Modify Super God - Chapter 913 Mom is so brave!

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【Modify Super God】【】


Sui Yu was also at a loss for words at this time.

I couldn't see it through the pants before, and the pain was the same just by feeling. I really couldn't understand the extent of the wound rupture.

Now that the pants were torn apart, Sui Yu realized that the wound was so severe!

"so serious?!"

Not only Sui Yu was surprised, but also Kim Tae-hyun: "Thank you for being able to endure until now!"

"Ah! It hurts so much!

! "

It’s okay if you don’t remind him, but once Sui Yu is reminded, he feels a piercing pain, even so severe that Sui Yu can’t help but scream out.

Well, before Sui Yu focused on finding Jessica as soon as possible, coupled with Elena's excellent healing skills, the healing effect was pretty good.

So Sui Yu was a little numb to the pain for a while.

Now seeing the wound, but subconsciously feeling the pain at the same time, he screamed involuntarily because of the intense pain.

Although there are some gaps, Sui Yu's situation is actually the same as that of ordinary people who accidentally scratch their arms. Occasionally, they can't feel the pain, but they can feel the pain after being reminded by others!

Hearing Sui Yu's screams and seeing Sui Yu's horrific wound, the surrounding passengers quickly moved away from that aunt.

Kicking out this kind of wound, aunt is absolutely very human!

Even the security guard who was pressing down on the aunt showed an expression of being on the verge of riding a tiger, as if what was under him was not the aunt but a tiger!


No, the security officer next to him even drew his gun and loaded it and aimed at the aunt's head. Judging by the appearance, there was a plan to shoot the aunt decisively to kill her if she made any changes!

Also, after the alliance was formed, guns became legal, so the security officers of the alliance are used to drawing their guns to protect themselves when they encounter danger.

Especially now that people with supernatural powers are gradually flooding, the pressure on the security guards is even greater.

Because abilities are not recognized by the naked eye like guns, and in reality, it is not like some animations to explain what their abilities are when they come up.

The unknown terror is the greatest terror!

"Don't be nervous, don't be nervous..."

Sui Yu hurriedly explained: "Be careful not to get angry. In fact, this is an old injury. I was just accidentally kicked away by this aunt."

This time the aunt did not open her eyes and scream and curse because Sui Yu called her aunt, but looked gratefully at the muzzle of the gun away from her head.

Hey, although aunt is very annoying, but the crime is really not as good as death!

Although Sui Yu also imagined in his heart that the group of "netizens" on the Internet who have nothing to do with him shouted the death penalty when things didn't go his way, his rationality kept reminding Sui Yu not to get lost in the powerful power and rights Otherwise, he will inevitably become an existence like the lone star of the **** of evil in the future and regret it for the rest of his life!

So he explained at this time: "I just finished the operation, because I have something urgent to do, so I hurried here by car, I didn't expect the wound to burst open."

As for why Sui Yu looked like a normal person just now?

It is naturally impossible for Sui Yu to explain that this is a manifestation of his strong willpower.

Because this kind of willpower is too inhuman, it is troublesome to speak out.

So he explained: "The strength of the anesthetic hadn't passed before, so I didn't feel too much. Now that the strength of the anesthetic has passed, especially after you reminded me, I found out. It's so **** awesome!"….

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【Modify Super God】【】

Sui Yu wanted to make a joke to ease the embarrassment, but Kim Tae Hyun didn't have time to make fun of Sui Yu.

At this moment, he put his palms on the wound on Sui Yu's leg, followed by the flashing green magic light, Kim Tae-hyun began to help Sui Yu treat him with a nervous face.

Others don't know, but he knows how important the blue hero Sui Yu is to the entire alliance at this time!

If Sui Yu made one less attack, thousands of people might die!

In case any important military base is breached by the guerrilla troops sent by the Black Knights, the front line may even be formed after a series of chain reactions.

Big rout!

At that time, the entire alliance will be in danger!

Therefore, Kim Tae-hyun is doing his best in the treatment at this time, sweat is constantly streaming down Kim Tae-hyun's handsome face like a male star, it seems that he has really tried his best!


Isn't this technology too crude? !

Once the sea was too difficult for water.

I have seen Elena's powerful healing effects, and even though Sui Yu is not good at white magic, he also knows healing magic.

So after seeing Kim Tae-hyun's technique, Sui Yu curled his lips in his heart, wondering how the treatment effect is not the same as it is? !

Elena used the healing ability before, and her leg injury healed quickly not long after. Although it seems that the first aid measures at that time were a temporary solution, not the root cause, and the deep-seated wounds did not heal without long-term treatment, but the effect is really good. No need to say.

In the end, Jin Taixian was fine, after posing for a long time, Sui Yu's blood flowed a lot, but the wound showed no signs of closing.

Seeing this scene, Kim Tae Hyun was also anxious.

At this time, he raised his head in a panic and shouted to Sui Yu: "Oops! The power of the giant bear remains in the wound, and my healing magic doesn't work!"


Isn't your Ultra team particularly friendly to the light attribute?

That's it? !

And if you can't cure it, you can't cure it. Why are you yelling at the giant bear? !

No, a man in a suit next to him was watching the news about the blue hero fighting the giant bear. Hearing this, he paused the news screen at the scene where the earth demon bear pierced Sui Yu's thigh with the ground stabbing technique.

Then took the tablet and put it next to Sui Yu's wound...

The location of the wound cannot be said to be extremely similar, it can only be said to be exactly the same!

"Blue hero? So are really a blue hero?!"

Accompanied by the exclamation of the man in the suit, Sui Yu sighed dejectedly, and said in his heart: "Now my identity is really going to be revealed!"


With a strange cry, the aunt finally couldn't bear the successive blows and passed out directly.


! "

The noisy little boy had been hiding behind a seat before, but now seeing his mother fainted, he couldn't help but ran out, hugged his aunt and started howling.

It is estimated that this little brat also knows in his heart that only her mother spoils him in the whole world, and no one else spoils him.

So now that his mother is in a coma, this little boy no longer wants instant noodles, and starts to perform "Only mother is good in the world" in front of everyone.

Regarding this, Sui Yu sighed lightly, and said to himself that if the little boy knew something and didn't make such a fuss before, maybe things wouldn't have developed to the present level. ....

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【Modify Super God】【】

Gently pushing away Kim Tae-hyun's hand, Sui Yu stretched out his hand and quickly drew a magic circle near the leg injury, and then with the activation of the magic circle, the wound on the thigh began to heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Now that his identity has been revealed, Sui Yu stopped pretending.

And if I keep on pretending, I'm really going to lose too much blood and hang up!

What Jin Taixian said was right, because of being pierced by the earth thorn, part of the magic power of the earth devil bear remained in his body all the time.

And these alien magical powers have been hindering the healing of the wound, especially because the Earth Demon Bear's level is relatively high, even if the magical power weakened by Sui Yu and Elena is not something Kim Tae-hyun can deal with.

So in fact, even if his identity has not been called out, Sui Yu has to treat himself quickly.

Unless he doesn't want to live anymore!

Seeing that Jin Tae-hyun, the Ultra hero, was healed quickly under Sui Yu's hands, the passengers were amazed and at the same time they were completely sure that Sui Yu was indeed the blue hero!

Soon, UU Reading Sui Yu's leg injury was effectively controlled.

Then, after taking the magic power recovery pill and running the "Hai Na Bai Chuan Gong" to speed up the recovery of magic power, Sui Yu simply shrouded in a layer of haze formed by the rapid condensation of magic elements and began to cast healing magic for Yue Zishan.

In order to drive the car earlier, Yue Zishan's injuries were not completely healed, so it must be to cooperate with Sui Yu to endure the pain at this time.

Now that his identity has been exposed, Sui Yu immediately started treatment for Yue Zishan after reminding everyone to keep it secret.

Although the passengers were not sure which hero Yue Zishan was, it was basically confirmed that she was a hero.

Many people even guessed that Yue Zishan was the red hero!

Although the picture in the news is very simplistic and because the attack of the Great Earth Demon Bear was too terrifying, the shooting was interrupted a lot.

But the most injured is the blue hero, followed by the red hero.

With such an association, Yue Zishan's identity is basically revealed.

Then if you think about it further...

Everyone turned their heads to look at the aunt who was waking up under the radiance of the healing magic that Sui Yu casually threw.

This aunt is a real warrior!

Dare to face the bleak life!

Dare to face up to the dripping blood!

What's so weird, not only did he forbid the heroes of the alliance who just saved an unknown number of lives and didn't even have the time to eat to eat instant noodles, he even dared to insult Sui Yu and Yue Zishan, the two strongest heroes of the alliance in public!

And also attack? !

This is not a warrior, who is a warrior? !

I just don't know, what will be the result of waiting for the "warrior" of the aunt? .

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