Realizing This Is A Wuxia World After Cultivating For 300 Years - v2 Chapter 559 both the beginning and the end

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As soon as Cui Heng's voice fell, a figure that seemed to be condensed with billions of light and shadow appeared here.

He seems to be the starting point of everything, the source of everything, everything comes from him, and all dharmas and ways come from him.

This is initial.

Jiang Qiqi couldn't see His appearance clearly, but could only see such an incomparably mysterious light that contained endless information.

Cui Heng is different, he can clearly see the initial appearance.

It turned out to be a young man who seemed to be full of vigor, even a little immature in appearance, only sixteen or seventeen years old.

"I didn't expect you to be able to reach such a realm." At the beginning, he looked at Cui Heng with a bit of admiration, and said with a chuckle, "You can actually evolve a way to reach this realm by means of practice. It's amazing, amazing, it's really amazing. Pros and cons! As expected of you."

He said three times in a row, and kept sighing, as if he was very surprised by Cui Heng's current achievements.

And from his tone, he seemed to know Cui Heng.

Like an old acquaintance.

"You've been trying to **** things here?" Cui Heng stared at the beginning, his expression was cold, and he said in a deep voice, "It's a good plan, a good method, and a lot of courage!"

Just now, he took the initiative to erase all possibilities from the air, and only solidified the future where the mysterious chip was pulled out by Jiang Qiqi from the mist, and it was obvious that he wanted to seize that chip.

Moreover, Cui Heng also discovered a problem, the time when the mysterious power in Jiang Qiqi's body emerged was exactly when he started to probe the chip.

These two things are completely connected on the timeline.

In other words, only when "Cui Heng came here and began to investigate the mysterious chip" happened, would there be a future where "mysterious power emerged from Jiang Qiqi and attracted the mysterious chip in the mist".

This must have been arranged.

It also means that some people use Jiang Qiqi and even Cui Heng as pawns, and their purpose is to seize this mysterious chip hidden in the mist at the core of the earth.

The only one who can do this is probably only the Prime Minister in front of him.

"Hahaha." Hearing the words at the beginning, he was not angry at all. Instead, he laughed and looked at Cui Hengdao, "Just as I expected, you still don't understand your true colors. You are not my opponent like this. , don’t argue with me, just hand over that chip to me.”

"True face?" Cui Heng frowned slightly, and he faintly felt that this might be the biggest secret hidden in himself, but he did not follow the initial train of thought, but continued, "Are you going to catch yourself without a fight, or Want me to do it myself?"

Now that he has determined that he was an enemy rather than a friend at the beginning, he will naturally not be polite when speaking.

The reason why he didn't do it directly was because he was not sure about his initial strength for the time being. Although the two of them fought briefly at the time level just now, they could only judge that their initial strength was not weaker than that of Void Return Peak.

And it can still greatly change the peak of Void Return in the future.

This is definitely the most powerful and unfathomable existence he has ever seen since cultivating immortality.

"You haven't returned to your original self, and your strength must not be as good as before, yet you dare to talk to me like this." At first, he laughed loudly, and then his expression suddenly turned cold, "It's really stupid!"

Before the words fell, the brilliance on His body began to affect time and space. Whether it is the past or the future, he exists on every tributary of the timeline.

On these countless timelines, the original body shines with incomparably bright brilliance, dominating the development of everything from the beginning of time to the future, constantly blocking the timelines where Cui Heng may escape, and reducing the chances of Cui Heng's possible victory. future.

In just a blink of an eye, the beginning has already delineated various tributaries of the long river of time, occupying countless possibilities, and each possibility points to a future—

Cui Heng will be killed by him!

When countless possibilities on the timeline point to a result.

This is the future that must happen.

This is also the essence of the existence of the initial state that can dominate the development of everything.

As long as you specify the direction for the future, then all development will naturally follow your own wishes.

For any creature whose realm is not as good as the original, or whose timeline is not as large as the original.

This means that there is no chance to resist, as long as you move your mind at the beginning, the future is already doomed, and it is impossible to change it.

However, Cui Heng's expression was normal when facing such a method, and he didn't even fight back, as if he was not worried that this method would affect him at all.

Because, although the beginning specifies a future in which "Cui Heng is destined to be killed by the beginning", but in order to make this future come true, a prerequisite must be met.

That is, in the beginning, his own strength can surpass Cui Heng.

He must be able to kill Cui Heng, and this future will be solidified according to his arrangement.

After all, designating the future is actually just solidifying a future possibility and turning it into a future that will inevitably happen, but it cannot make the impossible possible.

The problem was discovered quickly at first.

Although he has designated the direction of future development, he has no ability to make this future happen.

No matter which timeline it is on, no matter what method or method it uses, Cui Heng cannot be killed at the beginning.

Therefore, in these future timelines, the initial attack was either dodged by Cui Heng, or directly resolved by Cui Heng, and could not have any impact on Cui Heng, let alone behead him.

Cui Heng is too powerful!

The mana at the peak of returning to the void has already been so powerful that it cannot be increased. Even the supreme existence that was born at the beginning of time and accumulated countless years of power in the beginning is not as good as the current Cui Heng.

"How could this be? What kind of cultivation path are you inferring?" At the beginning, he looked at Cui Heng in amazement, and the current situation was indeed beyond his expectations, making him feel unbelievable, "You shouldn't be so powerful Yes, even 'existence' shouldn't be so powerful!"

"Existence?" Cui Heng noticed this keyword, narrowed his eyes slightly, and said with a light smile, "It seems that you do know a lot of secrets, how about telling me?"

This is the second time that "existence" has been mentioned in the original.

Earlier, when Jiang Qiqi had a power that could stabilize everything for a long time, it was said that Jiang Qiqi had fused part of the power of "existence".

Now it is said that he is "existence".

"Heh!" At the beginning, there was only a sneer, and the breath around him suddenly began to change, and he said in a deep voice, "Don't you think I can't do anything to you? You are indeed stronger than I expected, but that doesn't mean, You will not be killed by me."

Just as he spoke, Cui Heng suddenly felt an extremely drastic change in the future timeline, UU reading www.uukanshu. The extremely strong and extremely destructive aura of com actually flows upstream from the endless and distant future, rushing crazily towards the present point of time.

Everything, all laws and principles are beginning to collapse and disintegrate!

The end moment that was supposed to be after endless years unexpectedly began to advance rapidly, it seemed that everything would end early!

This incomparably powerful aura made Cui Heng's heart skip a beat, and he could even clearly feel the ultimate emptiness after everything was over.

However, this also made him understand who was making the move at this time, and he frowned and said, "The end?"

"Wrong, it's still the beginning!" A strange smile suddenly appeared on the face of the beginning.

The original boy's appearance turned into an old man in an instant, grinning to reveal his broken teeth.

"Of course, it's also the end!

"I will send you to the final silence!"

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