Protect Our Patriarch - v6 Chapter 82 It was a great harvest! Greatly enhanced the background of the Shenwu Human Race

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This holy artifact is a translucent bead with glazed luster, as if surrounded by a galaxy of stars inside, it is very beautiful, the size is only the size of a palm, and it does not feel out of place when worn as an accessory.

But the power it radiates is like a mysterious sea of ​​void, incomparably mysterious and profound.

"My name is Haotianyan, the master can call me Haohao."

Probably because he noticed Wang Shouzhe's gaze, the spirit of Haotian Eye emerged from the body of the weapon.

It was a boy wearing a scholar's cap and a brocade long gown. He looked about six or seven years old, with a chubby face.

Looking very immature and cute.

He introduced himself: "My function is mainly for investigation. I can see very far. I can also destroy delusions. I have a strong ability to restrain illusions, stealth, shadows, and space-like concealment methods."

It is a very strong auxiliary sacred artifact, some like the eye of truth, and some like top radar. No wonder Baosheng was able to break into the realm of destruction in his last life, and he was able to dig up so many ruins, probably because of his Haotian eyes.

"Do you know Lu Xiaoyi?" Wang Shouzhe asked with a smile.

"I know..." Haohao's face became a little stiff, "Sister Xiaoyi is a very good weapon spirit, and never bullies other weapon spirits."

"..." Wang Shouzhe.

Your tone can be even less convincing.

"Grandfather, I got a total of three holy artifacts from the bequest of Senior Qinghuang." Wang Baosheng looked into Haotian's eyes, and seemed to think of some memory fragments again, "Among them [Yimu Fortune Bottle] is The strategic holy weapon, [Haotian Eye] is a tactical holy weapon, and there is also a [Qinghuang Holy Sword], which is a combat holy weapon. Among them, the Yimu fortune bottle is the most top-notch, and it was the treasure of the Qinghuangzong sect back then."

"Three pieces?" Wang Shouzhe raised his eyebrows, "Where did the Qinghuang Holy Sword go?"

"Uh... vaguely seems to be used to carry the World Extinguishing Orb, and flew to the opposite side of the boundary gap." Wang Baosheng rubbed his head and said, "Yes, that's it. Maybe it was blown up by the Extinguishing Orb, Maybe it’s lost in the ruins of space in the Demon World.”

"Use a sacred vessel to carry the World-Destroying Orb..." Wang Shouzhe twitched the corner of his mouth, "Bao Sheng, you are quite defeated... No, you have an idea."

Even if the Qinghuang Holy Sword is not as valuable as Lu Xiaoyi, it is at least worth thirty chaotic spirit stones, right? That's how it exploded

"I can't help it." Wang Baosheng sighed, "I have to look for the best time, that is, to destroy the Chilong Demon Lord and its remnants, and let most of the power of the Shishizhu be absorbed by the Demon Realm. With other things, it is impossible to control the timing so perfectly, it is too difficult for me.”

"Let's be stronger. After taking down the Demon Race, we will go to the ruins of the Demon Realm to search." Wang Shouzhe mused, "It is also a sacred artifact in our family. If you want to see the sacred artifact, you must see the wreckage. There might be help."

"Well, grandfather, I'll look for it together when the time comes." Wang Baosheng said shamelessly, "Actually, I'm sorry for Qinghuang's holy sword, and I haven't fulfilled the expectations of senior Qinghuang for me."

"You did a good job. Let the things of the last life go with the wind. In this life, you just grow up happily. Even if the sky falls, there are so many elders who will support you." Wang Shouzhe patted Baosheng said over his shoulder.

For a long time, Wang Shouzhe has been trying to resolve the anxiety and tension in Baosheng's heart, and up to now, it has been quite effective.


In fact, Baosheng's last life was full of legends. He started from humble beginnings, was lucky to receive the legacy of the Qinghuang, explored the extraterritorial and the realm of destruction, and became the master of the world along the way.

If you sort it out carefully, write it into a small copy, and take a big photo, it will probably become popular.

The premise is that Baosheng must not be allowed to write the story by himself, and he must not be the screenwriter himself.

After all, according to Baosheng's style, the story will definitely become preaching from beginning to end, and he wants to pass on his thoughts, and then he will rush to grandma's house for safekeeping.

This room is talking, and the copying is still going on.

Huarui Xiaonizi wanted to stand up to fight several times, but every time she stood up, she was pushed down by her elders.

Everyone began to take turns to brush treasures and experience. All kinds of treasures kept falling into Wang's heritage.

This kind of book, of course, doesn't belong to whoever gets the treasure.

Instead, it is reserved for Wang Shouzhe's unified distribution, and the corresponding family contribution value needs to be deducted.

Time passed little by little.

The treasures in the college's inventory kept decreasing, and the treasures in Wang's treasury continued to increase, which was considered to be in line with the law of energy conservation.


And just when the Wang family brushed the academy book with vigor and vitality.

On the edge of the distant realm of destruction.

In an abyss of broken stars.

The vast sea of ​​void is deep and quiet. Countless fragments of meteorites are scattered in this black silk-like void, boundless, like an abyss.

In Broken Star Abyss, there are a large number of corpses of Void Zerg, the huge Zerg brood has been blown up, and the valuable materials have been hollowed out long ago. It is like a broken ship floating on the edge of a Broken Star, and will eventually die. Turned into the dust of the void sea.

Next to the corpse of the broken brood, there is still a gorgeous flying palace of the human race - Moonlight Palace.

In the dim void, the hazy halo emanating from the Moonlight Palace was like moonlight, illuminating a small piece of void around it.


The space in the Broken Star Abyss was turbulent for a while, and a space channel suddenly appeared.

Immediately afterwards, Mu Yunxian Huangtan Tiange led an exploration team composed of the elites of the royal family and aristocratic ancestors to step out of the space passage.

At this moment, Yan Tiange looks like he has experienced a great battle, his armor is stained with blood, and his hair, which is always neatly pulled up, is also a little messy. The whole body is full of mysterious energy when he moves, and he looks a little out of breath, obviously It is quite expensive.

However, even so, she didn't look tired at the moment, but looked radiant, and even the expression on her face was full of complacency.

Not only her, even the members of the exploration team who came out behind her had excited expressions on their faces.

Seeing them, Immortal Yuegui, who was waiting for news in Yuehui Palace, immediately directed Yuehui Palace to meet them.

Soon, a group of people entered Yuehui Palace one after another, and then gathered in the main hall of the Xinggong Palace.

The main hall has already prepared comfortable seats, as well as carefully prepared tea and snacks, spirit melon and spirit fruit. Everyone was already tired, and they didn't pay too much attention. After Mu Yunxian Huangtan Tiange sat down on the sofa chair at the top, they sat down one after another, drinking tea and resting.

"Your Majesty, what is the result of this exploration of the cave?"

At this time, Immortal Yuegui walked over with a face full of hope, looked at the altar and said to Tiange. She still looks like that girl, wearing a fairy dress with grace and grace.

For this secret cave, everyone fought against a void worm nest for more than two years. After paying a certain amount of casualties, the void zerg was wiped out. Naturally, we are looking forward to the harvest of this cave.

"The harvest is full." Tan Tiange waved his cloud sleeves and introduced the situation excitedly. "As the exploration information of the ancestors showed, there are abnormal fluctuations in the space of this fragmented star abyss. As expected, this is an ancient hidden small Dongtian is the hiding place of a small sect of the Immortal League—【Nanhua Sect】."

"This small cave was well hidden, but unfortunately it has been too long, and the previous concealment arrangements have gradually failed, and this is how the ancestors noticed."

However, when the ancestors acted at the beginning, they put "keeping fire for the human race" as the first priority. Even though they noticed that there were abnormal fluctuations in the space here, they did not venture to explore. After all, there is still a Zerg brood nesting in this fragmented star abyss.

No one can say what will happen and what will be the result of taking a risk to explore this kind of thing, and no one can guarantee it.

What if there is a Saint-level monster hidden in this fragmented star abyss, or in the hidden space. Wouldn't that bring disaster to the fire of the race?

After thinking about it, the ancestors of the Tan family decided that instead of taking risks to explore, it is better to record it and leave it to future generations to solve the basic problems of life.

After saving, look for opportunities to explore.

It's just that the ancestors of the Tan family probably didn't expect that they had to wait tens of thousands of years for this class, and until now, the descendants of the Tan family finally had the confidence to take the risk.

Yan Tiange took everyone to a meeting and began to talk about the situation in Xiaodongtian.

"The Nanhua Sect is a small sect of the Immortal League. There are only three real fairylands in the sect. Because the small sects often have a difficult life, they are more alert to danger. When the Jingu tribe invaded, they immediately realized that something was wrong. Pack up your belongings and run away with your family.”

"It's a pity that when they escaped, they were blocked by a Jingu chaser. Their Nanhua ancestors and Bibo ancestors left their respective fairy scriptures, and held back the Jingu chasers with the idea of ​​sacrifice. And Ling Duyu, the young true immortal in the sect, fled with the sect's juniors and wealth."

Tan Tiange recalled what he saw in the ruins, and couldn't help sighing: "It's a pity that their escape route was not smooth, and they encountered a powerful Void race on the way. Many juniors in the sect died in battle, even Ling Duyu. He was seriously injured and dying, so he could only choose a fragmented star abyss to hide. In the end, Ling Duyu was seriously injured and sat down. Weaker and weaker, and then completely perish after the resources collapsed.”

After all, the space in Xiaodongtian is still too small. If there is no spiritual energy and material supplement from the outside world, it will naturally decline more and more.

If the outside world is compared to vast rivers, lakes, and seas, Xiaodongtian can only be regarded as a pond. If there is no supplement of material and energy from the outside world, it will gradually run out of nutrients and become a pool of stagnant water.

In this environment and situation, the human race has been trapped in the trap for generations, and naturally it will only become weaker and weaker, and there is no way to raise "big fish" that can escape.

After Immortal Emperor Mu Yun roughly told the story of Nan Huazong, everyone fell into silence for a while.

Princess Helan was even more emotional, and couldn't help sighing: "No matter what era it is, the human race always needs to fight against fate and foreign enemies."

"This is the way the world is. With limited resources, there will inevitably be countless conflicts and conflicts. In the end, only the strongest can survive." Immortal Emperor Mu Yun waved his hand and said, "Leaving aside the trivial matters, the harvest this time will be of great benefit to everyone." We humans are quite rich. From the small cave, we have obtained a total of three fairy scriptures, namely [Duyu Xianling Jue], [Nanhua Immortal Sword Jue], and [Bibo Illusory Sea Fairy Jue].”

A full three fairy scriptures!

Everyone present was excited.

Although the Shenwu Human Race is no longer what it used to be, these three fairy scriptures have still greatly enhanced the foundation of the Hanyue Immortal Dynasty.

Especially some of the Tan Clan's crowned kings are even more excited at this moment.

If one's lineage obtains an Immortal Scripture, thousands of years from now, it is very likely that it will become the Immortal King's Mansion.

"Besides that, there are five immortal artifacts, thirty-five precious books, forty-eight-year-old Dao artifacts, more than five hundred supernatural power passage stones, thousands of supernatural power treasures! And a huge amount of refining materials."

Following the data reported by Immortal Emperor Mu Yun, everyone's breathing became heavy.

For many aristocratic families who came out to develop after following Immortal Emperor Mu Yun, most of them didn't score points for the Immortal Scriptures, but if they made a lot of contributions, there is still hope for the Immortal Artifacts.

Especially the treasures and Taoist artifacts, which are the most important things to pay attention to.

For a first-grade family, with two more treasures, it can cultivate two more Lingxu species, which will impact the super-grade family in the future.

Not to mention the second-rank and third-rank families who followed, as long as they can get a treasure, the family will take off.

You know, with the large-scale planting of the high-quality spiritual rice produced by the Wang family in recent years, their family fortunes have also become stronger, and the juniors in the clan have sufficient resources and qualifications. It is not a problem at all to inherit the treasure.

"It's a pity! There are too few other consumable resources. Pills and spirit stones have been ruined by the descendants of the Nanhua Sect." Immortal Emperor Mu Yun said this, with regret in his tone.

After a pause, she continued: "Fortunately, long, long after the death of the person, the space concealment formation around Nanhua's Xiaodongtian gradually became flawed, and the Xiaodongtian and the outside world

The diaphragm became weaker, and some spiritual energy from the Void Sea gradually seeped in. After a long time, it has now regained some vitality, and some wild and wild elixir trees have also appeared. "

The seeds of the elixir, lingcao, and lingzhi will not die immediately even in extremely harsh environments. They can often preserve their activity for a long time when buried in the soil. When the environment, temperature, and concentration of aura are all right, they will break through the soil out, and start multiplying again.

Therefore, even in some small caves that have been abandoned for a long time, some spiritual grasses, plants and medicines will naturally grow.

It's just that these are not worth mentioning compared to the previous gains.

"Everything that deserves to be divided will be divided according to the contribution value." Immortal Emperor Mu Yun said again, "However, after finally coming out, I still want to explore the next suspicious relic, so I will not return to the Immortal Dynasty for now." "

This time, with the help of Yuehui Palace along the Tianhe River, it took nine years to reach the Broken Star Abyss. If it is a return flight, due to the flow direction of the Yunxiao Tianhe, it will take several times the time.

Anyway, they all came out, and Immortal Emperor Mu Yun, who had seen the power of the sanctuary, didn't want to just accept it.

What's more, although there are many harvests this time, there is almost nothing useful for Immortal Emperor Mu Yun himself. She still wants to find treasures to improve her potential, or even directly find the inheritance of the holy map.

The representatives of the aristocratic families and the Tan clan's heirs naturally readily agreed.

Such an opportunity to make a fortune like this is really once in a million years. If they go back now, let alone Immortal Emperor Mu Yun, they will not be reconciled.

After resting in place for a while, Immortal Emperor Mu Yun and his party set off on the journey again.

Riding in the Moonlight Palace, they continued down the Yunxiao Tianhe to the edge of the Realm of Destruction, starting the next wave of exploration.


the same time period.

The edge of the realm of destruction.

The void sea here is quiet and desolate, the environment is harsh, and the space is full of turbulence.

A fourteenth-order void sawshell turtle with a body as large as a mountain and a hideous face is swimming in this sea of ​​void.

The tortoise shell on its back is undulating, with distinct lines, each line seems to carry the law and the truth, exuding a mysterious atmosphere. As the black tortoise swam, the lines on its back glowed with light, and a khaki light shield expanded with the turtle shell as the center, covering the entire black tortoise.

Those powerful spatial turbulence rolled by, as if a wave gently patted its body, and the light shield didn't even shake.

It searched in the turbulent flow of space comfortably, and occasionally bumped into some void creatures that were swept nearby by the turbulent flow, and when it went up, it would "baji" bite it and swallow it into its stomach in twos and threes.

This is a treasure land with "abundant food". After this saw-shell turtle, which has been wandering for a long time, accidentally found it, it has been entrenched in this place for at least tens of thousands of years.

The metabolism of the Sawshell Turtle family is slow, and after a full meal, it can even go without eating or drinking for hundreds of thousands of years.

In addition, it has built a cozy lair in the nearby Shattered Star Beach.

With room and food, it began to think about the female tortoise.

It would be great if there was a Sawshell Mystic Turtle that was swept by the turbulent flow of the void. It is best to be younger, with a rounder shell, so that it is more fertile.

Just when Xuan Gui was full of warmth and lust, suddenly the turbulent void in front of him was violently turbulent. The space seemed to be grabbed by a huge force, and a hole was torn open.

This hole lay in the void, deep and dark, with a palpitating and dangerous aura.

next moment.

A giant tower-shaped ferry boat glowing with metallic luster shuttled out of this gap and descended into this space.

Under the impact of violent energy, the surrounding space vibrated wildly, and waves of space power set off waves, even the turbulent flow of the void was washed away.

After that giant tower-shaped boat appeared, the crack in the space still persisted, and more than a dozen smaller tower-shaped boats shuttled over one after another. They surrounded the giant tower boat like stars and the moon. , like an army following the fish leader

Generally, orderly, daunting.

A fleet of void civilizations!

The inheritance information of bloodline genes made this void turtle understand what happened.

Driven by instinct, it immediately turned its huge body around, and quickly fled with its limbs, trying to stay away from this dangerous fleet.

But the Void Mysterious Turtle is not good at speed after all.

"call out!"

The giant pagoda boat headed by it turned its direction slightly, a light flashed on the spire of the tower, and a white light suddenly blasted out.

This white light was extremely fast, it traveled a long distance almost in the blink of an eye, and hit the void turtle in a daze.

At the critical moment, the Void Turtle shrank its six limbs, and suddenly formed a ball, and the thick khaki-colored light shield immediately concentrated on its back.

The white light collided violently with the tortoise's shell, and the explosive impact immediately sent it flying, and a scar appeared on the thick tortoise's shell.

Fortunately, the Void Mystic Turtle is a fourteenth-order void creature that is good at defense. Even if the Holy One attacks it, it may not be able to blast its defense in a short time.

The void turtle fled wildly all the way.

Under the crisis of life, its limbs moved quickly, and its originally slow movements became extremely agile, constantly shuttling through the void storms, avoiding the pursuit from behind.

The tower boat in the rear pursued for a while, and hit the mysterious void tortoise dozens of times in succession, but it was still wounded by the mysterious void tortoise, and escaped into a fog of void.

This is the benefit of "native species", at least knowing where to take refuge.

Seeing this, Ta Zhou finally stopped chasing and was suspended outside the fog of the void.

Headed by the giant tower boat, inside the bridge ship.

A creature about ten feet tall was sitting on the command seat.

Its appearance is somewhat similar to that of a human, but its skin is green, and there are two snail-like tentacles on its head, and it is covered with armor with excellent defense.

Behind it, there are still a group of personal guards around it, and it is obvious at a glance that its status is extraordinary.

The creature seemed a little annoyed, patted the command seat, and let out a series of cursing sounds: "It's really a group of trash who besieged a black turtle and failed to take it down."

The language it speaks is fast-paced, and the pronunciation is relatively awkward, which is obviously quite different from the language of the Demon Race and the language of the Human Race. Obviously, this is another language system that is different from the human language and the demon language.

"His Royal Highness Sharman."

At this time, an old man of the same race entered the bridge ship from the rear.

He was wearing a white robe that was different from the battle armor, and he looked a little elegant. The skin color on its body is also a bit dull and pale, and some age spots can be vaguely seen, which is obviously very old.

But even so, his steps are still firm and powerful, and his tone is flat and convincing: "It's just a fourteenth-level void turtle, don't waste our precious energy for it. We have spent thousands of years, experienced It took countless twists and turns and difficulties to reach this realm of destruction recorded by our ancestors, so we should focus on the business.”

"Elder Gong is right to criticize."

The young man called "His Royal Highness Shaman" obviously respects the old man, UU Reading www. quickly calmed down after hearing his words.

There was a hint of fanaticism in his eyes: "Compared to a valuable prey, the [Crystal Heart] left by the Jingu tribe is the real supreme treasure."

"Under the protection of the great mother's heroic spirit, I, Sharman, finally found the legendary realm of destruction."

As long as you find the heart of crystal source, this prince can become the best "emperor" of the Atana tribe!

Those **** who dare to look down on themselves will definitely want you to prostrate at my Sharman's feet, praise me, and worship me!


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