Mechanical Flesh - Chapter 668

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The burly man glanced at Qi Lian, as if he didn't expect him to dare to stop him. Although he was stronger, he didn't dare to use force in the tavern. He turned his head and grinned at Qi Yuan.

"New kid, give me this glass of wine, I can protect you and let you live here for a few more days!"

There were very few people making trouble in the tavern, and when they found something exciting to watch, they all turned their attention to it.

Under the eyes of other people, Qi Yuan looked at him with a half-smile.

"Are you talking to me?"

I don't know if it was Qi Yuan's smile or his calm tone that made the burly man feel a chill in his heart, and subconsciously let go of the wine glass he was holding.


The wine glass was pushed back to the table heavily by Qi Lian, and the turbulent wine spilled out, leaving a large area of ​​wine stains.

The eyes cast on him became playful, and he was humiliated under the eyes of everyone. The burly man became a little annoyed, and was about to be robbed by someone, but from the corner of his eye, he saw the indistinct gaze of the proprietress, and his body froze immediately. , Thinking of Qi Yuan's half-smiling eyes just now, most of the anger in the burly man's heart was extinguished immediately.

"It's fine if you don't give it, it's just a glass of wine."

The man grunted, staggered and turned to leave, but instead of returning to his seat, he left the tavern amid boos.

This ending obviously didn't satisfy the people who wanted to watch the fun. They looked away and turned their attention to their own cups again.

However, there were also a few people who remembered Qi Yuan.

There are not many newcomers who can make it to the Tower of Eternity alive, especially this kind of weak chicken who doesn't even have the ninth step.

The young man in front of him is not only generous, but also very courageous. With such a difference in strength, not everyone has the courage to refuse the request of a stronger person, or even suppress the opponent's momentum without making a show.

Qi Lian let go of the wine glass he was holding down, sat down heavily, then picked up the wine glass and took a big sip, and then said a little dejectedly:

"Evil beasts are rampant, and I don't even dare to go hunting alone. It's just this glass of wine, I have to trade my life. In other words, my current life may not be worth as much as this glass of wine, so I dare not take it it!"

Looking at Qi Lian's suddenly decadent eyes, Qi Yuan realized that this world may be more cruel than the outside world. The weak are here, and there is almost no possibility of turning over. The weaker they are, the less they dare to go out to hunt, because That means death, and the fewer sacrifices to hunt, it means more weakness. This is an unsolvable endless loop. If you want to break this endless loop, you have to sacrifice your life!

And the most cruel thing is that the ordinary ninth-level powerhouses belong to the category of the weak here!

"I remember you said at the beginning that most of the people here are dead, including you." Qi Yuan said slowly.

"That's right, we're all dead, only the upper floor, a few powerful guys are still alive, really alive."

Qi Lian picked up the wine glass and took another sip, but maybe he was worried about getting drunk, so he only drank a little.

"At least half of all newcomers who enter the Flesh and Flesh Mill will die on the first day. They don't even know the existence of the Tower of Eternity. Among the remaining people, some have escaped the impact of several waves of evil beasts and survived. The first day passed, but most of them will still fall on the road leading to the Tower of Eternity, and only a few lucky ones can come to the Tower of Eternity alive."

"But that doesn't mean you are safe. The Tower of Eternity is just a relatively safe stronghold. Let us not have to be on the lookout for sneak attacks from evil beasts all the time. But if you want to obtain eternal glory, you must go hunting. This is our The only way to become stronger."

"I think you should have seen the strength of the evil beasts outside. They are more numerous and stronger, almost occupying the entire wilderness. Except for a few strong ones who are sure to come back from the wilderness alive, most of them go hunting , they are all betting on their lives."

"If it was outside, death would be a one-hundred-and-a-half, everything is over, but here is the flesh and blood mill, and death here is just the beginning of endless reincarnation!"

"People like us who enter the flesh and blood mill from the outside are called outsiders here. Most outsiders will be resurrected in the Tower of Eternity after death. That's how I survived. Most of the people here , and we all survived like this, and some people call us the living dead."

Qi Yuan stared at Qi Lian to confirm that he was not lying, and suddenly thought of Lord of the Dead.

This way of existence of the living dead is somewhat similar to the power left in the doomsday sacrifice.

Moreover, Qi Lian's description of eternal brilliance is similar to sacrifice to gain power.

Could it be that there is also a super life form in the Flesh and Flesh Mill, or that some of those people also have some power left here.

If it's the former, it's definitely not good news for me. Facing a super life form, I have no power to fight back, even if this one is dead.

But this possibility is extremely low, Aquamarine is not big, at least in the eyes of super lifeforms, Aquamarine is just a cage, if there are super lifeforms here, it is impossible for Doomsday not to know.

Since Doomsday has not been mentioned, it means that apart from those from the Doomsday Ritual, there are no other super life forms on Seablue Planet.

If it's the latter, then it depends on who's home is here. If it's Doomsday or the Lord of the Revenant, maybe he can borrow his strength. If it's the home of the source of all evil, it means more danger.

Qi Yuan settled down, collected his scattered thoughts, and asked:

"What is Eternal Radiance?"

"For you, eternal brilliance is powerful strength, and for us, eternal brilliance is everything!"

Qi Lian spoke with a hint of deep sadness in his voice.

"There is only one way to obtain eternal brilliance, and that is through sacrifices. The place of sacrifice is on the second floor of the tower, and the sacrifices are the powerful parts in the body of the evil beast."

"Eternal glory is the foundation of the existence of this stronghold. It makes everyone crazy about it, and it is also the reason why we are willing to enter the flesh and blood mill to fight for our lives. For us, eternal glory is everything!"

Qi Yuan frowned slightly. From Qi Lian's description, he felt longing and at the same time a deep fear.

Qi Lian's voice trembled slightly.

"Up to now, I don't even know what Eternal Radiance is. I only know that anyone can absorb him to gain powerful power. Enough Eternal Radiance can make anyone easily become a title-level powerhouse!"

Having said this, Qi Lian paused for a moment, and then said:

"Maybe it's not just a title-level powerhouse. It is rumored that someone has stepped into a higher rank by absorbing eternal radiance. The people above call it the legendary rank!"

Qi Yuan's pupils trembled, and he could hardly conceal the shock in his heart.

Aquamarine has always had a power ceiling. After the advent of the new era, no one has ever been able to advance to the legend. Those title-level powerhouses have actually touched the threshold of the legendary rank, but under the suppression of the power ceiling, they have not been able to. Push open this door.

If it is said that it is really possible to advance to legend in the Flesh and Flesh Mill, it is absolutely bad news for Seablue Star. Once those title-level powerhouses who have stagnated at the title level for many years know this news, they will definitely try to enter the Flesh and Flesh Mill , even if it is very dangerous here.

Once these people are successfully promoted to legend, even a small part will be dangerous time bombs for Seablue Star.

The limitation of the power ceiling, UU Reading is actually a kind of protection for Seablue Star, any burst of power that breaks through this ceiling will cause huge and irreversible damage to Seablue Star. The cataclysm that triggered the advent of a new era and almost destroyed the world will of Planet Aquamarine is the best proof.

Over the years, some people have left the Flesh and Flesh Mill, and Qi Lian must have known the news, but those people must have known it well, but the news of being able to advance to the legend here has not been leaked, perhaps because the memory of this part has been erased.

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