Nightmare Attack - v3 Chapter 1180 burnt corpse

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It seemed that he had sensed Jiang Cheng's thoughts, and the space on the left side of the corridor became more and more strange. The lamp above his head made a "zizi" sound, like an old man who was about to die, sobbing helplessly.

At this moment, shoes are neatly placed at the door of several rooms.

Each room is two pairs of shoes.

These rooms are all rooms where teammates live.

But as Jiang Cheng approached, it seemed that some kind of restriction had been triggered. At the same time, there was a strange sound from the originally dead room, as if someone was rolling and crawling towards the door.

Oops, it was discovered. Although he had already anticipated the danger on the way to escape, Jiang Cheng's heart sank after arriving so fast. He originally planned to escape from the staff passage on the far left, but now, the situation is not allowed.

To make matters worse, there were voices even behind him.





One after another, the voice was rapidly approaching him, full of oppression.

Jiang Cheng turned his head while running and glanced back, his brows couldn't help jumping.

It was indeed Lin Wan'er!

But at this time Lin Wan'er was no longer the one he knew. "Lin Wan'er" had disheveled hair, her face was faintly pale green, her face was hideous, her hands were raised, and she quickly chased after him.

The movements seem clumsy, but the speed is extremely fast, even faster than he runs.

It's definitely too late to go to the staff passage on the far left now, let alone other ghosts, even Lin Wan'er, he can't run, and he will definitely be caught on the way.

Doors were opened, and all the "companions" with ferocious faces appeared one after another.

But to Jiang Cheng's surprise, these "companions" who were close to Chi Chi didn't jump at him immediately. Instead, they stood in front of the door, bent their stiff bodies, threw off their slippers, and began to put on their own. Shoes outside the door.

Jiang Cheng, who was passing by these people, didn't quite understand the reason, but when he thought of Fatty's behavior, he thought that slippers were a kind of prohibition. He needed to wear slippers in the room, and he had to change into his own shoes when leaving the room.

Jiang Cheng couldn't help but be thankful that he had changed his shoes in advance, otherwise, if he ran out in slippers, he might have made a big mess.

At this moment, Lin Wan'er, who looked like a zombie, was already approaching from behind him. The distance between the two was less than 5 meters, and two more jumps would knock him down.

At the moment of crisis, Jiang Cheng changed his mind, turned a corner, and rushed down the guest stairs in the middle.

Lin Wan'er couldn't dodge, so she rushed over.

Hearing the messy footsteps above his head, Jiang Cheng knew that those "companies" had also put on their shoes at this time, and were gathering behind him, scrambling to kill him.

I jumped down the stairs with three steps and two steps, and the smell of burnt lake came to my face, which was very pungent.

Now he came to the 3rd floor. According to Chen Ran, there was a fire on the 3rd floor and everyone was burned to death, but the 3rd floor reflected in Jiang Cheng's eyes was the same as before, neat and clean, and there was no trace of burning.

The doors of two rooms were wide open, and it was pitch-dark inside. From Jiangcheng's perspective, you couldn't see what was inside.

He needs to quickly find an escape route, whether to go through the corridor in front of the darkened door and go to the staff passage on the other side, or continue down the stairs in the middle.

Emotionally, it is of course more convenient and faster to run straight down, but reason tells him that the staff passage on the left will be safer, although he has to pass through two dark doors, and he does not know whether there are ghost doors hidden inside.

He was also worried that the moment he passed by, he would be pulled in by the ghost hand sticking out from behind the door.

Now he is the food in the eyes of these ghosts, whoever catches him first will have exclusive rights.

In just a short moment, countless images flashed in Jiang Cheng's mind, and the messy footsteps behind him also appeared at the corner of the stairs, and soon, he could be caught.

But Jiang Cheng suddenly realized a very crucial problem.

A very important thing was lost in this messy footsteps.

It was... Lin Wan'er's footsteps!

The sound of "Dong Dongdong" when jumping.

He didn't hear!

Lin Wan'er gave up chasing, it was impossible, judging from the pulling on the phone, how could she give up this attractive piece of fat, so Lin Wan'er had other plans.

Jiang Cheng quickly judged that Lin Wan'er must have gone the other way to block herself.

It wouldn't be the elevator, the old-fashioned elevator didn't have enough time to get up and down, so... In the end, there was only one left, and Lin Wan'er ran to the stairs on the far left, waiting for her there.

Staring at the position on the far left of the very quiet corridor, Jiang Cheng felt more certain in his heart.

Without hesitation, Jiang Cheng continued to run down the middle stairs.

But this time, it was also a big gamble, and the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor went smoothly.

Gradually, Jiang Cheng also noticed the weakness of these ghosts.

For some reason, their bodies are very stiff, and their running postures are also strange. The speed of running in a straight line is slightly faster than their own, but if they run stairs or turn, they will be pulled away by themselves.

Standing on the 2nd floor, the stairs that continue to lead to the bottom are under your feet. As long as you run to the 1st floor and find the stage before being caught by the ghost, his mission is over.

But Jiang Cheng stopped, his eyes fixed on the corner of the There was a huge mirror hanging there, almost the size of half a wall.

In front of the mirror, there are four charred corpses neatly placed.

Just like Teacher Zigui's corpse, the body was scorched beyond recognition, but the clothes, shoes, and even accessories on his body were all unharmed.

But this wasn't the most terrifying thing. What really caught Jiang Cheng's attention was the scene in the mirror.

What was reflected in the mirror and what Jiang Cheng saw were two completely different worlds!

In the mirror, everything in front of me was burnt to rubble. The wooden staircase collapsed in half, and it was burnt black, and sparks were still burning in some places.

Walls, ceilings, are also a tragic scene after the fire.

More importantly, the charred corpses that appeared in the mirror were not 4, but 5!

Between the bodies of Su Xiaoxiao and Su An, another charred corpse appeared out of thin air, but outside the mirror, on the ground around the corner, there was no such corpse!

This sudden scene slightly disrupted Jiang Cheng's plan, but it also reminded him of one thing quickly. In the previous fires at the Roman Hotel, there had been a charred corpse whose identity could not be confirmed.

Now it seems that this is the right one!

Unlike other corpses, this corpse, which only exists in the mirror, is bare all over and has nothing, so it is impossible to judge his identity from his clothes.

The coke corpse lay silently in the mirror, motionless, but the pressure it brought to Jiang Cheng was unprecedented.

Suddenly, with a flash from the corner of his eye, he noticed that the two hands of the corpse were placed flat on his chest, and a strange color was revealed under the two hands.

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