Nomenclature of Night - Chapter 9 .22 Modify progress

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   Today's revision progress is chapter 496-519.

   Today's revision progress has accelerated again. The main reason is that this paragraph is well written, and there are not many places that need to be changed.

   Especially with Jinguji Maki, I still think Xiao Maki is very cute. If there is such a cute little girl in reality, it should be especially fun to tease.

   Let’s talk about the content of the revision first. There are not many revisions in this section, mainly to correct the life experience of Jinguji Temple, and to correct some explanations for Onmyoji.

   In this plot, there are two very important characters in the later stage, one is Xiao Maki and the other is God Generation Yunluo.

   To be honest, I think these two characters are not well written.

   First of all, Xiao Maki, the follow-up role is a bit less, and in the ending part, she has a particularly large role to play, so she should be given more roles in the follow-up.

   Add some interactions between her and Xiaotongyun to make the characters more plump.

   Followed by Yunluo of the God Generation, this character is actually well written. The image of your son Haiwang is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but the character background and internal logic are lacking.

   He is the leader of the young Zhuang faction of the entire age of God, and he should be fuller. His hatred and disgust for the family of the age of God has not been written.

This involves a problem. In the later stage, the destruction of the gods and Kashima, although the plot was reasonably crushed, but as the main force in the early stage, the exit was too hasty and the writing was too simple. This is also one of the reasons why many readers think "speeding up the ending": The forces exited the stage too quickly, and did not explain the process at all, but gave a logically no problem to advance the plot.

   There is no problem in logic, but it does not mean wonderful.

   Well, that's all for today.

  See you all tomorrow!

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