Mystery: Start with the Reader - v4 Chapter 222 Aga/Ritu

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"Who are you...?" The "heart" of "Death", or the voice of the former "God of War" Gaunt sounded directly in Abner's heart.

This voice is complicated and unspeakable, sometimes hoarse, sometimes messy, sometimes like babbling, sometimes like singing...

It's just that the various "desire" thoughts that were filled with it were completely intercepted by the "Pure White Eye", which did not cause any impact on Abner.

In response, Abner smiled and said, "It seems that even if you are 'prudent', you are still very dishonest!"

At this moment, "Death" also found that his ability could not break through the opponent's mind at all, and even faintly sensed danger from the depths of his mind... As if the "sun"-like protection in his eyes was not protecting the young man in front of him. people, but to protect themselves.

"Who are you?" "Death" repeated the previous question.

Abner took his right hand back from the ugly "heart", took out a handkerchief and wiped it, and then said meaningfully: "Who am I? Haha, you probably thought that you had taken refuge in the 'Mother Tree of Desire'. Can you get rid of the means I reserved in the first place?"

Hearing this, the heart of the "Death" beat violently a few times, causing the pirates such as the "undead king" Agarito on the deck to stand almost unsteadily. They thought they were attacked by an enemy. one.

"'Oliver Constantine'?!" At this time, the heart of "Death" also read out the name that it hated.

Hearing the other party's tone, Abner was also stunned for a moment, not quite understanding where the "Death" hated him so much.

Could it be that Torzina's information was wrong. It wasn't that after the "God of War" was killed, the evil spirit came into the hands of "God of Luck", but that "I" killed him?

Well, "God of War"... It's most likely an ancient **** with the Beyonder characteristics of the "Hunter" pathway... Wait, Ya Luolan once said that I actually laid out the "Seal of Disaster" attempt a long time ago, For this reason, he also specially helped the ancestors of the Sauron family to be promoted to the "Conqueror" of Sequence 1.

The "Conqueror" feature that eventually became the "Seal of Disaster" came from the predecessor of "Death"?

If it's true, then the "God of War" Gaunt is really miserable... Not only have people been killed by me, but the evil spirits have also been used for experiments, and even the characteristics that are extracted are full of calculations...

It was really used to the extreme, and the method was outrageous!

No wonder this guy hates "me" so much... This hatred is probably deeper than the "Glory" who killed me in "Grossel's Travels" before~

However, I didn't have "insight" about this information just now... Is it the influence of the "mother tree"?

Maybe it also hides other secrets.

While his thoughts were spinning, Abner didn't care about the increasingly intense emotional fluctuations in the heart of the "Death", but only separated his "wisdom eye" and entered the "unknown land". After finding the corresponding "spot", he lightly With a light "touch", the heart involuntarily quieted down.

No matter how hard it works, it can no longer accumulate the power of "emotion".

—As soon as he touched the surface of the heart with his palm, Abner had “insighted” into the secret hand left by the “God of Luck” and quickly activated it to re-establish the evil spirit and the “unknown” of the “God of War” contact.

"It seems that the 'Mother Tree of Desire' doesn't value you too much!" Abner sneered when he saw that the process went so smoothly.

In fact, the same is true. The level of power that the "Mother Tree of Desire" retains in its body is not as good as Miss Sharon, who has only been polluted a little, and collapses in front of the "unknown".

But at this time, "Death" could no longer give him any response.

Although it is not completely submerged in the "unknown" because of its "angel" nature, it inevitably loses control over its "body" and its subordinates. In the name of the "Undying King" and his subordinates, he issued an order to kill each other...

On the Future, Cattleya, who had just asked the crew to clean the deck, hadn't had time to clean up the stains on her body. She took a shower and changed her clothes when she saw Mr. "Tower" appearing in the air, resembling that goblin. The creatures were lowered in height together.

Abner did not use his true colors, but still wore the vest of "Professor", so as not to be recognized by Cattleya and difficult to explain.

After all, he was just an ordinary person at this time last year.

Although Bernadette knew that the "Tower" was Abner, but because he also involved the "Seal of Calamity", the queen should not tell the "Admiral of the Stars".

Seeing that the two "people" were about to fall, Cattleya first sent away the other crew members on the deck, and then came up to express her gratitude:

"Mr. 'Ta', thank you for letting this... this lady take care of those mushrooms. She helped me a lot!"

Abner's face was embarrassed. After he came back, he "understood" what happened here. The reason why he came to see Cattleya was to apologize with "Rose".

——Because the final form of the little "scepter" resembles the "Rose Beast" in the Digimon, Abner, who was named Scrap, simply called her "Rose".

"Actually, I asked this child, 'Rose' to apologize to you... Because of her greed, she inadvertently 'manipulated' some of your words and deeds just now..."

As Abner said, he pinched "Rose" and let it immediately remove the influence on "Admiral Star".

Cattleya was at first at a loss, but when she met "Rose"'s watery eyes, UU Reading suddenly reacted:

Yes, am I crazy? How could he buy the 'Druid' feature for Frank after he made such a big mess?

Even if I buy it for him in the end, I have to wait for the punishment to make him realize the danger...I promise to buy it for him immediately. Isn't this encouraging him to let the "Future" squirt milk in disguise?

So, the decision I just made was the hands and feet of this fairy-like little guy?

Thinking of this, she looked at "Rose" full of fear.

Seeing this, Abner coughed and said, "This child likes to drink the milk that Frank made, so I want him to go further...

"Anyway, I apologize for her ignorance and am willing to make amends."

Saying that, he took out a card, unsealed a head from it, and handed it over.

Cattleya took it subconsciously, and only then did she see clearly what the "tower" gave her! She couldn't help being a little speechless. If it wasn't for her experience as a pirate in the past few years, she was already used to these "terrifying" things. If she was still by the Queen's side, she would be screaming now.

But she soon had no time to think about those messy things, because by this time she had already recognized who the owner of the head was:

"The 'Undead King' Agarito?

"You killed him?!"

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