you, please take care in the future."

"You should take care of yourself. According to Senior Bai Guanxing's plan, you should still have a very important role. After a hundred years, the succession ceremony of the Demon Clan. There is not much time left for you."

The conversation between the two was all through sound transmission, and Dan on the side didn't see anything, and was still drinking wine with Songta happily, thinking that he had climbed up with other demon bosses.

Back in the main city, the feeling of Feng Tianxing was instantly different.

From the responsibility of being alone to having like-minded friends, this is a qualitative change.

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